Friday, March 12, 2010

[Photo] Hyung Jun @ MBC Game Episode 7

Thanks LHL for sending these screen caps from MBC Game Episode 7 to me.

By the way, yesterday Hyung Jun represented MBC Game in a friendly soccer match together with his MBC Game mates. Mini UFO found news about the match, please fly to OdeDS's blog, here to read. Oh yah... she also translate the scores.... here. Enjoy reading and browsing around her blog for gems! ^^

Oh oh oh.... LHL informed me that Hyung Jun tweet. This is what he tweet:
4:57pm 12/03/2010 반갑습니다 애브리원~
4:59PM 12/03/2010 우리모두 행복해집시다!
5:06PM 12/03/2010 ^-^
10:02PM 12/03/2010 저도 행복해요

Please watch this space for OdeDS Hyung Jun tweet diary translation.


Credit: MBC Game + Pretty Boy
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meiko said...

thank you gor update so fast

evny kyounjung ><
i want to joon buy it to me too


LHL said...

ohhh just to change something
my timing for the tweets are singapore time...
korea time please add +1hour...hehe!

stalking_hj said...

CF basic house 1min

marydewitt said...
Personal News on showbiz Extra

Odeds said...

thankyu cagalikira-ssi for helping to do sale for clothes...! (I like to call cagalikira-ssi IDK why >< if you mind lemme know!)
Also, already translated.
really thank you for the feeds!!

Mini UFO said...

iz ok Odeds-ssi, you can choose what to call me but don't you feel a bit too tired to type? Kekekekeke....

I don't sell ot? why you say i sell ot? I sell your blog! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅎㅎ ^o^

Odeds said...

Oh amma back again~
I find cagalikira very cute ne. Don't you think? and no I dont find it tired to type, I am very weird...nyahaha
and, just call me Ode la. It sounds abit weird to be called 'Odeds-ssi' puhuhuhu