Tuesday, March 16, 2010

【Info】 SS501 UFO ✿Compilation✿

✿SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona Compilation✿
HongKong : 2009.12.12
BangKok : 2010.02.13
Seoul[Encore] : 2010.02.27 & 2010.02.28

✿SS501 Dairy✿

List to be continue....


Wendy said...

Thank you for your hard work and best wishes! Does this mean the end of this site??

joongbo lover said...

i am so sad to read about this..it is really a heartbreaking news..
but no matter what i respect ur decision.
i think i am gonna miss you so much because i visit ur blog more than 3 times a day!
TQ so much for making my life happier with all the entries.
really hope u will receive lots of love & happiness in live.

Maria Agnes said...

you made a great decision to start a blog site for our boys...

you made a wonderful place where everyone can enjoy SS501...

you are making another good decision to enjoy life another way...

...leader says we only have one life so live it best
...saengie enjoys his photography and art other than singing :)

so, here's a big thanks for working so hard to make us a part of your life too. it was great to be a part of the SS501 family.

impotenta said...

Thank you for these information.There were very useful for me. Looking forward to read your next post.Very very good work :)