Monday, February 22, 2010

[Info] SS501 Sendmail Merchanise (LLT - Mobile Cleaner)

WOW, whose iphone & anycall 's screen scratch until like that...!!!~~~~

Thanks Summer.A for the tips

Repost with full credit


Nina Aziz said...

i want maknae!!

Mini UFO said...

This product is not practical. Who will use their idol to wipe their screen?? ^^

Anonymous said...

i agree with you Mini UFO

Summer A. said...

haha. true true ^^
i realised saengie's one is the most worth because largest surface area. too much curry. opps ^^

KM said...

Can I get this in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)?

tetsu girl said...

what a strange product. ^_^;

does anyone know what the white square thing with a blue case that's hanging on the phone is? @_@