Friday, February 26, 2010

[Photo] Kyu Jong @ Persona Bangkok [2010.02.13] by Crazy501 Part 12

Phew, now we are at the last part of the 160pcs of Kyu's collection. I wonder what brand of camera she used to take all these photographs, it is soooooooooo clear and sharp. This set of photographs are the best quality Persona Bangkok photographs I have seen so far.

Actually I am always curious, how could one be cool and calm when they have the camera zooming onto the face of their idol? If I were at such situation, I think half of my photographs will turn out bad, since my hands will probably shake when he smile into the screen. ^^


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Anonymous said...

nice~ luv kyu!


kelemama said...

haha... i think xiaochu will need oxygen tank after seeing all these wonderful shots on Kyu... :)

Anonymous said...

I really want to cry. Thank you very much. I have been waiting Kyu's pictures for a long time. Thx! Thx! Thx! Thx! Thx! Thx! Thx! Thx a lot!