Saturday, February 27, 2010

[News][2010.02.27] SS501 conveyed their plans for their new album released

SS501 first day encore concert has just ended. It is so fantastic, there's quite a few songs which were new and the song list is different. The security is so tight, I wonder whether we can get some good pictures after this?

BTW, we have good news after the Encore concert Press conference today. The new album will be released on 1 May! Wow! Another 2 more months to wait!

P/S: This is the translation of a similar news from Osen which was translated by Cyndzz.


Credit: + (Chinese translation) By:hyunglang@Baidu Tieba SS501 + (English translation)
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[News][2010.02.27] SS501 conveyed their plans for their new album released

On 27th, before their Encore concert in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, in the press conference, SS501 revealed their plans for their new album and received much concern.

As for when SS501 new album will be able to reveal to all, they expressed: "The 2nd album is currently under preparation, we have decided together with our company to release it on 1 May since it represent 501. Whether it is a full 2nd album or mini album, it is not confirmed yet. However, because with the thoughts of '501 days', so the new album will be revealed on 1 May.

In addition, SS501 revealed 'Holding our concert in Asia region, we have received a lot of response/feedback from the audience, it helped in planning the stage, song, and dance well. Unknowingly, while holding the concert, one year has past, we have grown up for another one year old, coming to the mid of 20s, becoming more matured."

Lastly, SS501 expressed that they are working towards the target to hold their Asia Tour Concert every year.


Original Korean Article

SS501, "5월 1일 새 앨범 발표 계획"

[OSEN=이정아 기자]SS501이 새 앨범 발표 계획을 드러냈다.

27일 서울 올림픽공원 내 체조경기장에서 앙코르 공연을 여는 SS501은 공연전 기자간담회를 갖고 새 앨범 계획을 밝혀 눈길을 모았다.

SS501은 새 앨범을 언제 만날 수 있느냐는 질문에 "새 앨범을 준비하려고 하는데 회사와 우리가 이야기한 바로는 '501'의 의미를 살려 5월 1일에 내자고 하고 있다. 정규 2집이 될지, 미니앨범이 될지는 모르겠지만 '501 데이'를 생각하며 5월 1일께 새 앨범을 들려줄 수 있었으면 좋겠다"고 밝혔다.

또 SS501은 이번 아시아 투어를 통해 501이 성장한 면이 있다면 무엇이 있느냐는 질문에 "콘서트를 하며 아시아를 돌다보니 무대에 서는 법과 관객들의 반응을 많이 느끼게 돼 그런 면에서 무대 매너, 노래, 춤이 많이 성장하지 않았나 싶다. 콘서트 하면서 1년이라는 시간이 흘러 한살도 더 먹었고 20대 중반에 들어섰기에 더 성숙한 것도 같다"고 말했다.

끝으로 SS501은 "앞으로 매년 아시아 투어를 통해 소통할 수 있도록 노력하고 싶다"고 전했다.
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19frantze said... no company changing???...
only might release new album..that's great...looking forward for it!! :))

Anonymous said...

i think dsp is the best company because
sm entertainment...yeah u know
yg many bad things relating to GD
JYP entertainment...2pm contoversy
so yeah dsp rules and i hope SS501 stay together :)
i am looking very forward to the new album :D

Anonymous said...

so the contract has been renewed?can't wait for the new album! hope there will be the encore concert in dvd soon?

DannyDan02 said...

that's one day before my birthday!!! ^_^

Wendy said...

Clap glad new album is on the way. My family is half hostel towards me cuz i play the same 2 cds of SS501. They work so hard, I hope their management will take really good care of them.