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[News] SS501 ~ 2nd Japan Christmas Show by PIA Japan + Fan Accounts

This is a very interesting article. Especially the fan account shared by the Chinese translator. Don't say I didn't warn you, it is VERY SHOCKING NEWS!!! ^_~

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the chinese translator 妃茵 for sharing her translation all these while, without her, I guess I would not be able to translate all these news to share with all of you. 谢谢你,妃茵.

P/S: Found 4 extra picture shared by PIA website


Credit: Japan PIA e-news + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 + (English translation)
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19 December, SS501 held 2 sessions of their Christmas Show in Tokyo New Otani Hotel, celebrating Christmas night earlier with their 2000 fans.

Holding their Christmas show for the 2nd time since last year, the afternoon and night sessions ticket were completely sold out once ticket sales started. A luxurious dinner was served, the venue is full of ladies who have specially dressed up to participate in the party. The dinner venue is very lively and elegant. After the fans finished their meals, SS501 appeared in grand and stylish tuxedo. They started the program with 'Love Like This'.

'It is very hot today~! Let play together~!' Hyung Joon said his greetings to his fans. Other than performing songs, SS501 also has a 'Question & Answer' session using 'O' and 'X' to answer to questions. There's also a lucky draw to pick presents for the fans.

The MC asked: "If you girl friend is late for 1 hour for the Christmas date. Your answer is 'O' or 'X'?"

Jung Min answer matter-of-factly: "No matter it is a 'O' or 'X', before she is late, if she call me to inform me about it, it is alright.".

Hyun Joong answered: "I will continue to wait until she come. Because it is Christmas, so I will continue to wait, hope to spend Christmas together before it past."

Such a romantic side, it shows the members character and true side, making the fans very happy. Also, all of the members telephone number is released in the show to 5 lucky fans. The lucky fans not only can have a lover like conversation with them, but also received an individual recorded wake up alarm message as a gift from each member. This is really a great fan service.

All of the members specially written lyrics for this special song 'Peas song', during the show they released for the first time, japanese version of this song, it is really a great surprised. At the end of the activity, SS501 enter the stage dressing in pure white princely suits. 5 of them provide candlelight service at the fans' seat. The venue immediately filled with unending shoutings and laughters.

Finally, all the members greet farewell to their fans.

Hyun Joong: "I am very happy today. Lets spend Christmas together like this every year!"

Young Seang:"Although it is a little bit early, but I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas! Thank you everybody for giving me such a happy memory today."

Jung Min: "We have not met for so long, being able to see you in such a close distance, I am really happy. Next year we will hold more of such activities, we hope to return your love towards us."

Following by that, 5 members performed 'Coward' and 'Snow Prince' and brought the atmosphere to a highest peak!

Other than that, during this year's summer in one of the Asia tour stop, SS501's 1st Bodukan Concert DVD is released on 20 December. The fist released has already sold out. From now on, it is opened for fans to re-order. SS501 might be holding their encore performance at their 1st Asia concert, Seoul at end February.


Extra Christmas Big Gift from the Chinese Translator 妃茵

Gift No.1 Hero Kim Hyun Joong saving the beauty?

Still remember previously in one of the Japan TS fan account, she mentioned that in the Christmas party, there's a child who was pushed down by fans and was carried up by Hyun Joong and brought to behind stage. There actually another side of the story. Today, another Japan TS left in her fan account a more detail version.

During the ending song, everybody were very excited and rushed forward to the stage. Then, the Japan TS noticed that Hyun Joong's face expression suddenly turned bad....

Actually there's a girl fell down infront of Hyun Joong. She was pushed down by people behind her.

Hyun Joong immediately carry up the girl and brought her to back stage. Luckily she was fine. After that he came back to the stage and continue smiling and singing.

妃茵: Kim Hyun Joong's hug cure all pains~

Gift No. 2 2HJ bobo infront of everybody?

Previously Hyun Saeng bobo has created a big topic.
This time 2HJ directly bobo infront of 2000 Japan TS?

Actually, in the Christmas party, MC asked: "During Christmas, what surprise and love touch would you give to your lover?"

Hyun Joong and Hyung Joon acted the scene to answer the question.

Hyung Joon was walking in the street. Hyun Joong came to his back and tap Hyung Joon's shoulder.

Hyung Joon turned back his head, at this moment, Hyun Joong kiss him!

This scene had made all fans to shierk~~~~~

In actual fact, even Hyung Joon was shocked, he looked so shy.

妃茵: Kim Hyun Joong's greatest trick.... your kiss... kiss until Hyung Joon ambitious also fly away XD


mwu said...

Lol at the last sentence. Kekekeke baby is shock too..
But i love this.. 2hj.. Its rare see 2hj interaction nowadays. I bet 2hj fans are in heaven now include me..

Cagalli, merry christmass, wish u have blessed christmass ^^

thesixangels has subbed hyunjoong baby jungmin STRONG HEART 1st episode. In full episode in engsub

you know there is still sub cut didnt get subbed yet when baby talk about fan story. Now we can watch it with engsub.

mwu said...

God i want to see this! Really hope there is fancam.

Fellyz said...

What a big Christmas present!
Actually I am really nervous and curious while reading your message before the translations.

Japan TS were so lucky! Especially the 5 lucky fans, got 5 members telephone numbers *envy* >.<

LOL to Leader, just imagine he kissed baby and baby was shocked n face turned red like an apple... I wonder some TS at the venue recorded that moment or not. I would like to see! ^^
When they will hold a party like that in S'pore or Indonesia ? hohoho..

Thanks for sharing this.
Wish u have a blessed Christmas n always healthy+happy ^^

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OMGGGGGGGGGGG I LOVE 2HJ ,they're my favorite pair~!!!
numbers+2hj moment~! Japanese TS are TOO LUCKY! *cries*

I really hope someone recorded 2hj's bobo!

ran said...

bobo as in on the lips or cheek?
hehe, now uri leader is not that afraid of showing affection in public eh? still remember how hard it was in m!pick for baby to get a peck on his cheek

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double hj kiss

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