Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[Info] SS501 Concert by Yahoo Hallyu Fan card

The Japanese TripleS are so lucky! They always have chances to see SS501. So envy them~


Credit: + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 + (English translation)
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Acted in Korea 'Boys Over Flowers', gaining high popularity in Japan, Kim Hyun Joong who lead SS501, will hold an SS501 concert limited to Yahoo Hallyu Fan Card members only!
It will be opened to first 10,000 customer who apply for the Hallyu Fan card.

Activity name: SS501 Concert
Performance Date: 25 April 2010
Open time: 5pm
Concert Start: 7pm
Venue: Saitama Super Arena

Additional info:
The only way to attend the concert is be the Hanryu Card member.
Application only opens for Japanese.
Yearly fees in 26,000 yen (~US286.50)


meiko said...

--* evny japanese


wanttttt haha

thx for news so fasst *-*haha

Panda Brenda said...

you refering to me?!?!? hahaha =p

Mini UFO said...

WHAT !!!!!!! Don't tell me you are going for this also??!!

Panda Brenda said...

faint.. =.=||
cagali.. i don't print money one leh.. i gotta earn.. plus my schedule.. nay.. not possible.. unless you willing to sponsor me.. hahaha =p

Mini UFO said...

I thought u print? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I wish I could sponsor myself there too~