Saturday, March 13, 2010

[Video][Eng Sub] DJ Jun singing SNSD 'Oh!'

Thanks LHL for subbing and translating our DJ Jun modified version of 'Oh!'


Credit: poohhl
Please repost with full credit

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun - Music High 17Feb10 [Oh!] (Eng Sub)


Kim Tu said...

he's sooooo cute with girl-liked voice and fixed lyrics XD
love the part he changed into Hyung Jun saranghae~~ and he pushed people to hear MUHigh in an extremely cute way~~
thank you for sharing this~~

Nina Aziz said...

omo0o0o~~~maknae so cute!!!
so typically maknae...

Andrea said...

Ai!!!... Too CUTEEEE!!!

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh oh,,Hyun Jun saranghe..
ah ah ah ah marimarihe...

wuaaa hyun jun aaa cute a cute a..kekekeke