Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Dairy] Jung Min: Ah goo goo goo ~ (2010-02-27 PM 11:48:07)

Jung Min post on DSP website. Just 2 hours after the concert. Wow!


Credit: + (Chinese translation) LOVE小马马@ + (English translation)
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[Jung Min] Ah~goo goo goo~ (2010-02-27 PM 11:48:07)

Our TripleS who came today~!

Really very thank you to everybody ^^

Tomorrow is the last Encore~! All also come~~!!

So just say Good night for today
(Japanese Oyasumi spell out in Korean)~!

Sswesswe !! (谢谢 Thank you in chinese, I think it sounds like it)

SSi yu Tumeolou~!
(See you tomorrow, he spell it out in Korean)

u a ang** very sleepy very sleepy~!!^o^*

(**After thinking for sometime, I think it sounds like 晚安 wan an, good night in Chinese)


Original Korean Message

[정민] 아고고고~ (2010-02-27 오후 11:48:07)

오늘 와 준 울 트리플 S~!

넘 고마워요^^

낼 마지막 앙콘~!을 향하여~~!!

전 그럼 이만 오야스미할께요~!


씨유 투머로우~!

우아앙 졸려졸려~!!^0^*


Umeko said...

Mini UFO, just wanna let you know, Shark just updated his cyworld. Under the diary section, he put the comment: "ch'oego^^* ", refering to SS501 concert. I think tmr or the day after he will put up pictures from the concert. There are also some other pictures from the progamer show on his cyworld. The comments he wrote about Baby are cute. LOL

Mini UFO said...

Thanks Umeko for the information! Will check it out!! ^^

From Venus@popcornfor2 said...

OMG Min so sweet....even he may tired after concert but wanna say hi and thanks for all TS ...SWEET...CEO

thanks for your fast update.... ^^

xXrucciXx said...

really good fan-service JungMinnie.. huhuhu..