Thursday, December 24, 2009

[Info] SS501 - Collection & Rebirth: Thailand Special Edition

Thanks Mel for constantly feeding me infomation on the progress of Persona Thailand. This time, she shared the info about a special album which will be released in Thailand next year, which she've done the translation for us.

Any of you going for the Thailand concert next year, please prepare for this collection of SS501 Thailand edition!


English Translation:
Please repost with full credit

“SS501” Releases Thailand Special Edition Plus DVD and Big set of Collections

Though the concert was postponed, the special album for TripleSThailand is on the GO. The cover of this special album “Collection & Rebirth: Thailand Special Edition”, was released with details of the package and the premium gift sets that Korean fans would feel so envious. This is the special present that the Five Boys from SS501 have prepared especially for Thai Fans.

“Collection & Rebirth: Thailand Special Edition” is an album which combines the Solo Collection Album and the Mini Rebirth Album together. The package was designed to be a special size photobook as a collection set for the fans to keep.

Apart from those 11 beautiful songs, “Collection & Rebirth: Thailand Special Edition” contains a DVD with 20 minutes music video which shows the boys’ acting skills. Those who have fallen for Leader Kim Hyun Joong, the handsome Yoon Ji Hoo Sunbae in Boys Over Flower , a.k.a F4. , will get to see his acting skill again. This MV is very long and Kim Hyun Joong is like a handsome masterpiece sent from above !!!

There will be a 56-page booklet with pictures of the 5 members, a mini poster, and sticker with 5 designs of the boys.

More to that!!! For Thai fans, there will be a huge poster in 20x30 inch, special for Thailand Edition only. These are for everyone who has purchased this album and you can get at this poster the shop of which the “Collection & Rebirth Thailand Special Edition” is sold.

“Collection & Rebirth: Thailand Special Edition” will be released in the midst of January 2010. You can also listen to songs, watch the music video, and download ringtones or calling melodies of SS501 at


PRIS said...


PRIS said...

the link cant be found?

Mini UFO said...

Hi Pris,

I have rectified it! It should be working now

trippi said...

WOW. I'd really like a copy of this! wonder if yesasia will make it available online?

i live in the philippines and i've been on the hunt for SS501 albums ever since our christmas break started.

i went to 9 MALLS (+ some music one branches) and was only able to find the albums in one of them! OMG. mind you, these were huge malls with 3-5 record bars in each place. they were all SOLD OUT!
in a way i'm happy that the sales went really well but it was such a pain to go to all those places!

so, triples philippines, if you want copies of FIND, DEJA VU and REBIRTH, they still have it in SM MAKATI (Department Store). hurry, only a few copies Find and Deja Vu left! any one knows where i can find SUPERHITS? thanks.