Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Info] CEO Park's Royal Avenue Special Events to customer

Kekeke.... I think I have became Royal Avenue promoter, another one post for Royal Avenue. Well, I wonder all these special offers are opened to oversea members or not?


Credit: (Chinese translation) LOVE小马马 @ + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

CEO Park's Royal Avenue Special Events to customer

1. First customer after opening, CEO Park will personally send the goods + special delivery service

2. From 20-25th, join as a member and there will be chance to win encore concert ticket. (15 pieces of Encore concert ticket on 27th, and 15 pieces of Encore concert ticket on 28th by lucky draw)

3. After purchase, write your product review. 30 pieces of member self autograph photographs to be won.

4. If purchase more than 30,000 won, free gift: a beautiful pouch (while stock last)

5. If purchase more than 100,000 won, free gift: SS501 '5 Men 5 Year' album with SS501 signature (Limited to 5 only)


Anonymous said...

it shld be 100,000won ^^, and it shld be the autographed 5M5Y DVD to give out,instead~

Mini UFO said...

oh is it.... Thanks for the info! Will make the changes!

deeqa said...

can u help me to join the member in CEO PARK..
cause i don't understand the essay form register,,,
please tell me in english...
thanks alot for U're information....

hUdZ said...

me too..can u help me reg coz I dont understand hangul..n do u know if they ship the items outside korea?