Sunday, February 21, 2010

[Video] Hyun Joong @ Samsung Credit Card CF - Why Not? Behind the Scene

Awwww...... this CF's behind the scene is sooooooo cute!!! Like it so much and I think I have replayed for sooo many times. \^o^/ ----<@ P/S: I didn't know that he really didn't wore anything in that comforter! It is winter and so cold.... ^o="""

More... more.... I found the actual CF, additional clip of him riding the mini bike. Aww..... simply cute~~~

And even more now... the complete behind the scene video of the Samsung CF.

added 1 more CF 0.09sec.... Mini UFO cannot see this, since she is sleeping...!!~~~

P/S: Kekeke..... I like this CF so much, I decided to do a compilation for all the CF + the making. Hope you like it. ^^


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Credit: SS501MiniUFO
[Fanmade Video] Samsung Card CF 'Why Not' Compilation - KHJ Version

Credit: 외톨이야 @ daum + SS501MiniUFO
Samsung CF - Featuring Kim Hyun Joong Version 2

Credit: + SS501MiniUFO
Hyun Joong @ Samsung Credit Card CF - Why Not? - Behind the Scene

Credit: 다즐링v @ SS601 + SS501MiniUFO
[2010.02.20] Samsung Card CF - Kim Hyun Joong Version

Credit: 하늘연못 @ + SS501MiniUFO
[Full Version] Making of Samsung Card 'Why not' CF - Featuring SS501 Kim Hyun Joong


stalking_hj said...

i reply it many times already....
i never guess he didnt wear his top too..

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he is so cuuuuuuuuuuteeee here.. i hope this is really CH not just behind the scene... so when this CF appear in tv.. can make ga\fangirl fainted already... ><
especially when he said 'opppptaaaa???' what is that mean????

download it now and would count how many my media player play it... kkkkkkkk

fellyz said...

ONE WORD : kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooottttaaaaaaaa

Oh my goodness, i'm gonna faint seeing this clip.. how can be so cute n naughty

Joongbo4ever said...

hahaha replaying it many times too!

awww .... so cute, like a baby! want to hold him in my arms.

saranghae <3

Y said...

Mini UFO,

Kim Hyun Joong version of Samsung Card CF Why Not posted by WWloveHJL

Y said...

Wow, your UFO flied really fast.

So KHJ is not the main model for Samsung Card? That's too bad. His section is way too short. He's so cute riding the bike.

Mini UFO said...

Hey! Y,

Just wonder if you mind that Kelemama use your translation for SS501 interview to hardsub the video? She will give you full credit for it!

Joongbo4ever said...

whoots! wow ... so so cute can.

my goodness such a darling on the mini bike!

and again he looked like a real "naughty" baby in that comforter!

crazily obsessed with him!

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

somebody please get me to the hospital !!!



dav. said...

Lovely, lovely, i've replayed the first two clips many times too. He is super super cute here.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

INSANELY adorable~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the behind-the-scenes cut should be in the main CF!!!!!!!!!! hyun joongie ahhhhhh~~~~ saranghaeyo~!!!

圆圆동생 said...

added another 0.09 sec

Jen said...

HJL's Samsung CF compiled in one vid.

cute!! :)

Chara said...

hm... hm... 'Cause I'm not really Leader biased, I might be out of place here.
His actions in the vids definitely are cute... But somehow (I can't really explain why myself) I think he looks a little odd in those vids... somehow... as if the body is distort... He doesn't look like that normally...

Or is there something wrong with my eyes?

stalking said...

Jungmin human theatre ep 5 part 1 engsub

iris cullen said... cute..