Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Samsung 'Why Not?' CF [Sports Car Version]

How many times have you watch Hyun Joong's latest sport car version of Samsung 'Why Not?' CF? I have watched so many times until I lost count. Even now when I found the screen caps of the CF, I am still admiring the photographs. Kekeke.... Our leader is sure charming and attractive!

Thanks 달맞이꽃 for sharing these screen caps & GIF in Investigation KHJ!


Credit: 달맞이꽃 @ KHJ0606.com
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Image hosting by IMGBoot.com


Anonymous said...

this is the another newest vers...
30s all hyun joong only.. official 30s hyun joong vers only

Anonymous said...

ahh lovetop7 recently uploaded it ^^

Joongbo4ever said...

wow .. Leader so cool! die happy if i have a chance to be in the passenger's seat!!
really really love his hair can.

Lynne said...

*Shrieks* I simply LOVE & ADORE these GIFS ...hahaha! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OMO..!!..How am i going to work with these images of HJL in my head?? He's very dashing "faint"