Sunday, March 14, 2010

[Info] Mnet Japan to broadcast Hyun Joong unrelease clips in 'Boys Over Flowers'

Thanks Rosalyn for the tip and thank Ode-ssi (^^) for the translation.


Credits: Mnet JP variety + odeds @
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Broadcast time: April 24 / May 1 midnight, 0:00~01:00 / Each 60 minutes

Repeat: April 27 / May 4 Midnight, 01:00~02:00 ; April 28 / May 5 afternoon 16:00~17:00

Starring: Kim Hyun Joong

Mnet Exclusive Footage

Attractive and matured man amongst the big hit-breakers, Kim Hyun Joong's special programme!

From the 「花より男子~Boys Over Flowers」making video, HyunJoong's undisclosed footage would be released and broadcasted across 2 weeks!
You would get to meet the never before seen look of Yoon Jihoo

Also, HyunJoong's natural presence would be displayed in Mnet original edited programme "We Got Married~ Kim Hyun Joong edition", this is after taking in requests from the audiences, "Heroine Six Select", "Radio Star" popular varieties etc starring Hyun Joong would also be announced for broadcast soon!


Anonymous said...

dear mini ufo and yuanyuanqing, annyeong~!! ^-^
thank you so much for the links to the behind the scenes for bof!! my heart was totally bursting with love for wuri leader, he's just too adorable~!! ^-^

actually, i've been on a desperate search for the clip of leader behind-the-scenes, when he was so sweet and bought arm warmers for lee minho, kim bum, kim jun and the crew.
i used to have the link but it was taken down by kbs america, and now i have no way to download it.

i do hope that if anyone has it, they could share, i'll be eternally grateful~!!! and, it's an uber nice clip to share with everyone, to show the depth of leader's warmth and sweetness ^-^

thank you so much!!! hope to hear good news! and have a great day ahead~!! ^-^v

Anonymous said...

As always, the Japanese fans get it all in advance. Hopefully, somebody uploads into YT.
Leader is very popular nowadays.

marydewitt said...

cant wait... Japanese are so lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Green with enny with Japanese fans!!! Wish to watch it from where I would be soooo wonderful! Already miss leader so much....