Friday, March 12, 2010

[Info] SS501's concert location - Saitama Super Arena

Remember that I blog about the SS501's concert in Saitama Super Arena, although it was reported that the concert will be opened to 10,000 fans who apply the card, but in actual fact, Saitama Super Arena has a maximum capacity of 37,000! I wonder at the end of the day, would they open the concert to more fans? If it is, then I guess SS501 will be happy that they are able to open a concert with such a huge crowd! From what I have read from the list in wiki, seems like SS501 is the first Korean singers/group to hold their concert in Saitama Super Arena.

25 April, it is very closed to the release date for '501 Days'. I wonder would they perform songs from the new album? Waiting in full anticipation for this concert, however, due to copyright law, most of the Japan activities, we see less fancams and photographs. I hope someone will share the photographs and fancam for this.

Here's 2 pictures of the Saitama Super Arena which is shared in SS601. The concert hall looked very high tech even from the external.


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Credit: 지금갑니다 @ SS601



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Anonymous said...

Why will they choose this such big arena?! *wonder* And it's only for 10,000fans. =.= It has 37,000 seats...if only 10,000seats are filled up, it will look quite empty. >_<
Hopefully like wat MiniUFO said, would open the concert to more fans...xD