Thursday, February 25, 2010

[Photo] Hyung Jun @ Persona Bangkok [2010.02.13] Part 2

Do you like the photographs by 翎兒. They are great right?! When I first saw them, all I did is 'Wow'! I thought DSLR is not allowed in the concert hall? How did they manage to 'smuggle' such a big object into the concert hall?


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meiko said...

maknaee !!~


pic2 so veryvery cute ><

look like baby hahaha

[*]_________[*] !!!!!!!!!****
last pic ... aaakkkkk
I want to be his'hand
*[]* (kidding ~)

like it again ><

thx mini UFO >/////<

DannyDan02 said...

O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!the last picture XP that would look really good in poster size!! -_-sorry for that^^' this is sooo high quality you can even see his sweat!! too much 4 me, I just re-watched jung min video doing the abracadabra expression!!

Nina Aziz said...

haiz hyungjun oppa look really handsome n cute n perfect...

Anonymous said...

Byeongjun and Shark were talking about Baby on @play (MBCGame show).