Friday, December 25, 2009

[TOK Message] Hyun Joong chat in TOK message board 2009.12.25

Hahaha! Our leader~~~~ chat in the TOK message board again and then went playing game with his fans again~~~ Ah~~ I also want to stay in Korea to play games with him. ^^

He mentioned that he was sick. :( Not going to Japan. I guess it might be just a cold since he still can play games with his fans!! ^^

LOL at his new ID in TOK. REALLY REALLY can't stand him!!! CroMagnon human ???!!! I thought he would rather prefer to be an alien??!! I wonder how do the other TS recognized him as Hyun Joong?????

P/S: By the way, there's a wrong translation for leader's TOK Message, instead of 'Go to Young Saeng's house now', it should be 'Saengi went home now.' Thank you so much to Liezle's friend, Violet for the correct translation.

Hmm...... wonder did Saengie overnight at Hyun Joong house? Leader's diary mentioned that he spend Christmas together with Saengie. Where did they go partying? Clubbing? Drinking? ^_^


Credit: DSP TOK Message Board + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 @ + (English translation)
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I just woke up
Saengi went home now
Where do you stay in Jeju?
I always go to Suwon
I am sick.... Didn't go to Japan
I will go to Philippines ^^
I cannot use K (a type of game)
Will release in news....... loose face
Play y? (Also a type of game)
Happy Birthday
I didn't download K
My K ID was stolen
Wait for a while hehe
Lets play Y
Is the 3rd battle area
Is the 3rd battle area in between room No. 7 & 10 Double Ace Room code number is 501 hehe
Is the 3rd battle area in between room No. 7 & 10 Double Ace Room code number is 501
Is the 3rd battle area in between room No. 7 & 10 Double Ace Room code number is 501

Hyun Joong's ID CroMagnon human is the first human life in around 4~1 million years ago who was discovered in Year 1860 at the French CroMagnon cave, it was said to be the ancestors of the Europeans.


Belle said...

LMAO, I can't stand his ID either hahaha, Leader is just like a kid sometimes. Thanks Cagali, and taking this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a spectacular 2010. Let's hope we can meet soon at a SS501 event.

Anonymous said...

i hope he can visit phillipines soon,i'll wait for you leader...

SunnyLovesSS501 said...

is he kidding?
will he go to our country, the Philippines??
i just got a news from a friend that our admin in triple s philippines, named nicole, got a chance to Tok with leader..
and she invited leader to come here..
thank you sooooooooo much mini ufo for the info!!

andydandy said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand, what is his new id? LMAO, or LOL ..., what did he write for his id?

marge0256 said...

thanks for the translation and for sharing :D

this made my day!

ran said...

rofl. now we have 2 pre-historic species in 501: the CroMagnon and the Australopithecus (maknae)

us_too said...

does anyone know how to get to the website that they're playing???
i really want to know !!!

pipay said...

Philippines? Waaah... when? Im so excited, just released a big shout a while ago.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! really? Philippines? when? leader, wait for me!!!! I'll be visiting philippines too, next year in june!! wait for me!!! *hehe*

GOD!! how i wish i could chat with kim hyun joong too!!!!

Merry x-mas and a happy new year to all TripleS

Anonymous said...

annyeong haseyo! I'm Jem may I know what is Tok? and where to view it?
(kindly answer)

us_too said...

He should come to the U.S !!!

Anonymous said...

really!!!!!! leader will go to philippines. OMG!!!! i'll wait for you leader....

thanks mini ufo for the info. ^_-

Happy new Year!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello everybody! I also want to know what is TOK and how to join it?, please help me, thanks

Jaezel said...

WAAAH! is he really going to Philippines? What will he do? This news really surprised me a lot, wooah! If this true, Im so excited..I miss SS501 so much..Who knows how to use TOK? Please teach me, Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

whoah! That's exciting but I wonder when he's going so I can schedule my trip back there at the same time...hahahah

Belated Merry Christmas & have a happy new year everyone.

Thank you so much for sharing!