Monday, March 15, 2010

[Photo+Preview] Hyung Jun @ MBC Game Ep 8

Thanks LHL for sending me these photographs of Maknae and also sharing the video for MBC Game Ep 8 in her youtube channel.

This week program will show the friendly soccer match which Maknae participate together with his team mates in MBC Game. BTW, this week Korean TS will be able to see Hyung Jun live on the filming site for 2 hours, the first hour will broadcast Ep8 and second half will be the match to decide whether Maknae will be successfully accepted as a progamer! Hope that he will win the match and fulfill his dream to be a progamer!


Credit: 미니민~~ + poohhl
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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun on MBC Game [Episode 8 Preview]

Credit: MBC Game Official Site
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Credit: MBC Game Official Site + PrettyBoy
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Can you spot where is our Maknae?
Actually iz quite easy~


Anonymous said...

Leader's the 17th for the Top 100 Handsome Men in Asia!

LHL said...

one more photo from news

fellyz said...

Hyung Jun becomes programer Eng sub Ep. 6 is up now

fellyz said...

Kim Hyun Joong Samsung Card CF
seems like this is new one that u haven't post it yet

Fellyz said...

Leader new Samsung Card CF released!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, when I looked at the picture. I spot him right away ^_^ Our Maknae looks soo cute. Thanks for sharing.