Friday, December 25, 2009

[News] 7-Eleven launch 'Hotsun chicken' packet meal

Hmm.... can we asked 7-Eleven Singapore to import this to 7-Eleven in Singapore too. I guess the food will be delicious with the 'yummilicious' leader's face on it! ^_~


Credit: Korea news + (Chinese translation) j+ @ + (English translation)
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On 24 Dec, 7-Eleven Convenient Store mentioned, they have joint hand with Hotsun to sell Hotsun Chicken packet meal in their stores nationwide.

Hotsun chicken does not go through the deep fried process but is directly baked, its speciality is its crispiness. Hotsun revealed that the baked chicken has lesser calories than other fried chickens and is very popular among the lady customers. Hotsun packet meal has added miso teriyaki sauce to go with the rice. Other side dishes include potato salad, fried vegetable and broccoli. Price for 290g packet meal is 3000won (~US2.53). 7-Eleven will also launch Hotsun baked chicken triangle shape laver wrap rice. 7-Eleven related personnel said: "Recently many convenient stores has joint hand with popular restaurants to invent new food, in order to provide customer with food which they favour fast. Also, since the food from the restaurant could be displayed in more than 2000 shops, it can also increase the brand awareness."

In order to commemorate the new packet meal, all packet meals will include a small photo diary of artist Kim Hyun Joong. Partial sales proceeds will be donated for charity.


bb said...

oopsies, it's baked? i saw the chinese trans 烤制 and was wondering if they meant grilled or roasted... haha, then end up it's actually baked...? :p

hee... i'd translated it as grilled... hmmm, maybe i should go change it.

and you know, i'm one of those who just can't resist chicken wings and fried chicken (yea, think KFC), and i honestly can't imagine non-deep-fried chicken can be nice leh... i've see leader's promo pics for hotsun, and i swear those drums and thighs and what-nots look fried! me wondering if it tastes nice :p

Mini UFO said...

Heee..... you know why I put baked? Because in their website, it says Hotsun Baked Chicken. ^^

But the picture in the bento do looked like it is grilled.

Me like chicken wings too.... There's one fried chicken wing store in Commonwealth which is very yummy, maybe you should try it out!

KFC is getting more and more yucky recently.... They used to be quite nice.

Yes, I saw all those supposed to be 'baked' chicken in Hotsun website also, I just can't believed that it is baked since the colour is golden like it is fried. Anyway.... why I am discussing the chicken hur??? Since the focus of this article should be LEADER!!! LOL....

Anonymous said...

wow...if s'pore rly launch tis product..i ll try it 4 sure..coz i luv chicken esp non fry..^^ but i tink another factor is i like HJL..haha..^_~

H said...

singapore should have!!!! leader's face will make the food even more delicious!!! awww, i really hope singapore's 7eleven should have this! i'm popping by 7eleven more often from now on!

CΔlly said...

yomg!if it's available in singapore,i'll eat it everyday hahaha!

Bizhen :D said...

is it available in Singapore??

wen0607 said...

I think this is only available in korea 7-eleven....
I also hope singapore 7-eleven can bring this in too...>.<