Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Persona Bangkok [2010.02.13] by Crazy501 Part 15

Just when I thought my fingers would be able to have a rest after sharing this last set of Hyun Joong's photographs, I found some more photographs of the encore by 翎兒. Looks like my fingers cannot rest yet. :(

This final set of Hyun Joong's photographs was what most Leader lover would look forward to during each Persona Concert for the legendary 'jjitJoong' portion! Everybody were usually cool and calm when he sang the front part of 'Please, be good to me', until the famous dancer came out..... Then our ear started to ache by all those shrieks and shouts by leader fans. Kekekeke.... It was a pity that there's no 'jjitJoong' act for Persona Concert, since it was the last Persona Concert. Hmm.... but there's 2 more chances, I wonder.... would he do the 'jjitJoong' for the Korean fans on Encore Concert?

Are you waiting for 'jjitJoong' today or tommorrow during the Encore Concert? For me, I guess I am fine whether he do it or not. I like it when he enjoyed what he does, just like when he dance Rain's 'Rainism', there's no 'jjitJoong' but I loved the dance so much! ^_~


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19frantze said...

omg!!!soooooooo handsome!!!!
*nosebleed* *faint* *faint* :D
i really can not wait for the encore fan cams..

Anonymous said...

LOL, omggg. I agree with 19frantze! *NOSEBLEED BADDDDD* HAHAHA!! Damn, Leader is soo freaken handsome! Love it, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Need to have good health to be a fan of leader, lol! Too much nosebleeding, fainting, heartache due to his explosive sexyness, heartache due to his fragile health, headache due of all the problem causing from transfering $$ for his charity works...! Not that i complaining, i'm a hardcore fan of his always.

Wendy said...

Wow, these are the best HD photos I've ever seen of HJL. I like his hair done like this, and the patterned jacket & the whole suit is great. Super nice photos! Truth is, it's because it's HJL.

Anonymous said...

i love his suit! =D

tetsu girl said...

i always love him in a suit, but i actually didn't really like the double plaid jacket and shirt; i'd prefer just one or the other. but he's one hot nerd! j/k! XD

he's really so dreamy in these shots! i think it's because his eyes are so expressive. in the other "Please Be Nice To Me" performances, he's angrier, but here, he looks more longing and forlorn. *sigh* lovely. <3

thank you so much!! :D

Anonymous said...

oppa very handsome,,
i'm going crazy because of him..
wanna be meet him,,
thanks fo

Anonymous said...

He is truly passionate in his performance ,so totally involved -wish he had sung Never Love Again solo like in Japan concert. Also his attire looked so hot(I mean temperature wise)-wished he had used lighter materials given Thailand weather .