Saturday, February 27, 2010

[Diary] Kyu Jong 드디어 스타트!! ㅎㅎ^^ 2010-02-27 오전 3:07:53

Kyu left another message in DSP Again! Talking about the coming Encore Concert, I guess all our Princes are excited of the Encore Concert. Too bad I would not be there. :(

Anyway, I will be doing LIVE UPDATE tonight and tomorrow as usual! ^^V. Though I can't be there, I can at least feel a little bit of their presence during the Encore Concert! I hope I can find more sites with extra info like photographs to share with you! ^^

P/S: Read another version (more accurate version) of translation by OdeDS here.


Credit: + (Chinese translation) buyia @ Tieba Baidu SS501 + (English translation) + XiaoChu @
Please repost with full credit

[Kyu Jong] Finally going to start!! Hehe^^ 2010-02-27 AM 3:07:53

Korea Encore Concert finally going to start. He

We have charmingly completed our rehearsal !!!!!!

Now I reach home!!

We, 501 have prepared a lot of wonderful stuffs ^^

During this encore concert, I wanted to give a lot of nice gifts to my pretties... hehe

Specially prepared !!

Everyone please enjoy our last performance of PERSONA Concert!!

Assa~~~ hehe

I will also go sleep now !! He

Will I be able to sleep well since I am so nervous.. T

I am so tensed and nervous!!

I will work hard to show a wonderful performance!!

Aja~aja~Fighting~!!!! heehee

See you at the concert~~ Good night everybody !!!!!!!!!

Thank you..... ^^ Hee

Original Korean Message

[규종]드디어 스타트!! ㅎㅎ^^ 2010-02-27 오전 3:07:53

드디어 한국에서의 앵콜공연 시작합니다 ㅎ

저희는 멋지게 마무리 리허설을 마치고 !!!!!!!


우리 오공돌이들 멋지게 준비 많이 했어요^^

앵콜이라서 우리 이쁜이들에게 많은 선물 해주고 싶어서 ...ㅎㅎ

준비 열심히 했어요!!

다들 우리 이번 페르소나 마지막 공연 즐겨요!!

아싸~~~ ㅎㅎ

나도 지금 잘꺼예요!!ㅎ

떨려서 잘 잘 수 있으려나...ㅜ

긴장도 되고 떨리지만!!

열심히 멋진 무대 보여줄께요!!

아자아자 화이팅!!! 히히

공연장에서 봐요~~ 다들 안녕!!!!!!!!!

고마워요.....^^ 히

He also left 5 TokTok Messages

Credit: (English translation) XiaoChu @
Please repost with full credit

Not going~~~~ hehehehe But I’m going now T I will sleep even though I am nervous!!

Hahaha Melong (like this expression :P)

I must really go to bed... T T hehehe ^^ Quickly go to sleep, Mother and Father~~ hee Annyong Annyong!!

Hehe Thank you very much ^^ hee I am so looking forward to the concert~~

See you at the concert venue pretties~~ I’ll be waiting~~


marge0256 said...

Cagali! haven't slept yet?^^

I'm excited for Encore!! Let's fly there now?hehehe.

Thanks for posting it up, even without the translation yet.

19frantze said... seems neither maknae can not sleep...he tweet on twitter again :))..

ss501 fighting!!

圆圆동생 said...

5toktok msg leh...!!~~

19frantze said...

and gyuri leader of KARA tweet on twitter..something bout the ss501 encore concert i guess..heheh, i can't understand it..

"gyuri msg on twitter: 카 라가, 내일 음악중심이 끝난 뒤 SS501콘서트의 게스트로 서게 됐어요. 전 박정민씨 솔로(원래는 지선씨와 듀엣)곡인 '하면은 안돼' 무대를 함께 하게 됐는데 지금 막 그 리허설을 마치고 숙소에 도착했습니다.. 바쁜 하루의 끝. 빨리 자야죠 굿나잇!"

圆圆동생 said...

LOL, 19frantze
we are at the same channel
Mini UFO me me were dicussing abt it too..

will gyuri sing duet with JM?
"if you cannnot"

19frantze said...

@ 圆圆동생 really?...heheheh

yups..although i don't unerstand the msg..apparently,yes..she will sing duet w/ JM...i love that song,i use it as ringtone :))

圆圆동생 said...

read her msg half way, i give up.. MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE...

Anonymous said...

translate please!!!
i can understand only he is talking about the rehersal and encore concert!!!

really wanna go to see their last persona concert

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for english translation =)

tetsu girl said...

thanks so much for the translation! ^^ KJ's such a cutie. <3 but why are their rehearsals always ending so late? i worry about them. =/

i just read Gyuri's tweet, too. the messy google translation certainly sounds like she'll be joining him for "If You Cannot"! i love that song, and both are my favorite members, and they work so well together! i can't wait! :D

tetsu girl said...

It's been confirmed! KaraHolic translated Gyuri's tweet:

"After Music Core is over tomorrow, Kara will be on SS501's concert as a guest. I will perform with Park Jung Min on his solo (Originally a duet with Jisun) song "If You Can't" and I just arrived back to my dorm after finishing that rehearsal.. A busy day has come to an end. Have to go sleep. Good night!"
translated by

Yay! I think their voices will blend beautifully together! I really love this pair! :D

Janics Chong said...

Wohoooo Thanks for the translation ! I'm pretty excited for their concert too. I could sense that the concert will turn out into a blast after what Kyu Jong left of DSP!

I really want to fly to Korea and go for the concert !


stalking_hj said...

kara gyuri tweeted this morning, she will have duet perf with jungmin in encore


english translation by
"After Music Core is over tomorrow, Kara will be on SS501's concert as a guest. I will perform with Park Jung Min on his solo (Originally a duet with Jisun) song "If You Can't" and I just arrived back to my dorm after finishing that rehearsal.. A busy day has come to an end. Have to go sleep. Good night!"

♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

awww....Kyu Jong....I wish I could be there to see you guys' Special Performances... >_<
Im so nervous even Im nt guin. =S

wen0607 said...

Sigh.... same here...
Now my soul is already in Seoul with them..... hahaha :P

Can't wait for tonight encore.....

OdeDS said...

hello Cagalikira^^

first time commenting here.
Anyway regarding the diary that KJ left, there seem to be a little tiny bit of error, so I've corrected it for abit, should you be interested you could take a look at it ^^



Mini UFO said...

Thanks! I link them to your page instead. BTW, you know korean? Wow! ^^

OdeDS said...

I'm a half korean^^
Thanks to you too!
Don't stand on ceremony ne ^_*
less than 2 hours to go! Fighting!

Mini UFO said...

Wow! Then it is even better, you know you can just overwrite those translation of mine which is wrong and say that is the correct version. After all I translated from Chinese version, definitely will have difference as compare to if you translate directly from korean. It is perfectly fine for me. Kekeke. After all it is to share to all.

OdeDS said...

nah wont do that, it's your efforts to translate and you spent time in translating it, if it was somehow reposted, I won't overwrite it because it was your work; unless of cos if there is a slight error then I might just change abit, and not claim it to be wrong, becos it isn't wrong, but just only with a few error, or at most perhaps inform you for abit. But I won't overwrite yours because it was your effort to begin with,I shouldn't take your credit^^

buyia said...

I saw my name~^^

Haha ~well~i'm expecting~ your photos and videos ~....