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【FAN ACCOUNT】 圆圆동생 ✿Concert✿Persona In BangKok ღ2010.02.13ღ


Thanks Eeyore for contribute the fan account
6000words of Fan account, WHAHAHAHA


【Pre-preparation of concert】

Initally we wanna make LED board, but didnt manage to get into contact with that person. Since it was near Valentine ’s Day, we thought that the concert might be on some Valentine’s Day theme. We thought that they might throw chocolates & sweets during encore, so we decided to drop the idea on LED board to flower related stuff.

I had prepare a blue towel +2 mini flower bouquet (fake) and had tied ribbon around the stem to make it heavier so that it can fly onto the stage. I was crazy enough to even practice how to throw and the amt of strength to use when I was in sg, cos we don’t know where we will be standing, so i tried all types of strength in my throwing.

Eeyore had prepared 3 plush toy horses, where 1 of them was put in between her self-made flower (made with gold and silver ribbon)... we had a hard time finding otter & horse. In the end , we only managed to find the horse.

When I asked my friends where I could get otter, all the replies were: "ZOO”. Therefore, next time whoever goes to the zoo, pls help me buy some otter out, THANKS! (Your help will be much appreciated)

Just 1week before leaving for BBK, my manager actually offered to help me with the LED board( I m in the engineering line) free, but I had to pay for the material. (Eeyore: I thought it was totally free) And of course I had to come up with the design myself.. from 2 letters "Y" & "S" to SAENG(KR) and the final 1 from the oval shape to a heart <3. Actually I had a lot of idea, but in order not to trouble my manage, i requested him to do a simple 1. Many THANKS to my manager.

Before all this LED board and flower stuff, actually i wanted go buy this LED t-shirt where it will light up upon detecting sound(same type of t.shirt as JM ON-style esp1 right after he hold that taxi toy).. But too bad the shop i knew which sells them in sg was permanently closed. I tried searching online, but those t-shirts were only available overseas.. but but but... we found the t-shirt at Suan Lum Night Market in BBK. Without any hesitation, eeyore and I bought one with a picture princess “printed” on it. We managed to bargin from 600baht to 400baht, wahahhahahaa thanks to my dear colleague who is working in BKK, he used thai to bargain.. There were some communication issues on the size, but that auntie could not stand out persistence and gave me the display t-shirt which was the size I wanted.

We went back happily and in the hotel room, we wanted to try out the t-shirt immediately. However, we had no battery.... w/o further ado, we took out some money and went to the streets in the middle of night to buy the AAA battery, the 7-11 store was actually very far from the hotel, about 20mins walk. We hastened our pace in order to play with the t-shirt inside the room. hehehe

Lastly, since I had been helping mini UFO to update the fancams for Hong Kong Persona, I watched so much fancams till I could memorized the whole song list and I could even tell you where the boys will appear at what position for which song. This really help me alot... i could easily know where they will appear.. Main stage? Extension stage? or from the sky. I can turn to that angle before the other fans, hehe

【Persona Bangkok 2010.02.13】
Reach Impact Area at around 12pm, finding the Q for S2. Along the way, saw the Q for S1, abt 30fans were sitting on the floor. Thanks goodness, the Q was inside the building... although no air-con, but least got shelter

I was surprise that there were so little fans Q-ing.If it was a Singapore event, the Q would have went round the venue many rounds by 12pm.I thought that they might be Q-ing for their friend/FC, as most of them are wearing the same t-shirt.I thought when time gets nearer, you will see more ppl joining their friend/FC(but it was not true, wat i saw during Q-ing and entering, is the amt of ppl that are in front of me when entering the gate)

We walked towards the other end of arena and finally found the Q for S2, there where only like 20ppl in front of us. Since there were not much people, we had decided to Q after we had eaten. After our lunch, we went back to Q, we are still behind the same group of fans earlier before we left for our lunch.

We sat and chat while waiting for the merchandise booth to setup.. There was this Indonesia TS who came to us and passed a wooden fan each. On the surface it was printed with their website and we are given a card with their committee member name too *thanks for the fan, we can use it * (How considerate can they be). The fan was the one baby used during the Green Pea song.

The total reservation counter was right in front of the S2 Q, there was a counter which put a notice on upgrading of tickets and it was later that we found out that there were 2 extra VIP section available for upgrade on top of the existing VIP seats. Well..this was nothing new to us, since they could change the concert date that easily, changing seating plan at the very last min should not be surprising as well. We still decide to stay with our standing zone (Thank goodness we did)

I wanted buy the lightstick and eeyore wanted to buy the persona BBK t-shirt(well the t.shirt is printed 2009 =.="). That was not the official Persona BKK t-shirt. It was different from the one the boys wore during encore. It was a t-shirt printed by the Thai DSP not Seoul DSP.

It was around 2pm when the booth started to set up, there were FC booths too. When we walked past, the fan-girl passed us a KimHyunJoong card/sticker(?)(sry dunno the right word to be use)

The workers were setting up big poster of the boys. There were also a banner signed by the boys. Also, there were 5 human sized board standing near the FC boot. Fans were taking turns to take picture with the “boys”.

After eeyore bought the t-shirt we continued to sit at the Q-ing area and waited for time to pass. At around 4pm+++ when a van arrived, the fans stood up and moved nearer and screamed... thinking that the boys were in the van.Ended up, when the door opened, they were the dancers... everyone went back to their own spot. Some still continued standing to wait for the next van. After some time, another van came and the fans began screaming v.loudly once again, those fans who were at the booth came running to the backstage.Then backstage door opened and the van drove in, so now u should know who were inside the van...

we keep hearing song, ppl singing inside the hall when we reached arena, we thought the boys were already inside doing the last rehearsal..Well... we can’t differentiate CD version and real voice, in our heart they sing the same as cd kekekekkee. The Japanese fans who stayed in the same hotel as the boys told eeyore that the boys will only leave for the concert venue at 3pm.

As we were waiting, we kept seeing fans holding the light sticks, but eeyore kept going round the booth area but did not saw any ppl selling the boys’ light stick. After much waiting, we decided to ask the fans where they got their light sticks.. The kind thailand fans told us that light sticks were sold outside the building, just across the road. There were a lot of big umbrellas, people were selling merchandise there... I went over to cross that NON TRAFFIC road(risking my life). In sg, i won’t even do tht, i always use the traffic light, but there is no traffic light to get over the road or maybe it was out of sight for me..

There were really alot diff groups of sellers selling different type of light stick and merchandise. But what caught my attention is the light sticks with individual names. Of course I chose YS and eeyore chose JM light stick + a normal w/o name. it costs 400baht (SIN17) each.

I went back to the Q, it was around 5pm, the guard told those fans in front that no DSLR, no water bottle, big light sticks were also not allowed. The kind Thailand fans translated and conveyed the message to us. So we threw away the water bottle which we had prepared for the encore... arghghg... cannot play water with YS....!~~~

I went to the toilet and saw this girl who plugged in this hand held curlier heater and was styling her hair.. well maybe she dun hv time to style at home ...!~~~ shall not comment much ^^ (let your imagination run wild)

It was 6pm++ and we stood up to get ready to enter the gate. This thai mama+1 son+ 2daughter, that mama talk to the security asking him to let them go in cos her daughter is short, but the security didnt let them in. THUMB UP.when we stand up to go throu the gate, she quicky join us n wan to cut q, this thai fans scold her, ask her go behind and the mama argue with the fans but end up no choice sae and sae "EXUCSE ME" to let us gv way to go to the back... wow do wrong thing still talk like tht... POOOoOOoo. i saw them inside, they are at the 4th row, serve them right...!~~~

The guards were very strict.They really dug every compartments and even hidden compartments in your bag. We were chopped with a red ink on the forearm upon entering. Eeyore was stucked behind because the fangirl in front of her brought so much stuff till she took almost 5mins to check this girl.

When I entered the standing zone, no1 was at the barricade of the front stage.. Totally empty LOL...The stage in between the main stage and extend stage was flooded with fans.. I managed to secure the 1st lane of the right hand side extension stage.It was not what we planned and thought... we thought those fans would chase and chop those slot right in front of the main stage and we had to aim for the stage in between the main stage and extend stage(where most fans had chop when i enter)

But anyway the spot which we got were not too bad, at least we get a spot at the barricade. But then... these Thai fans kept pushing me so that they could go closer to the middle..After that, i found out that 1 of her friend was actually right in front of the spotlight, so they had to move to avoid the spotlight from blocking her view..Well.... this was all luck... although I pitied your friend, but I really had no space to move to let your group move closer to the middle stage... moreover u are wearing a FC t-shirt =.=" *bad impression*

The fan beside eeyore wasn't that good too, but i think they just wanted to push and leave a slot so that their friend, who were at the 2nd lane, could come closer..

It was 7pm, the fans were mostly inside the arena, suddenly the Thai nation anthem was played, everyone stood up and sang.. i was told b4 hand this would happen, so it did not surprise me.

After the nation anthem finished, the persona mask appearred on the stage... the screen with video and playing the opening music.. the boys were coming out, the fans are screaming so LOUDDDD*the whole arena is going to collapse*....Felt that the surprise element of when the concert will actually start was reduced as we already know that the concert will start soon since the national anthem was played. We were pre-empted.

eeyore and I were some1 who will not scream.. We are calm fans.. i switched on my super attract- attention LED board.. i realised there weren’t a lot of LED board in the standing zone... less than 10? We started wearing out LED t-shirt..(but we took off half way, just before Maknae’s solo), cos the stage spotlight is so strong that our LED t-shirts were hardly noticeable. And it was so hot, so we took off the t-shirt in between the performance..

Oh ya, this is the 2nd time eeyore and I are watching SS501 Persona. I watched it in Taiwan during 1 of my taiwan trips and eeyore special trip to Hong Kong to watch the concert.

Just before the 1st song, fans were turning round and round, thinking where would the boys appear. Both of us were so calm and faced the main stage while everyone beside us were busy turning round. Eeyore could not stand the girl beside her turning and rubbing her sweaty arms against her, so she told her where the boys will appear.

✿1st Déjà vu✿ They wore their Michael Jackson outfit, the fans were jumping and screaming, I wondered if they were singing or screaming, as the way they sing was not really accurate(ok, I shall not comment too much on this as I, myself is not so accurate as well,but I just couldn't catch what they were singing or perhaps screaming), btw the boys didnt appear fr the top(maybe kyu complaint?)

At the end of Deja Vu there was a big firework, bombed right in front of the main stage. I screamed damn loud, cos i got a shocked, eeyore didn’t shout but got a shock too. although we watched alot performance on video, had also seen a lot of fancam where ys got a shock by the fireworks. but never did we know that the fireworks right infront of us would be so loud... 3m away?.. now then I realised why YS always got shocked by the firework.. hehee , we got weak heart. This time round YS never get shocked, but we did.

✿2nd Unlock✿ I was taking photo, but all turned out to be blurred... end of unlock they came to the extension stage to talk, dunno wat they talking...the boys spoke in Korean and translated into Thai. All we could do was to enjoy their pretty and handsome faces+ statue physique from the side(Kyu, Leader and baby backside are flat(O.O), YS & JM had more curl). Eeyore saw JM’s blue underwear when he was dancing unlock. (Apologise for that, cuz JM was standing right in front of eeyore dancing and he bent down a little and oops….she saw it is BLUE color) Eeyore also saw JM did not touch the dancer at all throughout the whole dance.

We were watching the boys from their back... Kyu, Baby & Leader legs were so thin... YS & JM at least 1size bigger =D (Eeyore wants to defend for JM, even though his thigh was bigger than Kyu, Baby and Leader, his legs are toned!!!) When the boys talked, occasionally Kyu & Baby will turn and wave at us. At that point, the fans would scream and jump.. I couldn’t even take photo as those fans are jumping and pushing me when the boys turned and waved ._. The fan standing beside eeyore went MAD. She is a Kyu fan.

✿3rd Warning✿ After the song they went down the stage... izzit all the persona stage the same or only BKK? the stage is lowered half way and the boys had to bend down and crawl(?) in. i am v.near the stage i can see all this even in the dark

They will pose a super handsome position and when the spotlight go off, they will bend and crawl in... too tall and with the stage too low, they had to bend alot to enter the backstage.ermm abit awful here, although not many can see..

✿4th 4chance✿ Tango time.. they are in pink top and sleeveless(only JM with sleeves) dancing with the tango dress lady. While i was typing this fan acc, the tango music is still in my head... ^^
tan da la tan da, da da da da... LOL..

✿5th A song calling for you✿ My 2nd fav song <3 i like the cute dance. in this song, YS always made the same mistake during chorus. When u search in youtube, “SS501 mistake”. Young Saeng name will be the no1 choice and whenever you click into it. The mistake is always this song and at the chorus part. They finished the song start talking again while baby went to prepare for his solo... dunno wat they saying(omitted)

✿6th Baby Hey G✿ Baby appeared in white sleeveless vest. Before that eeyore was telling me she wanted to see if baby kiss the noona(thunderous thigh). So throughout the whole song, we are waiting for the noona to walk to the middle extension stage.. i even took out my camera and take a video specially on that part. Baby walked to the extension stage.. dancing with noona. The moment came... eeyore and my eye were glued on baby & noona’s face... HAHA.. they never kiss...

✿7th Kyu Never let u go✿ He appearred in black shiny jacket i knew he will appear on top of the stage, high up.. there is always v.little or maybe only 1 or 2 famcam of kyu singing nv let u go. It was too far to capture a good image. Moreover, DSLR were not allowed.

It not that kyu is not famous, but he is so high up, i can hardly see his head, how the fans can manage to take a nice fancam of him singing nv gv up? eventually he came down to the main stage follow by 8th song wuss up, dancing with the dancer...

✿9th Never again✿ MY FAV SONG.. NO1 NO1 NO1... each wearing diff color of clothes, YS in green, JM in red, Leader blue, Baby yellow, Kyu white. I was definitely going to take this video, base on my experience, i also dunno y. there are little fan cam of this song too. ><" Baby 1st to appear, followed by Leader.. and YS.. since there was no Ys, so my camera was on baby and leader till YS appear. never did my camera lens leave YS, he was caught on my camera throughout the whole song since he appeared.... *YS: i dun wan love again*

✿10th bcos i m stupid✿ The 5boys spilt up... each taking 1 corner... arghhghg my YS is on the far right side ending.. JM is next to us (wahaha, eeyore going crazy)... as long as i wan to, i really wan to aim my camera at ys... but there is 1 boy right infront of us and the fan girl(facing right) are screaming right in front of me, cos I was facing left with my camera... and she wass getting closer and closer to me, if JM were to come nearer to the edge and do fan service, she will definitely come towards me and kiss me -.-"

so i gave up my YS and turn to face JM... i only aim at YS when I knew he will sing his part... Kyu came from the main stage to our side, he put out his hand wanna shake hand with us (his hand was between us), but b4 he could reach us, there are at least 20pairs of hands pushing their way to kyu, so kyu just swipped across(action) as if he had already shook our hands. i think he do tht so those in the 1st lane will not gett hurt by those fans who are pushing * so thoughful* (Yes, I think he is so thoughtful, otherwise I (eeyore) will die on the spot and become a roti prata. I mentioned that the fan beside me was a Kyu fan right? She made her way through by making me a roti prata, I went all the way down and managed to come up only after Kyu left) at the last part of the song, the 5boys came back to the middle of the stage. They were waving their hands together with the rhythm and baby hit JM. Both faced each other immediately, smile to each other, waved facing each other, then went back to face the front. YS: BYEBYE NV SAE GOODBYE (my fav part of the song)

✿11th JM if u cannot✿ JM in white top, as usual, i knew he will be right in front far far away, i like this song, he can really handle it well. the stage raised up, JM is so high, i m a bit worried that he might fall, lucky JM is safe. 12th song, JM Rak ther.. i heard of this thai song, since mel share it in her blog, but still i dunno how to sing, hehe... when the music started playing, the whole arena is like win lottery 1st prize, screaming at the top of their voice
so excited... they sing along... i tink all thai fans were singing.. JM walk back from the far end to the middle stage but his head is looking at the screen on the right and eeyore saw that the screen had korean word on it. so actually JM 4got the lycis ^^ (Eeyore just being kpo, wants to know what JM staring at for so long, argh…he was actually looking at the screen for lyrics aid)

✿13th U R MAN✿ handsome outfit, cowboy style? 4get abt the hat..3man singing followed by bang bang bang some drama here with leader firing and the 5man continue to sing and dance u r man

✿14th Fighter✿ only memories on this song is that JM throw something to YS and when their back are facing the front, they are looking at each other, using eye power to communicate.

While YS went in to prepare for his solo, the 4 men were talking at the main stage. JM even pick up the holsters which YS took off during performance.. and JM put it on.. Eeyore: JM is being so considerate. He removes all hazard so that YS won’t trip on it for his solo stage.

The boys did the traditional bow, i took leader bow only, as i know mini ufo sure want to see this. As we did not understand what they were talking, eeyore shall use her imagination for this part (any kind soul who knows what was actually going on, do let us know). The 4 of them were supposed to do Thai bow, but seems like one of them got them wrong and baby salvaged the situation by going straight down to do their traditional bow. Then the 4 of them decided to do the traditional bow. Before they do their bow, they had to say their greeting first. Kyu did, then JM (JM’s microphone spoilt, so he had to use Baby’s mic) then leader. Then lastly, baby did it again, and this time round, JM sat on his back after Baby went all the way down.

✿15th YS You Are My Heaven✿ as usual i knew YS will appear on top, so my camera standby at the top waiting for him to appear, he was wearing a dark top with red pants with some pattern on it. He came down running to the main stage. I knew baby will appear in between the extension stage and main stage, so i prepared my camera to run with YS to the middle and welcome baby... YS was so happy, he was laughing so brightly while singing with baby. The song ended and baby was lowered down, and Baby was smile sneakily and super happily as he was lowered down and doing some abdcadra dance. YS moved to the main stage and started the 16th song FIND rock version. rock saeng.. wahahhahah... YS was singing so high... running from 1 side to another side of the main stage. Nearing the end of the song, YS move to the middle stage and was lowered down, caught on my camera , hehe

✿17th HyunJoong Pls be good to me✿ i made a call to mini ufo, since she wanted to listen to his live. Missed out the 1st solo part of leader dance, only started recording when he sang. He was wearing a tie, so we somehow guess he won’t be going to take off his top (no jjitjoong).. Close to the ending of the song, leader went to the middle stage with noona appearing and dancing with him... noona (thunderous thigh) walked away. (eeyore:Noona was kicked by another dancer as she walked away).
still no jjitjoong, so we were right, leader never took off his ok~~eeyore and me watched b4 individually, so we weren’t disappointed at all. moreover we are ys & JM bias fans

✿18th Crazy for u✿ a song which had never been released, but I believe a lot ppl had heard and r able to sing along... the funny dance with turning of the head, they were wearing white top n pants, the same outfit for their love like this performance on music show

✿19th Only One Day✿ YS STOP STOP STOP WALKING FURTHER....I KNEW YS WILL take the middle far away stage... arghghhghghhh... kyu right infront of us, but see his backview.. so my recording mostly is on kyu. YS only came back to the middle stage when the song end. Eeyore: JM was at the far left…never get to see him?

✿20th Green Pea✿ During Hong Kong stage, they were seated on a chair which will turn... but in BKK that was a square stage which cannot be rotate.. YS & leader in front, Baby facing the main stage, Kyu on the left stage, JM facing us. (eeyore was smiling gleefully) At that point of time, eeyore ask me, sld throw? i immed reply: THROW. cos this is the best time to throw thing on stage where the boys will pick up

*all thanks to those fancam and i knew the right timing where the boys are the most approcahable* JM was talking and looking at another side, eeyore threw the horse she had prepare for JM, wow eeyore aiming is so good (eeyore: never practice one), it landed abt 1m from JM. Thanks to those fans next to us too, they helped to point at the toy and asked JM to pick up. JM realised it and stood up and walked to pick up the horse... the fans began screaming.

we were wondering how would those fans knew there was something on the stage, since we cannot even see the surface of the stage... and eeyore threw it so fast... eeyore is the 1st to threw thing onto the stage, after JM pick up the toy then fans start throwing stuff onto the stage(i tink some1 throw a bear to kyu almost the same timing as eeyore), after that there were that indonesia wooden fan threw up and baby got 1, JM got 1 too. eeyore is so overjoy, no word come out fr her, she just look at me wordless, i can feel the happilest inside her calm body. i am happy for eeyore too(really throu heart , althou i didnt sae out, cos i tink if i will to sae out, she will cry on the spot(i talk to her after the concert and she told me tht she wont cry if she is happy, she will only cry when she is sad)

i start rolling my camera to take the best moment for eeyore... i gave up my YS focus on JM (but oso hard to take ys since he is far far infront), through the video, u can see JM keep playing with the horse making all sort of expression. there was 1 point when the stage was raised up, JM was shaking his leg so hard that YS turned n stared at JM and gave him a look b4 he turned infront (3.54), hohoh... YS same as me, dun like ppl to shake leg. (Eeyore: Wahaha…JM took my toy horse. So many expressions. He held the horse to take the green shiny hat too. He put down the first fan he got, and continued with the horse)

✿21th Love Like This✿ Watched umpteen times of this performance, still remember those days where they go on music core, music bank, inkigayo, i will stick to my pc and tune in on tv ants or soliren to watch, those where the days.. that 1.5mnth weekend w/o going out, or maybe go out and rush home 3pm to watch the live performance and waiting for ys expression while singing, UR BABY TRUE LOVE (same here for eeyore. They accompanied me through my lonely studying time…wahha)

✿22th, 23th, 24th ENCORE✿ encore time, oohhh my towel + flower was not thrown yet... so does eeyore’s handmade flower.... i knew encore will be so fun, so i kept my camera and wanna enjoy this moment... the boys wearing the persona bbk t.shirt. bucket fill with water bottle raised in the middle of stage, it’s time for the water party... too bad we could’t bring water bottle.. leader and baby were at our side, threw water and also the dancer.. leader right infront of me took out 2 water bottle from his pocket, he smiles so cheekily when he took out his 2nd water bottle... he must be thinking, nenelipupu~~~ i got 2 bottle, u dun hv any~~

This poor Baby really live like a baby, noona pour 1 bottle full of water fr his head and he did not run away, he just let noona pour freely. Baby fface is so pitfully, wan to cry but cannot cry. This face impression is more pitful than the ending part where leader was water Baby ^^v

where is YS???? just before i see ys, there is a huge splash of water landed on our heads ... i turn n saw YS!!! OMG... he is smiling and threw the bottle away... there is only ys at tht spot, i m v.cfm tht is YS.. honours the 1st splash of water came fr YS... few days back when i watch rmdkdl fancam, i saw ys actually open the water bottle and drink the water fr the bottle and pour it to the fans... WHAHAHAHAHAHAAH FLY UP TO THE SKY.....!!~~~~~~~~* i m not prevent ok, but i m just too happy when i saw the fancam n keep repeating it

JM was concentrating hard on splashing water at VIP. then baby came behind him and shoot his butt.Then JM realised something behind him, so he turned back.He saw Baby and baby gave him the wahaha, i bullied you look but after that baby turned around and gave JM his butt. so JM happily shoot water at Baby's butt

after tht i tink i hardly see ys, he is playing in his own world (eeyore: from the fancam I think that he is enjoying himself in his own world. Not singing, but busy looking for interesting things on the floor).. the part where he picked up the mini umbrella and covering was at my side, but i didn’t see it with my eye.. arghhgh wat was i doing.... i m waiting for ys to walk pass me so tht i can throw my towel+ flower... but it is close to the end, so i just throw hoping he can see the blue towel and flower... but too bad.. i oso dunno if ys saw or not, anyway the towel n flower is not picked up by any1 T.T Eeyore also threw her flower up. Noona saw, never pick it up.

the last part is they go around the stage to every corner to thanks everyone for attending, YS walk back to the main stage and make an action wanna throw the towel, i immed pull eeyore to the main stage, i knew YS will throw as he like to throw thing randomly and suddenly. indeed he walk afew step and really threw out the towel, too bad.. maybe he is tired, he throw with so little strength, only the fans in 1st row can catch it T.T

they said bye twice , then they went to their position. both of us busy with duno what(i tink i still thinking of the towel he threw)...until fans started screaming... leader caught our attention, he was pouring water at baby, YS came to watch leader pour water. then leader disappear into the hole and YS waved his last goodbye and went into the backstage

Till the end, the workers picked and chose certain presents and brought them backstage. They picked up eeyore flowers…dancing with joy again!!


helen from vancouver said...

That was really a long long report. I enjoy reading it. Thank 圓圓 for sharing.

圆圆동생 said...

i type 4hrs, u finish reading in 5min T.T

sha filan said...

what a memory to be remembered!!!!
i feel like i'm in the concert!
like the tiny detail u told how jm forgot his lyric...heheh!

Mini UFO said...

I read 2 times.... definitely more than 20mins per read. So total 40mins! ^^V

Mini UFO said...

And hor and hor, why u put all the fancam never put my leader bow fancan hur? T.t

crazynoona said...

i took 20mins to read...wahahaha cos i was imagining certain scenes that were described.

eeyore calm? wahahaha.. okok. i'll see.

圆圆동생 said...

eeyore is really calm.. only part where she is panick is when digging the horse fr her bag

UFO~ sry, rushing to go out, added leader bowing

Q for 6hrs, worth the spot

add-On got this thai mama+1 son+ 2daughter, that mama talk to the security asking him to let them go in cos her daughter is short, but the security didnt let them in. THUMB UP.

when we stand up to go throu the gate, she quicky join us n wan to cut q, this thai fans scold her, ask her go behind and the mama argue with the fans but end up no choice sae and sae "EXUCSE ME" to let us gv way to go to the back... wow do wrong thing still talk like tht... POOOoOOooo

i saw them inside, they are at the 4th row, serve them right...!~~~

BLo_oM Li_oN said...


enjoy reading... and thanks for sharing ^^
Mine is kinda long too... ha haaa very long

and thanks so much for the fan cam... i lost myself in there and couldn't take any pictures or fancam at all.

keke.... I miss them.. it's been a week now
Oh... i'm gonna cry T_T


stalking_hj said...

Woooaaaaaaaahhhhhh finally i finished read it. Hehe..
Thx much much much for this fan account.. (sorry i can write ur chinese name, yuan yuan rite? Hehe bcause i type use my mobile phone)
i was reading it mobile, bcoz its so fun. Thx sooo much.. I will definitely watch the fancam too.
This is the looong, detail, and 'emotional' fan account. Haha it much fun bcause i could feel ur emotion, and imagined the scene, so i am really in envy mode now =.=

thx for writing long and detail fan account.. Kamsahamnida ^^ really enjoyed it...

turtle said...

OMG, this is the first time i paid attention and give out 100% of my concentration on such a wordy post. but it's all worth it! i really felt that i was there! and i can't imagine IF I WAS REALLY THERE! thanks a lot 圆圆동생!

圆圆동생 said...

Thanks for support... !!~~~~~

i do read everyone comment
cannot spam too much Thank you, later mini ufo mail box flood :| said...

To: crazy noona
I was really calm The fans beside me were more crazy than I was when he played with the horse. wahaha.


圆圆동생 said...

i dun tink the fans beside eeyore knew it was thrown by her, do does JM said...

wahaha...only u and me know. my action was too fast to be noticed by anyone? but it seem like most ppl saw something went up, so they asked JM to pick up the horse?

圆圆동생 said...

i oso dunno how they know there is something on stage....!!~~~

helen said...

Hello 圆圆동생, are you preparing the Paper for your Professor Heo? How many years have you "studied" in this "SS501 University"?

Just get hold of Professor Heo..he promised will give you Grade A- for this paper you didn't send your yummy curry to him...hhahahaahhahaa

anyway..really zillion thanks for your great sharing.

cheers, helen from hk

圆圆동생 said...

arfghh? what papaer?


tetsu girl said...

thank you for sharing your fan account 圆圆동생 and eeyore! it was really fun and very detailed! i can't go see Persona myself T_T, but i enjoyed reading your report and living through you. XD

tetsu girl said...

oh, i forgot to tell you that the strap things for guns are called holsters. ^^
also, thank you for sharing all your fancams! :D

圆圆동생 said...

Change to holsters, thanks for reading ^^