Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Info] SS501 Figurines + Travel Set (Limited to order in Japan only)

Wah! I want the figurines!!!

By the way, please pardon me if the translation does not sound correct. Since I have tried my very best to translate using the chinese translation (which was unclear for many parts) and also tally with the original japanese version with my limited japanese knowledge. keke


Credit: + (Chinese translation) wtt @ withjun | + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit


Year 2010, SS501 debut 5th Year Anniversary
First Premiere item!!
SS501 First Real Figure Set of 5, started for reservation!!
Would not remake, only make to order!! Production based on order quantity!!

This is the photograph of the member
Figurine will be made based on this photo

Currently in the sculpting process!
Specially showing the model,
the next process is colour process,
it will be released soon!
Please keep in anticipation of the actual model after colour process!!

[Product details]

Product name: SS501 Real Figurine Set of 5
Price: 15000 yen (tax included) + shipping and handling charged 800 yen (in Japan only)
Scheduled selling date: End May ~ June, 2010 delivery according to the pre-order sequence
- 'Rebirth' album jacket photograph model figurine, height about 15cm. Real scale model.
Each member's expression, make up, hair style, clothes and other minor details will be made into detail.
Definitely is a must have for SS501 fans!
* The real figurine and object (such as the photographs) is made closely to the actual figures.

Order method
Online shop will be opened soon.
And Premier's second edition item!!
Luxury travel Set SS501 Limited Edition
Estimated Selling Time: End April ~ Mid May 2010
When travelling oversea or locally during SS501 events, SS501 original travel set will be accompanying your travel.
Of course, you can also used them at home! It is a good collector item!
Include all necessary item during travel.
Made using quality material, sewing and design, luxury tote bag which design according to latest in fashion magazine will be released together.
Specially prepare set A to be purchased together
Since it is limited release product, please order soon!

A Set
Luxury branded Tote Bag Mega Pouch
Include slippers with pouch, original soap, tooth brush with strap, Microfiber hand towel, similar as what SS501 used compact mirror, bath sponge ball, mini bottles (2)
Selling price: 24150 yen (include tax)

B Set
Mega size pouch, Microfiber hand towel,
Slippers with pouch, original soap, tooth brush with strap, similar as SS501 used compact mirror, bath sponge ball, mini bottle (2)
Selling price: 10290 (including tax)

Luxury branded tote bag
Sold separately price: 15750 (including tax)

We will be accepting reservation from early March.
More detail of each item (Product photos, specifications, prices, etc) will be released with full details at a later date.

Buyer special privilege:
Figurine set + 2nd edition travel set (either A or B set)
If purchase together, will be entitled to receive with the purchase SS501 Super Premiere Game of Life (Road to Success) for free!

* Please note that some items are subjected to change without prior notice.
* Estimated shipping time is subjected to change without notice.


♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

Hmm....for the figurines, isit will oni be in Japan or??

圆圆동생 said...

Limited to order in Japan only

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the doll is anatomically complete hmmm............ !!!!