Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fan Accounts for Persona Bangkok

While we are waiting for the Encore Concert tonight, why not read some fan accounts to get into the mood! ^^

First off, have you read 圆圆동생's fan account, you better do, it is so interesting, I personally felt like I was there watching together with her. Just in case you miss it, here's the links.
圆圆동생 @ SS501 Open Press Conference, click here
圆圆동생 @ Persona Bangkok Concert, click here

Also, Mel from, you know who she is right, she is my partner who provide me with all the update information during the Persona Bangkok. She shared her encounters with Leader, Mal and the Persona Bangkok Concert in her blog. Here's the links.

Waiting for arrival of SS501 in airport restricted area, click here.
Press Conference Part 1, click here.
Press Conference Part 2, click here.
Stalking during Rehearsal @ Impact Arena, click here.
Persona Concert Part 1, click here.
Persona Concert Part 2, click here.
KimHyunJoongThailand gift to the boys, click here.
Shopping with JungMin @ Siam Paragon, click here.
Story about KimHyunJoongThailand advertisement, click here.

Next, I have 2 more fan account which is shared by 2 members from, you would need to register as their members to read these fan accounts, but I guess you won't be regret to read these fan accounts, this is the longest fan account I have read so fsar. ^_^

Fan account by Stacy (15 parts account!), click here
Fan account by Honeyeee, click here

I guess that's all for you to read until the Encore Concert!

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