Sunday, March 14, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong with his little fan [2010.03.10]

Here's one more photograph of leader together with his little fan. According to the TS that posted this in TripleSTW, it is during the soccer match day. The hairstyle, shirt colour and location do look like one of the photographs that I previously posted. ^^ Anybody want to be a CSI?

P/S: Talking about CSI, I just found one.... our Stalking_HJ just done a long report about Hyun Joong & football. Read here for the detail C... err... HJSI report. I think I can officially pass the baton to Ode-ssi & Stalking_HJ-ssi and stalked at their blog!


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Anonymous said...

cute!! if ur not familiar with KHJ you'll think it's his son! lolololol..

Nellnyan said...

Leader & boy are so cute. I never see the cute pic before ^^.

Anonymous said...

he looks SO hot, omg i adore this piccie~!!! how can someone with messily parted fringe look SO good??!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh how cute the way he holds the boy. No matter how messy, and casually he is, he still looks so good.

Anonymous said...

me think all the pics - the two taken with the little girls and also the two with other guys and this are all taken at the same day.

he wore the MU jacket over the same adidas track suit.

CSI i am not, just my own opinion. hehehe

and ya, as usual he looked darling with the little young boy!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's cute. Little fan and Leader ^_^ Thanks for sharing.

bittersweetsymphony said...

I hope he holds me the same way like he does here hehehe