Friday, March 12, 2010

[Video] SS501 first Asia Tour 'PERSONA' [ShowBiz Extra]

Thanks Marydewitt for the tips. Here's another news by Arirang on SS501 Persona Encore Concert.


Credit: arirangworld
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[Video] SS501 first Asia Tour 'PERSONA' [Arirang ShowBiz Extra]


Anonymous said...

hi miniufo,
any idea if leader is filming any drama like what was reported recently?he seems not to have any activities recently other the cf

som said...

Kim Hyung Jun Music High "Oh!"

this is eng sub

marydewitt said...
Leader Basic House Never alone Interview

Marilyn said...

Have you seen this old video of Leader & Mal at the 2006 MKMF? for some reason I find it so hilarious! :D