Sunday, March 07, 2010

[Video] Hyun Joong riding bike

Here's a short clip of leader riding bike. I think it is for the Persona MV which he drove a bike.

Thanks LHL for sharing this video in her youtube channel.

BTW, side track, saw in a news that Hyun Joong is ranked 20th in the Forbes Top 40 Famous Person in South Korea List. Congratulations to Hyun Joong. The champion is Kim Yuna, the famous South Korea Ice Skater which Hyun Joong mentioned that he watched all her competition broadcast. (I will not translate the news since the whole news other than showing the ranking chart, the rest is not related)


Credit: 지금갑니다 + poohhl
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Anonymous said...

Woww how cool! He actually drove it.

Anonymous said...

here are the others

1. Kim Yuna
3. Park Ji Sung
4. Lee Byung Hun
5. Big Bang
6. Go Hyun Jung
7. Lee Seung Gi
8. Lee Hyori
9. Yoo Jae Seok
10. Kang Ho Dong
11. 2PM
12. Shin Ji Ae
13. Ha Ji Won
14. Lee Sung Yeop
15. Kim Myung Min
16. Jung Ji Hoon
17. Ha Jung Woo
18. Lee Min Ho
19. Hwang Jung Eum
20. Kim Hyun Joong
21.Bae Yoong Joon
22.Lee Yo Won
23.Kim Tae Hee
24.Kim Beom
25.Park Ye Jin
26.Ju Shin Shu
27.Park Mi Seon
28.Shin Min Ah
29.Jang Seo Hee
30.Park Bo Young
31.Yang Yong Eun
32.Lee Sun Jae
33.Seol Keong Ku
34.Jang Dong Gun
35.Seo Ji Seob
36.Lee Kyung Kyu
37.Chae Tae Hyun
38.Park Jung Hun
39.Lee Su Geun
40.Yun Sang Hyeon

translated by Kacey @ Daily K Pop