Friday, August 27, 2010

[Diary] Hyung Jun: ♡ 2010-08-27 PM 12:52:17

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[Hyung Jun] ♡ 2010-08-27 12:52:17PM

Hello~ It's been a long time, Green Peas!

The weather recently is hot isn't it, it is raining a lot and even so, it continues to be hot for a long time.

I am preparing for Kim HyungJun's Music High!!!!!!!!!!!! and various other broadcasts too.

I am also preparing for various showcase, Hoohaat

Now I am about to take a new leap with an even really more wonderful image.

To me, you will support right? Thank you always. Really

I will work harder, not forgetting the initial mind, with a position lower than my initial intention position

Learning and developing, I will be Kim HyungJun who will repay you with an even more wonderful image.

Really thank you very much. I love you. You know right? ^-^

Because all of us will work harder, please look forward to it

Forever SS501. and Triple S .


Original Korean Message

[형준] ♡ 2010-08-27 오후 12:52:17

안녕하세요~ 오랜만이네요 완두콩!

요즘 날씨가 너무덥죠, 비가 많이오고 했는데도 계속 더위가 오래가네요.

전 김형준의 뮤직하이!!!!!!!!!!!!와 여러가지 방송도 준비하고있구.

여러가지 쇼케이스 준비도 하고있어요, 후핫

이제 정말 더 멋진모습으로 새로운 도약을 하려합니다.

나에게, 힘을 실어줄수 있죠? 항상 고마워요. 정말

더 열심히하고, 처음의 마음가짐 잊지 않는 ,초심의 자세로 더 낮은자세로

배우고 발전하고 더 멋진모습으로 보답하는 김형준 될께요.

정말 너무 고맙고. 쌀람해요. 알죠^-^

우리 모두 더 열심히 할꺼니까, 기대해줘요

Forever SS501. and Triple S .

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