Sunday, August 29, 2010

[Photo] SS501 Hyung Jun arrival @ SG Changi Airport (2010.08.28)

Photo screen cap from my video ^o^


Anonymous said...

heee... welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!
and congratulation for seeing our BabyX"D!!!!!!!!!

Nina Aziz said...

welcome back!!
oh my i'm jelous of you!!!
hyung jun....

Anonymous said...

Baby always have charity smile!! O...i feel fragile, like a baby going without the brothers aroud!! Brothers who protect, teasing and love him...oo miss the boys.

btw, is he in Sin under new label or DSP?? Enjoy Sin, dongseng!!

sweetiecutieys said...

heyyyyy...u're back!!!!!!!
missing ur blog soooo much!!!!!
and of course u too...hehehe