Sunday, December 27, 2009

[Info] SS501 nominated in 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010

Kekeke.... Okay, I know I am slow to post this up. ^^ I was informed first by 圆圆亲 then Jericho and then DannyDan02 about this. SS501 is nominated in the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010 - BonSang Award. As what mentioned by Jericho, we can't help on this award since it is based on mobile votes.


Please repost with full credit

This is SS501 current ranking in the BonSang Award Mobile Voting
(As at 5.30pm, 27 December 2009)

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DannyDan02 said...

OMG!!that's me=D always wanted to help you with your blog,since I check it every day, and I did it!! ^^ hope to help more in the future!!...if some people have korean friends it's good to tell them in case they have no idea about the nomination