Thursday, December 24, 2009

[Info] Persona Hong Kong Song ( Fancam+Photo List)

Current Status: Completed with updates as at 25 December 2009.
Will not updating anymore fancam for the Hong Kong Persona Concert. ENJOY!

P/S: Thank you 圆圆亲 for burning late night oil to update all the fancams! Really appreciate it!

Please repost with full credit

Song list:
00. Opening
01. Deja Vu (
02. Unlock (
03. Warning (
04. 4Chance (Fancam)
05. Lalala.... Song for you (
06. HyungJoon Solo - Hey G (
07. KyuJong Solo - Never let you go (fancam)
08. KyuJong Solo - Wuss Up (Fancam)
09. Never Again
10. Because I am stupid
11. JungMin Solo - If You Cannot (
12. Jung Min Solo - 追 (Chase) (
13. SS501 sub unit follow by all 5 together - U R Man
14. Fighter (Fancam)
15. Young Saeng Solo - You are my heaven (Rap with Hyung Joon) (
16. Young Saeng Solo - Find (Rock Version) (
16. HyunJoong Solo - Please be good to me (
17. Crazy 4 U
18. Only One Day
19. Green Pea
20. Love Like This (
Encore (
21. Encore 1 - Coward
22. Encore 2 - Bye Bye

Photo Listing:
-Photo by Hyunjoongchina:
-Photo by rmdkdl :
-Photo by SS601:
-Photo by Emily@ HKTS :
-Photo by Rykel :
-Photo by tvqxhk :
-Photo by Peppergreen :
-Photo by MurdererQ : SMILES
-Photo by HSScandal : SMILES
-Photo by : SMILES
-Photo by Kyuma love Kyu @ HKTS : SMILES
-Photo by Takaca @ HKTS : SMILES
-Photo by flywithSS501 : SMILES
-Photo by khj0606 : SMILES1, SMILES2
-Photo by o-let: SMILES
-Photo by KimHyunJoongThailand: SMILES1, SMILES2, SMILES3


Jericho said...

Hi Cagali,

Dunno whether u r aware or not that last nite in Taipei they had already distributed out the Yahoo awards for the Taiwan region. For Female overseas most popular is Goo Hyu Sun n Leader is winner for the male category. So I dunno whether for 2morro's HK Yahoo awards ceremony will they be giving out awards to Leader or not because for HK, Leader wasn't even nominated. Then SS501 will not be attending the ceremony at all n fans need not bother as it will be just a HK pop music event.

Also read that in Intimate Note 2 Leader said he'd get married in 10 yrs time. That means at 33 which is different from what he said earlier that he'd get married b4 30. So which is which? Anyways, Leader is a romantic, idealistic n rather navie guy to make such specific plans. Wish him all the best.

H said...

thanks for compiling them all tgt for our easy reference! ^^

Mini UFO said...

Hi Jericho,

I am just looking at this also just now since I get some enquiries about this. I know previous news did mentioned leader & SS501 attending the award ceremony, even HK news also reported this. I wonder if it is true? Very confusing actually since he was not nominated for any awards in Hong Kong. If you know of anything about this, do keep me inform.

About him getting married and the 'schedule'.... well... who won't have a 'perfect' plan everytime and find that it is not realistic later.... but it is good to plan. kekeke

Jericho said...

Strange thing is the Yahoo Taiwan awards seem so low key till even TS in Taiwan dun even know. They are sad that despite voting for Leader, he'd receive the award in HK instead of Taipei. There is no announcement at all from any sources, probably by the time we know anything it may be too late.

If the boys need not attend the Yahoo HK award ceremony then they are just there for extended stay for fun with their parents.

Recently they participated in so many TV shows and reveal so many astounding stuff abt themselves, really seems like we can't catch up n digest them. Dunno is it strategy to generate more hype of SS501. As in one Korean entertainment prog did mentioned of how these pop groups normally use this method to get more popular.

One final comment abt last nite's concert is SY's rock band performance is really cool n impressive. How I wish it's Leader instead of YS then it will be really so wonderful n sure to make me scream. Leader got stuck with that strip-tease act.... sigh n hv to repeat it in BKK, KL ....:(

Mini UFO said...

Hmm.... hope that they will attend the award ceremony tomorrow. Anyway if they go, it is sorta like another way to gain more publicity.

BTW, don't worry about Leader doing the stripping act in KL.... I think it is against the law. ^_~

圆圆粉 said...

亲,owe me 1 CURRY

Mini UFO said...

Gimme your address, I send you curry voucher. LOL

tetsu girl said...

Thanks for gathering all the HK Persona stuff here! There's so much awesome that it's overwhelming, and this makes it much easier to find stuff. I really appreciate the extra effort you put into your blog. It seems like you never sleep! Keep up the great work, but take care! ^_^

DannyDan02 said...

thanks a lot for all the info about videos, and photos... I'll wait for some kyu jong fancams ^^

helen said...

Dear Cagali....trillion thanks for your organized information with such prompt action as always and do hope you could take a good rest after they depart HK...Have a good health is very important!!!!

Thanks again ....helen (hk)

Summer A. said...

thanks for organising them! ah! must have taken you alot of time!

i almost had the chance to bump into them yesterday cos i was at the same shopping mall (harbour city) where they were spotted by HK triple S! WHA SIGH. i think i have bad luck for 10years to miss this chance~

here's the link of the fan acc on HK triple S if anyone wants to read about it! (and the author made a more specific description of her encounter on pg 3)

Mini UFO said...

I read about it also yesterday night. 4 boys went shopping at Harbour city which Leader & parents went to Macau.

Summer A. said...

yehh! seems like another SG triple S bumped into them near their hotel today again. ahh. my lucky stars need to star shinning on me :x

did i totally miss the news that their persona concert DVD is coming out in less than a week in japan?

Mini UFO said...

Are you going to try your luck at the Yahoo Buzz Event location tonight?

Summer A. said...

i don't think so. have some dinner event which i can't miss :(( i don't think i'll catch them anyway unless they have red carpet. these few days seem to be spelling bad luck for me. but i might go see them off at the airport tomorrow ^^

Mini UFO said...

Is there a confirmed timing? Though I saw rumours of 12pm... in HKTS

Summer A. said...

nope. i don't think they're any solid details out yet so i kept checking back on the HK triple S side for supdates...

Jericho said...

Wow! Excellent compilation for our convenience! Thank you very much for the hard work.

Cclee said...

UFO, you'r simply the best.
Thanks for the compilation

Mini UFO said...

Not me, not me... it is 圆圆亲.... Thank her for all the late night surfing and updatings!

Anonymous said...

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