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[Live Update] Encore Concert Day 1 (2010.02.27)

Kekeke.... It is live update time. Though we cannot be physically at the Encore Concert, I will try my best to update you on what they boys will be singing and wearing (if I am able to find some description online or even photographs).

I don't mind that you take the content here but then please remember to give Credit to: Cagali & 圆圆동생 @ Thanks!

P/S: I will put this post up here. Any other update will be below this post.

P/S: Timing use here will be Seoul Time


First of, remember to read what KARA Gyuri said about the concert tonight here.

Some members of KimHyunJoongThailand has arrived in Seoul, here's some photographs from there of Seoul. Click here.

Photographs of Press Conference for Encore Concert, see here.


[6.54pm] There's around 500 people at standing area now, level seats almost full. Left & Right level 2 not full. All TS has not go in to the concert hall yet. The concert hall is much much bigger than the BKK concert Impact Arena.

There's a lot of TS wearing head gear on their head, like mickey/rabbit head gear, and wear crown. Some wear green colour spectacles. There's TS taking 'CEO Park' placard.

There's no banner at the concert area like other concert.

[7:03pm] Hyung Jun's MBC Game friends has arrived at the concert area and caused the fans to shout. Currently the concert area is very quiet, they didn't play any MV/music but the screen show the Persona Mask screen. It is around 10min to the start of the concert and the area is still very quite empty.

[7:15pm] Screen start to show pan to the audience seats, making the audience very high. The concert is going to start soon! There's a MC there telling the audience that it is going to start soon.

[7.22pm] Music has started !!!! Shouts!!!! In the middle of the stage there's fireworks like metoer. Look very nice! They came out with a different attire, I guess is similar to the press conference attire.

[7.25pm] Started off with Dejavu!

[7.29pm] The boys come out from the middle of the stage. Now singing 'Unlock'

[7.35pm] Finished singing, the boys take turns to talk. Started frm Baby, Mal, Kyu, Leader, YS. Doing self introduction and talk about something. Mal shake his back side. Kekeke

Credit: SGTripleS
Baby: 6months have passed, do you miss me??
KyuJong: I am everyone's Kyujong!
Leader: I am Leader HyunJoong
YS: I'm young saeng..

jm intro himself as CEO
and YS intro himself as gamer..

[7:38pm] Sorry. Is 'Obssessed' They are singing this song with new dance step!

[7:41pm] They boys are very charming, and now they are go down to change.

[7:43pm] The dancer are out. The boys should be out soon.

[7:44pm] Singing '4 Chance' now! Today Kyu is very lively. Hyung Jun walk to front!

[7:46pm] Dancing tango now with dancer. Shout shout shout.... ^^

[7:48pm] Lalala... song for you. My favourite song!! TS commented that Kyu is very lively today! ^^

Some photographs from website. Thanks Unnie! ^^

[7:53pm] the security guard pull one fan out, even she kneel down to plea him, he still drag her out. (Mini UFO: Don't know the resson, is it because they are recording?)

[7:55pm] New song. Baby Hyung Jun singing his solo. Completely new song, never hear before.

[7:59pm] Security guard bring away another person. The previous girl is doing recording. Wow! They are really strict this time!

[8:00pm] They are shouting Kim Hyung Jun Kim Hyung Jun! Still Maknae's solo. Wow! Another new song! Why all the songs I don't know. Haha! ^^

While waiting for the Hyung Jun solo.

Hyung Jun solo, first song slow song, 2nd song fast song.
Thank you happiebb unnie for permission to share the photographs. All photographs please give credit to!

[8:05pm] New song again!!!! WOW!!!!! That's a lot of new songs!!!

Amend: Just now someone sing 'Never Say Good Bye'

[8:08pm] Now singing 'Wuss Up'. Kyu's solo!

[8:12pm] 'Never Again' ?? Sorry, should be 'Again'

[8:18pm] 'Confession'

[8:22pm] 'Because I am stupid'

Note: YY Staff is also scared that they will be caught by the guard so now the broadcast is a bit dim. The guards are so strict !!!!

[8:26pm] Jung Min's solo, showing MV now..... dracula coming out....

By the way, there's some press photographs of the concert being released, to view, see here. Thanks 圆圆동생.

[8:28pm] Jung Min singing 'If you can't', is he going to sing with Gyuri? Oh!!! It is really Gyuri! Mal wearing white, Gyuri wearing short skirt, also in white.

Taken during 'Confession'

[8:33pm] They are showing Mal's photographs of the past concert.

[8:34pm] Mal is singing a song he wrote for 'Rainbow' - 'Kiss'. It is very cute song and the dance is very cute.

[8:37pm] KARA singing their new song 'Lupin'

[8:40pm] They sing finish the song already. KARA say 'Hello, we are KARA'. I guess the boys are changing, so KARA is singing to cover the waiting time.

[8:42pm] KARA singing 'Mister' and dancing the butt dance!! ^_~

[8:46pm] Now playing 'UR Man' MV....

Photo taken during Jung Min & Gyuri sing 'If you can't'

Taken when Jung Min sing 'Kiss'

[8:51pm] Finished singing the song, talking time. I think I heard Mal say: Are you happy! in mandarin. Talking time. Later will be Young Saeng solo, so they are talking to cover Young Saeng time to change. Hyun Joong is very happy and laugh loudly. All of them are very happy. Mal say something and make everybody very high!

[8:55pm] Young Saeng solo time, now showing the MV. Young Saeng taking picture, and the beautiful girl came out......

[8:57pm] Young Saeng singing Seo Taiji 'Our Memory When Together' 我们一起的回忆 (Sorry I not sure about the English name). He is dancing street dance.

Taken during 'U R Man' (different costume)

[9:01pm] 'Find' Rock version. Young Saeng taking something to wave.

Young Saeng solo photograph

[9:07pm] Hyun Joong solo time. Playing MV. Fans chanting 'Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!'

[9:09pm] Hyun Joong singing 'Please, be good to me'

[9:11pm] Dancer is out. He throw his jacket to floor!

[9:13pm] He talking off half of his shirt. keke

[9:15pm] He went to drive his motorbike and turn one round. o.O"""" for real?? The motorbike was placed at the walking path?? (I am don't understand this....) He is so charming when driving the motorbike.

[9:17pm] Singing 'Wasteland'

[9:21pm] Singing 'Only One Day'

Young Saeng Solo

Leader Solo

[9:25pm] Talking time. When singing 'Only One Day', YS part when he need to sing up to very high pitch, he sing it perfectly.

[9:29pm] Green Pea Song! Special handphone waving activity for TS

Mini UFO: Pardon me if u see my post lost. *Pull hair*, blogger keep giving me problem!! Bo ho.... T.t

[9:35pm] Talking time. Everybody is very high. Should be going to encore song soon. Should be singing 'Love Like This'.

[9.37pm] Now Kyu Jong turn back to walk to stage. Should be starting to sing soon.

[9:37pm] 'Love Like This' with TS chanting together!

[9:41pm] Fans chanting 'Double S oh kong il'. Now waiting for the boys to change for encore.

[9:44pm] Members are out. Singing 'Snow Prince'.

[9:47pm] Singing 'Coward' now. Mal saw someone taking photographs and he smile. ^^

[9:51pm] 'Bye Bye' oh.... going to end soon.... Young Saeng show a 'Don't care' face to audience

[9:54pm] Now playing with water. Haha! Time to be wet. Everybody start to shout.... Haha....

[9:55pm] Mal has a blue horse, Baby wear a bear ear headgear. They are singing 'You are my heaven.

BTW, Young Saeng wear a golden hat.

[10.00pm] The 1st Encore Concert officially ended.

The concert hall is not full. The attendance is almost like in Bangkok Concert.

All the costume is different for the Encore Concert.

Kyu: Never Let You Go is R&B ?? Blues ?? version
Hyung Jun solo he wore blue suit.
Hyun Joong solo is very cool since he drive the red motorbike. The No. plate of the bike is SS501.
Hyun Joong half strip then later fully strip. Keke....
He took the motorbike the turn one round then stop, while driving, he was panting very hard, probably because he just finished his dance.

Hyun Joong say the concert end without zero error during the ending.

Kyu Jong is very lively today. He is showing a lot of expression today.

BTW, it was announce in the news that SS501 new album will be out on 1 May, to represent their name 501. It is not confirmed whether it is a mini album or full album.

The TS shared that the encore is very worthwhile. It is really very fantastic.

Oh yah... saw another news say Mal wear Blue contact during the press conference. Keke.

YS fans say YS slim down. Keke.... His live is really very fantastic.

Leader take of suit, then open up showing his chest, then half strip the clothes, then later take off and throw to standing area. He strip himself. ^^

Ok. The end. No more update for 1st Encore.

Thank you 圆圆동생 for helping with the update. With her around I can really update less stressful. Thank you for happiebb unnie from for allowing me to use the photographs from her forum. Kamsa hamnida unnie! Thank you for all of you for accompanying me to 'listen' to SS501 Encore concert together! Let's have more fun tomorrow!

圆圆동생: If you had read my fans account... u sld know eeyore who had went BKK Persona with me and JM pick up her horse during Greenpea... This time... JM pick up her horse during Greenpea again.. same color same song..


19frantze said...

can't waitfor the updates.. :))

..nd as i read they hold a press conference bfore the concert...
they look so handsome!!

tetsu girl said...

wahhh so exciting just reading. XD; but why so empty? T_T this makes me worried about the success since SNSD's concert is also this weekend. D: oh, well, we'll have to wait til after for any news reports. just enjoying the "live report" experience for now. ;P thanks for the constant updates, UFO!

Merlin said...

It should be Obsess ! They didn't sing Wasteland yet!

tetsu girl said...

OMG OMG OMG! "WASTELAND"?!?! OMG OMG OMG!! *FLAIL* can't wait for fancams!! if they made choreography, does that mean they will PROMOTE?!?! :O!!

~Carrot~ said...

OMG!! Can't wait for updates!!! I don't feel that bad for not going any more as I can check everything out here. Hope Mal will have a good time!! Why quite empty?? (scared...)

tetsu girl said...

DOH! >< i spent too long spazzing, so i didn't see the new update. *fails* anyway, YAY "OBSESS"! that's exciting, too! :D

Anonymous said...

hi Cagali and 圆圆, pls update us if the seats are all full now. I'm worried.......

sherbet said...

ahh~ why the seat not full? maybe the most TS go to concert tomorrow right? T_T

Very thanks UFO for the update!!

PS. I waiting for the fancam 'Obsess' ><

Umeko said...

You guys are awesome!!!

Some seats empty cos DSP didn't do enough promotion IMO. Which is nothing new.

19frantze said...

wow...many new performances from the,really can not wait for the fancams!!!

Anonymous said...

DSP again...I think they are only depending on leader's popularity. They should have promoted it more since this is the encore concert. Am I right ?????

Anonymous said...

cagali.. i think you mistype..
you type..
"and YS intro himself as gamer.."

Umeko said...

Wow, so many new songs? Then I'm hoping for an album later this year! *pray*

Anonymous said...

are the seats full?????

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mini UFO soo much!! Without you I'd still be hopelessly waiting..

tetsu girl said...

Baby has 2 new songs? wow! :D
i hope there's FC, even w/ tight security! XP

about DSP. since i don't live in SK, i don't know what promotion they did or how much is normal or enough, so... but i guess it's up to Triple S to support and promote SS501 as much as we can, right? FIGHTING! ^^


OMG ANOTHER NEW SONG?! KYAAA!! XD ("Never Say Goodbye" is a tentative title? @.@) no wonder security is so strict. this is going to be just like when Persona first started and people had to stop the spreading of the new songs before Rebirth came out. XD

Anonymous said...

New songs mean new hope!!

ena said...

thanx 4 ur live update. i really envy 2 those who can be there:(

sherbet said...


I think after finished the concert must have many new songs for all TS listen & practise ,sure! it's nice songs!!

OMG!! I can't wait ..... SS501 hwaiting!!

tetsu girl said...

"Confession" from their first full album? wow, what a treat for fans who thought they'd never hear them sing those old songs again. =)
very nice song:

wen0607 said...

Dear cagali

Thanks for the LIVE updates!
In the meanwhile, I also busy updating on Perfect cafe to share with korean fans^^

Of cuz, credit to you gals^^

Keep it up!!! >.<

HYS♥ said...

YS intro him as gamer? I thought is baby?

tetsu girl said...

whoo! JM+Gyuri duet! :D i wonder if she's wearing the white dress from "Lupin"? (oh, Kara performed shortly after, so probably yes. i imagined she would look nice in that dress to match JM's white solo outfit. ^_^)

omg JM's singing "Kiss"?! ahh, i want to hear!! it's such a cute song, i want to hear it with JM's sweet voice! <3

Anonymous said...

it's really so fast...thanks to you miniufo...i am really amazed by your efforts...i am so thankful to found your blog...thanks for always updating us(triple s) around the world...i really love your site...thank you so much..

well i've read in some comments that the seat are not full???do you have any photo to see if the seats are not really full???

19frantze said...

oh my...they are really many empty seats!!!..from some photoes i saw
...i hope,that fact won't affect our boys.. :((

Anonymous said...

That's two Kara songs and counting... still got Rainbow. *sigh* But at least Baby's gamer friends would enjoy the "Mister" dance. LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG!! They have a dance for Kiss!! and Obsess and Wasteland!! OMG!!

Anonymous said...

to 19frantze,

i think it's not tat e place is not full...
u noe how organisers tend to keep some areas off so tat e fans can hav better view??

if u look at e pics clearly, e entire block doesnt hav anybody sitting i think tat area onwards is block out...not tat there're no fans going...

=) i hope i'm correct on tis eh...
be optimistic and believe in e boys!!!

♥Carrot♥ said...

Oh noo..It's really very empty there...

圆圆동생 said...

YS SOLO... i stop everything i am doing for this part

YS <3

19frantze said...

u think so??...oh, i hope that too!!
ss501 fighting!!they really prepare many new things for this encore concert...

From venus said...

BIG thanks for your update... really wanna go to Korea for the concert...but...cannot T.T

BTW...many thanks for your hard work, our so...excellent...

Anonymous said...


yup...if tat area is opened to e public, wad are e chances tat not a single soul or small grps of ppl will buy tix to sit there?? if i see pockets of ppl in those block of seats, then i'll think tat there are indeed 'empty' seats ard...but since e entire block doesnt hav anyone there, i believe tat area is blocked off and not opened for sale...

Anonymous said...

i've seen the pistures of empty seats but i think also that is the area that not allowed for the fans...

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating us people who can't go to the concert. appreciate it very much.....

tetsu girl said...

LOL the bike part is so "huhh??" can't wait to see fancams of that. XD
omg they really sang "Wasteland"?! that's awesome!! :D i wonder if there's a dance for that, too?
keep up the great work, UFO!

Anonymous said...

u mean leader riding the bike weird or wat?

tetsu girl said...

^ yeah, i was not expecting them to have a motorcycle on stage and HJL riding it! ;P

圆圆동생 said...

help UFO to describe leader solo:

leader ride a bike out and park on the pathway

during the jitjoong moment:
leader took off half of his shirt
throw his jacket down, then rode his bike 1round

end of leader solo

tetsu girl said...

^ whoa @_@ that sounds awesome! they really went all out for the encore! thanks for the description, 圆圆! ^_^

Sugaranne said...

Wanted to let you know that we really appreciate all your efforts for updating us almost real time as if we were there. SS501 is very lucky to have you. Love yah girl friends! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

no 'crazy for you'?... btw, thanks for the live update... really appreciate it...

Anonymous said...

wow!!!you are really great..thanks for so fast update...thanks for the hard work....i am now a fan of you...kekekekeke....triple s is really united...i wanna watch the project moment of triple s...

19frantze said...

can't wait that part :))

Joyce said...

Annyeong UFO,

Great work for the "live" update. As always, you are so dedicated to SS501. We can always rely on you. However, the photos are of poor quality. Perhaps, omit it and concentrate on the narration part. Thank you for bringing Encore Persona Concert to all of us who could not be there. Have a good rest.

Anonymous said...

English translation by
Please repost with full credit

The 27th at Seoul Olympic park puts out a new album plan which attracted a lot of attention.

SS501 possibility of a new album raises questions. “They will pick up a new company after asking questions and they will speak rightly to save meaning of ‘501′ , this is happening on May 1st. Together, they are planning of making another mini album(?). May 1st the possibility of informing when the new album will be revealed “.

SS501 led this Asia tour as if there was cotton where 501 grew and there was in question “The Asia concert stage, I see the reaction of the plentifull spectators that didn’t want the boys to grow as they enjoy the stage manner, dances and songs. But they have during this 1 year of the Persona. Now the boys are more mature,” he said.
Good that they are leaving DSP and please leave as a group!! I dun want anybody to leave behind!!

Credits: aiskoori

wen0607 said...

Thanks both of you for the lovely updates! I saw all photos mainly focus on our leader.... haha :P
The press like leader so much huh? Anyway, thanks for all~~^^

You all did a great job! >.<

Anonymous said...

it's really a surprised that they are leaving DSP,.since DSP is the one who made them...but i also wish that they leave together...what company are they going to???why did DSP allowed to them to go.,i mean ss501 is such a big hit and really made dsp to be known as one of the company who made a really great artist...well good luck for our boys...thanks for the information...

tetsu girl said...

Phew! You must be so tired after these past 3 hours! Thank you for all your hard work! Thank you for sharing the concert experience, almost in real time, with all of us who can't go. This was so exciting and fun and emotional, I feel like crying. Thank you, thank you, thank you! T_T You guys are so incredible to all fans. xoxoxo <3 SS501UFO Jjang!

Umeko said...

They signed a 5 year contract, ends in 2010. No news of any renewal last year so I think leaving DSP was already decided last year.

The problem with DSP is that they only know how to promote one group at one time, sadly. I don't want to wait 1.5 years for one single/mini-album and I think sometimes the boys feel frustrated because of this as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the hardwork

Anonymous said...

There were many empty seats just as the concert started and from the pictures posted of the concert area, it did look like there were a lot of empty seats....

Umeko said...

Tonight I will stalk the MBCGame team members' cyworlds for photos! hehehe

Anonymous said...

thank you so much miniufo for your hard work...i am very much happy to be updated to their concert...though i am not their i can feel the excitement that our boys given to all the their green peas princesses...there will be another round of news for tomorrow...hope for your more hard work...thank you again....
..about leaving DSP, it's because DSP is not as huge as the other company like SM,JYP, and YG...but then i hope that if ever they leave DSP, hope that in their new company they will be given more projects...

19frantze said...

thank you so much for the live means so much for triple S,especially for overseas fans..
keep it up...tripleS fighting..ss501 fighting!! :))

Anonymous said...

Umeko, I agree with you. DSP should handle them well since I think they are the one who can set top records for the company's sales. Maybe they only rely with leader's popularity.
Hope the guys will leave as a group. Look how Super Junior's management company handles them.

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

I'm even more thankful for helping me with the live update too MiniUFO

Thank you soooooooo much

now i'm sooo tired

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the live updates! it was as if we were there =)


Anonymous said...

there's a video available in there official's a lot of video there..i don't know how to re-post it so i couldn't share it to everyone..sorry....

..about the changing company,well i think i just have to wait till may 1 to know more about i am very much happy for all the information..thanks again miniufo....

Summer A. said...

whoo hoo~!
thanks for the updates. it was awesomeee!
can't wait for tomorrow:D <3

Helen from Vancouver said...

Thank 圓圓,Cagli,MINI UFO and all the other helpers that made this quasi-concert happen to the fans from all over the world who cannot go enjoy the live concert in Soeul. I really appreciated it from the deepest of my heart. Well done you folks!! SS501 fighting!!

c'maine said...

oh my... y were the guards so strict?? does it mean tat there will be less fancams??? i wish to c more~~~