Saturday, November 21, 2009

[Photo] SS501 @ '5 Men 5 Years' album photobook

Last of the list, photo of Hyun Joong. 8 only. Don't know why also, anyway I will combine with the group photo for this post. ^_^


Credit: 烤焦 + TripleSTW
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wen0607 said...

Wow..... the taiwan fans got the dvds already...indeed fast..... anyway, I'm ordering the korean version one.... estimate will collect around beginning of Dec~~~ ^^

Mini UFO said...

^^ I wonder the content of the Korea version will be similar to the Taiwan version and the freebies also.

Actually for Taiwan I think they started pre-order since 2 months ago if I am not wrong

wen0607 said...

Heard the content is almost the same, just the subtitle is in chinese.... ^^
But there are 4 posters for TW versions , as for Korean version, only 1 poster.....

Will check it out again ^^

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't wait ti'll I get mines =] They all look soo good in those photos ^_^

FranSa said...

I want thus dvd!!!! TT-TT
is wonderful!
especiallly the photobook!