Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Photo] Persona Seoul Encore [2010.02.27]

Not updating anymore Press Conferance/Concert Photo
refer to here for more photo

sorry very messy
got a hard time live updating
i update till i dunno wat i updating =..="
ignore those repeat photo --.--
apologise for any mistake on the live update

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CiCi said...

OMG!! Sooo fast!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem empty at all.. THANK GODD!!!

19frantze said...

really so fast...nd in a high quality
thanks for the upload!!!
they are really so handsome *melt..melt*

tetsu girl said...

please, don't apologize! we really appreciate all the hard work you're doing to keep us all updated by the minute! i can barely keep up, and i'm just reading and refreshing, much less receiving the updates and then adding them to this blog. so really, thank you so so so much! :D
the pics look great! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

so much thanks for all the encore update news,,
feels like I'm there hehehe,,
(wish to T3T)
loves all the news,,love all the photos..

Anonymous said...

thanKYU so muchy muchy much for the super quality photos and the live update.
although i'm streaming online, i always refer to your update to make sure the songs being played

♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

Thx A Lot to Yuan Yuan for the photos. =O

roe_diah said...

no need 2 say sorry,
coz u did a great job ^__^
thanks a lot for all your hard work today....

Wendy said...

Wonderful great job with the photos. Thank you so much. I noticed all 5 wore the same style shoes and YS appearred taller than before...did the boys grow taller? Kyu Jong looks taller too...I wish I can watch their concert & see them in real life...but just too far. O well.

Anonymous said...

AHHH, loving these photos!! I think I'm gonna dieeee from their hotness! Damn, they look soo fineeee. Thank you for sharing!