Monday, November 30, 2009

[Photo] Young Saeng @ MBC 'Give a child a new life' charity show

Thanks Sudal for sending me these beautiful photographs of Young Saeng in today's charity show. Recently we seemed to be 'Young Saeng' overload. =P


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[Video] Young Saeng cute cut in 'Give a child a new life' charity concert

Remember just now 圆圆亲 shared that Young Saeng went out of tune and show a shy expression, 사과푸딩from SS601 has shared this video clip with our 5C Prince cute action. I have loaded it to my youtube channel to share with you.


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[2009.11.30] Young Saeng cute cut in 'Give a child a new life' Charity Concert

[Photo] Kyu Jong & Hyung Joon in 100th Episode Special 'God of Cookery Expedition'

My thousand apologies, remember just now I mentioned that Kyu Jong & Hyun Joong is supposed to guest in the 100th Episode Special of 'God of Cookery Expedition'. Seem like the person in SS601 make typo mistake, instead of Hyun Joong leader, it should be Maknea Hyung Joon. My apology for not clicking on the news link but reading the news pasted by the SS601 member.

To made up for the mistake, these are 3 photographs of Kyu Jong & Hyung Joon in the program. ^_^


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[Photo] Leader in Hotsun Calendar

I am waiting for photographs of this calendar since I read about the news few days ago. Stariting from 23 November, this calendar is a free gift from Hotsun with any purchase!

*Mini UFO not flying in the right direction now* Aww..... I want this calendar..... It is sooooo nice...... Isn't it great to be greeted by Hyun Joong every month... I wish I am in Korea now..... ^____^

P/S: BTW, I also read in the news that Hyun Joong will be shooting Hotsun print ads with 3 new Hotsun models which was selected from 2862 contestant, starting from 1 December.


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[News] SS501 Last Stage in 'Inkigayo' on 29 November, Will come back early next year

SS501 was so charming yesterday wearing the black costume, though I am a bit sad not being able to see them every week in Music programs, but anyway, they will be concentrating in oversea promotion activity, so it will be fun to see them in chinese variety programs. I have been looking forward to see them in '娱乐百分百' (100% Entertainment) since they went to Taiwan last time. I think I am thinking too far ahead.... ^_~


Credit: Newsen + (Chinese translation)妃茵 + (English translation)
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5 Men group SS501 participate in their last stage in 'Inkigayo'.

In the live telecast of SBS 'Inkigayo' on 29 November, SS501 performed their theme song 'Love Like This' in their mini album as their last stage performance. SS501 also received their No.1 'Mutizen' Award for last week today, they expressed their appreciation to their fans: "Thank you TripleS for making us as singer, we will come back with better state next year."

After 1 year 7 month of long waiting period, SS501 returning together to release their mini album. It has won No.1 ranking in major music chart, showing their high popularity.

They faced with issues of plagiarism during the production of the album, causing some problem to their theme song and thus led to the delay in album release. However, the end result of their meticulous & hard work was well received by the fans and accumulated a total sales of above 100,000 albums.

In future, they have planned to move forward to the oversea market. Their Asia Tour Concert has allowed SS501 to perform for the first time in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Shanghai and other Chinese area. They received great responses and were more than expectation.

In appreciation of their fans for allowing SS501 to gain the current position in the Chinese area, they have put in their heart in planning a series of promotional activities.

After the sales of their 'Rebirth' mini album, with a start point of their visit to Taiwan and Hong Kong, following by Shanghai, Beijing, Malaysia, Singapore and other Chinese area; signing their Chinese area album contract with Taiwan Warner Music, their Taiwan released album is ranked No.1 in major music chart, just like when they released their album in Japan, their charmed are unstoppable.

Especially when SS501 held their Taiwan Concert in Taipei Area during October, 12,000 seats were sold out, it was unbelievable since that was their first concert in Taiwan, even the related local organizer also expressed their surprised to this.

[Photo] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng in 'Strong Heart'

Young Saeng & Kyu Jong will be guesting in SBS 'Strong Heart' tomorrow at 11.05pm. Here's 2 pictures of them shared by 에르마나 in SS601.

By the way, both Hyun Joong Maknae Hyung Joon and Kyu Jong will be guesting in the 100th Episode Special of 'God of Cookery Expedition'. One more variety program to look forward!


Credit: 'Strong Heart' Official Site + 에르마나@SS601
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[Photo] SS501 in 'Golden Fishery - Radio Star'

Here's some photographs of SS501 in 'Golden Fishery - Radio Star'. They went filming on last wednesday, 25 November.

SS501 will be guesting in MBC 'Golden Fishery - Radio Star' on 2 Dec, 11.05pm.


Credit: Golden Fishery Official Site + Ms.Lee @ SS601
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[News] SS501 Kim KyuJong 'Strong Heart' First-ever Touching Confession "Father is ex-National Archery Team Player"

Filial Kyu Jong must be very heart broken to see his father in that state. Can't wait till tomorrow to see this show!


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SS501 Kim KyuJong confessed for the very first time on an incident that made his father felt heart broken.

Kim KyuJong talked about his father during the filming of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ recently, making the other guests almost moved to tears.

Kim KyuJong said “My father was a full-time National Archery Team player and was also an Archery coach” And he talked about how he quit archery later on.

Kim KyuJong said after his father stopped playing archery, there had been an unexpected incident that came upon his father and family, his father watched by his side and held back his tears alone. This story made the guests present at the filming to swell with tears.

Episode will be broadcast on 01-Dec at 11.05pm.

[Video] SS501 @ MBC 'Give a child a new life' charity concert

Thanks 스완 for sharing SS501 performance in MBC 'Give a child a new life' charity show in Investigation KHJ.

I am glad that SS501 has been actively involved in charity recently. Glad that they are doing their part to return to the community. ^_^

Enjoy the video, I have load it in my youtube channel to share with you!

P/S: By the way, 圆圆粉 told me Saengie was out of tune at 2:12 and he was so shy when in 2:19 because of the mistake. Do you notice it? I didn't until I rewatched it! I guess you need to be a big fan of Saengie to notice that. ^_~


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[2009.11.30] SS501 performing 'Love Like This' in 'Give a child a new life' charity show

[Photo] SS501 @ MBC 'Give a child a new life' Charity Show 2009.11.30

Our Snow Princes SS501 performed 'Love Like This' in the MBC 'Give a child a new life' charity show today. Here's some photographs from various news center. Thanks LHL for sending me these photographs.


Credit: As tagged

[Photo] Maknae Hyung Joon @ Inkigayo 2009.11.29

Thanks 어린왕자J for sharing Maknae's screen cap in Inkigayo in SS601.


Credit: 어린왕자J @SS601
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