Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[Video + Text Translation] SS501 interview @ Asian Hero [V] Thailand

Wow! At last it was released, something that we had waited for so long. Thanks Rosalyn for the tips.

Mel has translated SS501 interview! Thank you so much Mel!


Credit: LittleTweety1983
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SS501 interview @ Asian Hero [V] Thailand

Credit: English Translation (Mel@KHJCorner)
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Sawasdee Krab (Hello) We're Double S Five O One

VJ : Asking about how many times they have been in Thailand

Jung Min raised 4 fingers. Hyung Jun raised 2 and said 2 times...

VJ : your 1st full concert in Thailand, right??

Jung Ming: Right !!!!

Hyung Jun: We're happy and excited since this is our first SS501 Concert in Thailand and is also being held during Valentine's Day. We want this Concert to be given to Thai fans a gift from us.

VJ : Asking about any special things in the concert, explosion, fireworks

Hyun Joong: Actually, all of our performances are always special. Thailand is a hot country and with us singing and dancing... I think it will be less hot … (Mel: I don't think Leader really answered the question ke ke...)

VJ : Plan after concert ends

Hyung Jun: After this going back to Korea.

(Mel: I think Jung Min is saying something about the Encore concert in Korea but that is all the translation given)

VJ : Asking about type of movie

Hyun Joong: I really want to act in the movie “Host”. They shoot this movie in Thailand too and it's the number one movie in Korea”

VJ : Asking about coming up project

Kyu Jung: After the Encore Concert in Korea, we will be releasing a new album. You all can anticipate it. Also each member will be doing their own solo activity like acting or being a DJ.

VJ : Asking about their favorite SS501 Song

Hyun Joong: We will be performing different thing and you must go to see it yourself in the concert. For Jung Min part, also in the concert. (Then the concert were shown... Again.. I don't think Leader answered what being asked.. hahah ….)

VJ : Say something to the fans who are in the middle of taking exam

Jung Min: The exam is all about hard working … if you don't have the will, you won't be successful. Study hard and if you have time, please listen to SS501 songs, okay?

VJ : Say something to Thai fans

Young Seang: Tomorrow is our concert day and we really miss you all since we haven't seen each other for such a long time. I am so ready for tomorrow and you also are ready too... come and have fun with us.

VJ + SS501: Thank you very much

Jung Min is saying some Thai words “handsome, beautiful, pretty, toilet”


Mel note "I don't know why Jung Min keeps saying toilet ha ha.. Last time when they came to Thailand and was asked to say something in Thai, Jung Min also said the word toilet in Thai. Umm... I wonder if there is any significant incident with toilet ^^


Anonymous said...

where is the part when the VJ asked what was each of their favourite 501 song?

before warning was played.

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

Sorry my bad -_-''

It's where Hyun Joong was answering "We will be performing different thing ..."

MiniUFO, please help me amend the mistake above

Arrraa I must have done this trans more slowly ke ke


5MEN said...

Jung Min is funny by repeatedly saying 'toilet'. Why so hilarious JM??!!