Friday, February 26, 2010

[Photo] Bad Boy Young Saeng @ Persona Concert [2010.02.13] by Crazy501 Part 5

After we have all the 5C image photographs of wuri Wangja Young Saengie, now let's see another side of him, the bad boy Saeng! Like it when he sing the rock version of 'Find' and also rap together with Maknae. ^^

Actually this set of Prince Saeng's photographs are my favourite! Because 翎兒 really capture the best expression of wuri Prince Young Saeng.


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This is my MOST MOST favourite photograph! ^^


pinky_girl8925 said...

oh my....i really like these photos..
ys is really a 5C prince and cute badboy..
is he really going to be a bad boy????

Luvit08 said...

another dose of youngsaeng for today...*sigh*
How come he acted like that???
He melts,melts, and melts me...
ys sshhhiii...could just give me a break from your cuteness...I'm going died^^

ivy said...



Kieu Luise said...

I really like this side of Young Saeng, it's so charm ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG! thank you very much!