Monday, February 22, 2010

【Info】 Persona Bangkok Compilation✿Fancam+Photo ✿ ღ2010.02.13ღ

As usual, I will compile all fancam and photo in this post for easy reference.

圆圆동생: Had Stop updating fancam ^o^ Prepare for ENCORE!!
ENJOY the 200fancams ....!!~~~~~~~~~~~

Please DO NOT repost

Song List:
00. Opening (Fancam)
01. Deja Vu (Fancam)
02. Unlock (Fancam)
03. Warning (Fancam)
04. 4Chance (Fancam)
05. Lalala.... Song for you (Fancam)
06. HyungJoon Solo - Hey G (Fancam)
07. KyuJong Solo - Never let you go (Fancam)
08. KyuJong Solo - Wuss Up (Fancam)
09. Never Again (Fancam)
10. Because I am stupid (Fancam)
11. JungMin Solo - If You Cannot (Fancam)
12. Jung Min Solo - Thai Song 'Rak Ther' (Fancam)
13. SS501 sub unit follow by all 5 together - U R Man (Fancam)
14. Fighter (Fancam)
** SS501 doing Traditional Korean bow(세배) (Fancam)
15. Young Saeng Solo - You are my heaven (Rap with Hyung Joon)(Fancam)
16. Young Saeng Solo - Find (Rock Version) (Fancam)
17. HyunJoong Solo - Please be good to me (Fancam)
18. Crazy 4 U (Fancam)
19. Only One Day (Fancam)
20. Green Pea (Fancam)
21. Love Like This (Fancam)
Encore (Fancam)
22. Encore 1 - Coward
23. Encore 2 - Bye Bye
24. Encore 3 - You are my heaven

Fancams by MurdererQ

Photo List:
1. Photo by MurdererQ: Smiles
2. Photo by : Smiles
3. Photo by : Smiles1, Smiles2, Smile3
4. Photo by aor22triple S Smiles
5. Photo by Smiles1, Smiles2, Smiles3, Smiles4, Smiles5, Smiles YS, Smiles6, Smiles 2HJ
6. Photo by Smile1
7. Photo by : Smiles YS, Smiles HJL
8. Photo by : Smile1, Smile2, Smile3, Smile4, Smile5, Smile6, Smile7, Smile8
9. Photo by Woweza : Smiles
10. Photo by HeStory: Smiles KyuJong
11. Photo by Smile
12. Photo by Nick@SlowDal: Smile HJL
13. Photo by
翎兒@ Smile_HJB1, Smile_HJB2, Smile_YS1, Smile_YS2, Smile_YS3, Smile_JM1, Smile_JM2, Smile_JM3, Smile_Kyu1, Smile_Kyu2, Smile_Kyu3, Smile_Kyu4, Smile_HJL1, Smile_HJL2, Smile_HJL3, Smile_Encore


圆圆동생 said...

Hyung going to treat me Curry ^o^

Marvie said...

Hi there Cagali...
i upload some fancams in my YT Channel, pls check is out..
please credit the original owner of the vid..
tnx Happy New Year & Happy Valentines Day...

Summer A. said...

thanks for compiling~

yubinnie said... you any pictures of thailand triple s when they performed the green peas, i just wanted to see the project that triple s thailand prepared for ss501...

i am very happy to see this five guys together again...i really miss them so much...but on the other side i just read to the other forum that only 3/4 of the arena filled up,. sad but still happy atleast they've enjoyed the concert...

圆圆동생 said...

some fancam are harder to find, pls wait while they had enjoy the CNY holiday ^^

mochi mochi ! said...

is there any video of them playing water? any country will do!HHAHAAHAHA

Lynne said...

3/4 of the arena filled ain't that bad taking into account that it is the Chinese New Year Eve. Most families would be having the traditional family reunion dinner. But it must have been a GREAT and FUN concert by all the fans' accounts. Kudos to all those who shared. I love Joong 'watering' Jun ... hilarious! Is that a better translation of the message sent to Joong about a sick child and Joong's message to him/her that I read at soompi?

圆圆동생 said...

mochi..!!~~ check out this for the hongkong persona fancam compilation

圆圆동생 said...

Hi Lynene, if you can read chinese

♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

@.@ Last time u didnt put DO NOT repost ya??
Ahh...have to delete frm my blog nw...xD

Btw, still Thanks for source. ^^

圆圆동생 said...

Yubinnie, Greenpea with pink lightstick

Anonymous said...

thank u for compiling.. somehow, i feel that the recording effects in bkk arent as good.. its either the cam's too far away or i can hardly hear the boys singing..
but nevertheless, it's always a joy watching them, especially leader...! woohoooooo!!!


Anonymous said...

圆圆 do you have shanghai persona compilation ????

圆圆동생 said...

anonymous @ 8.02PM
Only HK & BKK compliation availble

14 Nov(shanghai Persona) is the first time i talk to Mini UFO

tetsu girl said...

200 fancams?! plus hundreds of pictures! wow!!
thank you so much for compiling!! i was away for New Year's, so this really helped me catch up!
you guys are awesome!! :D