Thursday, February 25, 2010

[Diary] Kyu Jong: ‘Thank you, It’s early morning..^^ hee’ 2010-02-25 4:45:58 AM

Heee.... I knew Kyu will definitely leave a message for us around these few days. ^^

Thanks XiaoChu for allowing me the share this translation here together with you. Please DO NOT repost the translation anywhere.

Wish Kyu Jong will get well soon. The Encore Concert is coming soon, I hope he will be recovered by then.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[KyuJong] ‘Thank you, It’s early morning..^^ hee’ 2010-02-25 4:45:58 AM

I sincerely thank all the people who wished me happy 24th birthday hee
I received so many congratulatory.. but I am sorry that I am not able to repay to each of you.
Today too, we finished practicing for the concert as usual hehe..^^
Had a delicious meal with my father, mother and sister Eunah.. and watched TV. Hee
Recently.. I am totally excited about Vancouver.. hee
Saw the tears of emotions and.. gratitude~~
I find them so wonderful and beautiful..
It is not about getting the medal.. Everyone of them are so wonderful
Every moment are touching... hehe
Isn’t it? >!!!! Wow!
And so I realized!! We, 501 and I must work hard
To be able to present wonderful touching moments..!!
Never ending challenges and never ending passion... hehe I learnt something once again..^^
Thank you..
I am always sorry.. yes..
Being 1 year older, I will be more matured and more sensible in my mentality.
Thank you very much ^^
Aja Aja Fighting!! Be careful of catching a flu!! I.. am sick due to flu *cough cough*
Hehe See you at the concert~~ We, 501 has been preparing for it, to make it a real big hit hee


Original Korean Message

[규종] 고마워요 이른아침이네요..^^ㅎ 2010-02-25 오전 4:45:58

24번째 생일 축하해주신 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다 ㅎ

난 이렇게 많은 축하를 받는데.. 많은분들께 보답해드리지 못하는거 같아 죄송할 따름입니다.

오늘두 어김없이 콘서트 연습을 마치고 ㅎㅎ..^^ 아버지 어머니 내동생은아와함께

맛있는 밥을 먹구.. 티브이를 보았습니다.ㅎ

요즘..벤쿠버에 푹 빠져있거든요..ㅎ

감동과 .. 고마움에 눈물 쏙 빼구 있어요 ~~

어쩜 그리들 멋지고 예쁘신지..

메달을 따건 아니건..다들 너무 멋지고

매순간 감동이예요...ㅎㅎ

그쵸 ? >!!!!와우!

그래서 느꼈습니다!! 우리 오공일 그리고 저도 열심히해서

멋진 감동 선사해드려야겠다구..!!

끝없는 도전과 끝없는 열정...ㅎㅎ 다시한번 배웠어요..^^


늘 미안하구.. 그러네요..

한살 먹은 만큼 더 성숙하고 더 생각깊은 현명한 저 되겠습니다.

너무나 감사드립니다 ^^


아자아자 화이팅!! 감기 완전 조심하기!! 저 ㅜ 감기로 많이 아팠어요 흑흑

ㅎㅎ 공연날봐요~~ 완전 대박으루 우리 오공돌이들 준비하고있거든요


Nina Aziz said...

poor kyu jong oppa...hope he'll get well soon...

tetsu girl said...

aww, KJ's so sweet and cute and humble and gracious and touching!! <3

and the "WOW!" again! i just LOVE it when he does that. hehehehehehehe! XD

poor KJ! hope he gets better real soon! but i'm glad my birthday wish for him (to spend time with family and members and be happy) came true. ^_^

Janics Chong said...

YAYYY!! Kyu Kuu left a message! muahahaha. I'm super happyyyy <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BABY KYU JONG !!!

Please stay healthy and get well soon! I want to see the healthy Kyu Kyu on the stage with other members on Encore Persona (although I'm not going)

All the best Kyu Kyuuu :)

Anonymous said...

All the best for KYU, hope he get well soon...

by the way,
i found this in NATE top search

♥_사만다_TRIPLE S 4eVeR _♥ said...

Kyu is sooo cute..:D
hope you enjoyed your special day!!
GET WELL SOON.. get well before the encore concert.. ^^


♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

=O Kyu Jongie~~~ Get Well soon~~ ^^
Hahah...Samantha...Kyu is alwaz KyuTe. Now baru u noe kahh??
Kyu Jong, Hwaiting~!!
SS501, Hwaiting!!

Anonymous said...

get well soon
again happy brillated birthday.