Saturday, August 01, 2009

SS501 Schedules

I will try my best to keep the list updated.
However, if you found any new updates or changes,
please email me at

Some short form used:
TBC - Attendance to be confirmed
TBA - To be advice

Last Update: 8 Feb 2010


Jericho said...

Excellent schedule info, well done!

Anonymous said...

will ss501 leave to japan again.,.?

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering it seems DJ Hyung Joon doesn't have a day off even on Christmas Day. Why is that?

lovekyu said...

I wanna go to japan to attend the 2nd xmas show!!! but i cnt... hope someone can help take wonderful photos of kyujong oppa!! ><~

Anonymous said...

Wander when their new album will come out and what concept it will be... But whatever it is, if it's SS501, I'll love it!

Utami Nurhafsari said...

hai... annyeong..

hmmmm... anyway... i'm in indonesia, have you heard that country? ahhaha

thanks for sharing everything about ss501... hopefully they can concert in Jakarta.. hehe

by the way, how to get ss501's accesoris, like bag or something else...???
please inform me... hehe

Mini UFO said... or but all from Korea

iliera said...

when will the show "hyung joon becomes progamer" be out with english subs?
btw ur great, keep up the good work Hyung Joon!

zana said...

hey, im from malaysia. can u tell me when SS501 will come to malaysia ? i really hope to meet them. hmpghhh ):
anyway thanks for sharing SS501 schedule :D


Anonymous said...

you forgot to include jungmin's birthday. =(