Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Video] Young Saeng performing 'My baby you'

This song is specially dedicated to 圆圆亲, SaengiePB, Sudal and all of you who like Saengie. ^^

Really like to listen to his songs, his voice is so heavenly and you feel that he put in his full feelings in the song when singing~


Credit: YSsaeng @ youtube
Please repost with full credit

허영생 - My baby you


圆圆粉 said...

this song featuring YS is inside my mp3 for sometimes

Sudal said...

Thank Cagali~ This song really melt my heart. Love his voice and his expression in this perf.

lovekyu said...

Do you have the mp3 file for this song? n maybe those songs they sang at their concert that are nt from their albums? YS's voice is reali powerful n ANGELLIC!

Anonymous said...

yound seang .... I feel so a alive watching and hearing your powerful voice on this vid.

LOVE IT..........^_-