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[Info] Persona Seoul Encore Concert Compilation: Song List, Photo, News [2010.02.27 & 2010.02.28]

I will compile everything about Persona Seoul Encore here
This will be the last compilation, enjoy... !!~~~~~~~~~~

圆圆동생: New video will be posted on top of thread, but thread will not be pin up =D
check it out urself .....!!~~~
PS: i will try to update with YT link if available, if not just wait for daum to load ^^


Mini UFO: Since a lot of fancam might not indicate time, we would not divided the fancam according to day. I have indicate dates for songs which was perform on specific day in the list. Otherwise, please don't ask us which day the fancam were taken, because it is really very difficult to differentiate since they were wearing same attire.

Mini UFO: I don't think we will keep pinning this post at the top post all the time, if you can't find this post, look for the link at the right side bar, there's a link to this page.



Persona Seoul Encore Concert Song List
00. Opening: Fancam
01. Dejavu!: Fancam
02. Unlock: Fancam
03. Talking time: Self intro + Message to TripleS: Fancam
04. Obssess: Fancam
05. 4 Chance: Fancam
06. Lalala... A Song Calling for you: Fancam
07. Talking time to cover HyungJun Changing time: Fancam
08. Maknae Hyung Jun - How are you by Jung Yup: Fancam
09. Maknae Hyung Jun - New solo 2 *Not posting fancam*
10. Kyu Jong Solo 1 - Never Let You Go: Fancam
11. Kyu Jong Solo 2 - Wuss Up: Fancam
12. Again: Fancam
13. Confession: Fancam
14. Because I am stupid: Fancam
15a. Jung Min Solo 1 (Feb 27) - If you cannot [Featuring KARA Gyuri]: Fancam
15b. Jung Min Solo 1 (Feb 28) - Only Me : Fancam
16. Jung Min Solo 2 - Rainbow's 'Kiss': Fancam
17. KARA (Feb 27) - Lupin + Mister: Fancam
18. Rainbow (Feb 28) - Gossip + Wannabe Fancam
19. UR Man: Fancam
20. Talking time: To cover for Young Saeng changing time: Fancam
21. Young Saeng solo - Seo Taiji 'Our Own Memories': Fancam
22. Young Saeng solo - Find: Fancam
23. Hyun Joong solo - Please, be good to me: Fancam
24. Wasteland: Fancam
25. Only One Day: Fancam
26. Talking time (Feb 28)-Wing Of World/Cried Speech: Fancam ; Fancam ; Fancam
27. Green Pea Song: Fancam
28. Love Like This: Fancam
29. Encore Time: Fancam
Encore 1 - Snow Prince
Encore 2 - Coward
Encore 3 - Bye Bye
Encore 4 - You are my heaven

1. Hyun Joong focus by MurdererQ Fancam
2. JjitSaeng Fancam
3. Hyun Joong FOcus by ARK Fancam
4. Overall by hjmas Fancam
5. Hyung Jun Overall focus by junique Fancam
6. Kyu Jong Birthday Shower Fancam
7. 9Yr Old RapSaeng Fancam
8. Hyun Joong Compilation By 퍼펙트 Fancam
9. Hyun Joong Compilation By H2J2 Fancam
10. Young Saeng Throwing Hat Fancam
11. Jung Min Encore Fancam
12. Hyun Joong Compliation By ss501mani Fancam

Press Conference [News, News releases, Photo]
01. News by SSTV: Video
02. News by BIZ & JOY(?): Video
03. News by TvN : Video
04. News by OBS: Video
05. News by ETN: Video
06. News by KBS Entertainment Tonight: VideoChiSub , Video

07. News by NTDTV: Video
08. News by CEN: Video09. News by Koreanstorm Video
10. News by iplus: News release
11. News by Osen: News release
12. News by Newsen: News release

13. Press conference: Fancam
14. Photo by various Press: Smile
15. Photo by Smile
16. Photo by KyuJu: Smile
17. Photo by Khj0606: SmileHJL
18. Photo by PHeroMin: SmileJM

19. News by HK cable TV: Video

Encore Concert Day 1 Backstage Photo
1. Photo by newsen : Hi5

Encore Concert Celebration Party
1. Video By Peastudio-絕對不花 Fancam

2. Video By MRET & Fancam

Fan Accounts
1. Fan Account by LHL:Adventure with SS501
2. Fan Account by Cath@TripleSTW:Heart Wrenching Story

Encore Concert Day 1 & 2 Photo List
01. Photo & Video by eeyore: Smile
02. Photo by various Press: Smile
03. Photo by Pretty Boy: SmileHJB1, SmileHJB2
04. Photo by Double Pass: Smile
05. Photo by BestYS: Smile1, Smile2, Smile3
06. Photo by LoveFill-JM0403:

07. Photo by Fiesta: SmileFeb27, Smile1-Feb28, Smile2-Feb28
08. Photo by MurdererQ: Smile
09. Photo by SmileHJL
10. Photo by SmileHJL-Feb27, SmileHJL-Feb28
11. Photo by Smile
12. Photo by SmileKyu
13. Photo by SmileYS
14. Photo by Amorino: SmileYS1, SmileYS2
15. Photo by SmileHJL
16. Photo by SmileHJB
17. Photo by 1004khj: SmileHJL1, SmileHJL2,
18. Photo by KyuMind: SmileKyu
19. Photo by Madeleine: SmileYS
20. Photo by SmileHJL1, SmileHJL2, SmileHJL3, SmileHJL4, SmileHJL5
21. Photo by HSScandal: SmileHS
22. Photo by Sweet Cotton Candy: SmileHJB
23. Photo by Smile
24: Photo by Smile1, Smile2, Smile3
25. Photo by Olet: Smile
26. Photo by SlowDAL: Smile
27. Photo by Pentacle: SmileHJL-Feb28, SmileHJL1-Feb27, SmileHJL2-Feb27, SmileHJL3-Feb27
28. Photo by PHeroMin: SmileJM

29. Photo by US현중학: SmileHJL
30. Photo by SmileHJL
31. Photo by Smile1, Smile2, SmileHJL

32. Photo by KyuStory: SmileKyu

33. Photo by Miseong: SmileYS-Feb27, SmileYS-Feb28
34. Photo by 김규종 First MIND: SmileKyu-Feb28
35. Photo by MyOrange: SmileKyu-Feb28


Anonymous said...

Why do all the members sang two SOLO songs except Leader?

圆圆동생 said...

why only leader got bike, the rest dun hv?

Mini UFO said...

Why only leader stripe and the other don't? *Quickly fly away before pple throw things at me*

ivy said...

why 你能整理的这么整齐???


Anonymous said...

Fly faster Cagali........... Ha ha ha
Cagali & 圆圆 why not form a group next time and we go to watch the concert all together, it would be fun!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I was just curious because Leader got one solo even without the bike. I thought there was an actual reason behind it.

圆圆동생 said...

@Annonymous 9.31
form a group.. LOL i thou u wan to sae form a girl group.. dun wan i shy

@Anonymous 9.37
i tink leader like to dance more than singing, his solo performance actually took 6min ++. which is the same as YS 2solo song

u cannot feel UFO & mine sense of humours T.T

ivy said...


i can feel it~~~


Anonymous said...

圆圆, dont be shy la, so we could meet each other personally and became friends. you can see that we all love SS501 right ??? but you love ys more and i like leader more ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

圆圆,it would really be a girl group since most of us are girls ha ha ha...

Btw, Taiwan Rose records is starting to accept pre order for SS501 Live at Budokan DVD

Mini UFO said...

Anonymous 9:39pm (why are we naming pple like this hur? ^^)

According to what I know Rose Record don't accept oversea order. Unless you are from Taiwan then it is different story. I want to go Taiwan to buy it! ^^ Hope it is available when I go Taiwan next month! ^^

Anonymous said...

Mini UFO, oh I thought they accept oversea order.. *sigh* I think yesasia will also sells it soon, but I want to avail the promo Rose Records is having, though I already ask a friend to buy it for me in Japan kekekeke ^-^ hope I could get it asap

sweetiecutieys said...

please upload fancam because im stupid in yt..
i cant watch it hereT_T
wanna see my prince with great suit^^

yan said...

there is a video in hsscandal showing that how youngsaeng tear his T-shirt=]

圆圆동생 said...

i try to find/update those fancam with YT link.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these photos of our boys. I'm loving each and every one of them ^_^

圆圆동생 said...

Lady & Girl :X
check out Baby Solo on the slow song..
Got MP3 link :X cannot stop myself fr sharing....!!~~~~
i m totally into that song :X


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compilation. Waiting for YS solo and hope there is a clearer fancam of CEO Park duet with the goddess Gyuri. Thanks

234changle said...

Thank you very much for sharing.

Have you seen Kyu Jong's crying clip. This is the address:

234changle said...

oh! I saw you've posted already.
Thank you.

my life said...

i jus realised they didnt sang "crazy 4 you" for this encore concert.

lingtangos said...

thank you very much for this fantastic list :D

stalking_hj said...

Somsataengjun (hyung jun focus and 2hj focus) 2hj interaction really cute. Naughty leader ahh..

stalking_hj said...

Another gud set by 1004khj part 2

Anonymous said...

I also feel Hyun joong should have two solo songs -specially Never Again which he did solo in japan .However, as was pointed out his solo number was long -it was HEAVY DUTY -don't you think -motorbike riding on concert stage and stripping hahaha

Mini UFO said...

Hi Linh,

I have deleted your msg because I don't want to post link to Hyung Jun's new song in my blog.

As the song is a new song, I will not post the link in my blog, though I know you could have easily find it in youtube, but I do not want to be the one spreading it.

Usually for new songs which are unreleased, for copyright purposes and also to help to encourage more people to buy and support their new CD, I will not put up links for these songs.

Even though it is released in MBC Game, it is just a short clip. Some of the fancams might have the full song.

Last time when during the 1st Seoul Concert, new songs from the album was sang in the concert and many TS even tough they took the fancams, they didn't released the fancams until the new album was released for some time. This is how TS has been supporting the boys.

Hope to get your understanding on this.

Linh said...

yeah sure i got your point ^^ no worry!!!
definitely support whatever will be better for the boys!
i used to think posting a short clip of the song will have the same effect as posting a teaser for a new MV.
however majority will just listen due to the curiosity then yeah they won't be bothered to purchase an original copy.
i just got hooked up to this song after watching MBC Game episode yesterday~ Gosh can't wait till they release the full album!
Have a nice day ^^

marydewitt said...

do you have fancam of the 2x HJ interaction ("fight")during encore...I saw the pix but never the video..thanks

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...

Mary you check out this:

i dun hv the time to watch all the fancam, those which be embedded i had updated it.

marydewitt said...

Thanks yufen @7.00 on this video..found it