Sunday, March 14, 2010

[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun with Friend & Brother

Dunno what topic to name it..!!~~~ T____T
Baby with friend taking pic in the gent?
Baby drinking coffee while playing HP with Bro?

Repost with full credit
Credit: 천준 @SS601


ran said...

if starcraft ever made to be played in hp, i will think that the HnB were competing with each other on their phones
it's great that they can still have time to go out together :)

turtle said...

I think Baby is getting chubbier. =D

Nina Aziz said...

cute much the pic in gents...
agree with turtle baby did look a bit chubbier...
so so cute they still spend their time together...

Linh said...

OMG Thanx so much for sharing this!!! I miss the boys crazily T___T
ahhh so glad that baby gained a bit of flesh on dis cheek...
Baby was so so so skinny during d Asia Tour!!! At least he can rest and enjoy this valuable time hehe!!

BTW can I please ask you a question?
this poll, is it important??? I heard it'll decide the seating portion in the Dream Concert!!!
Goshhh we're falling behind.. 4th place now!!!
Hope more TS will know about this then we can make the boys feel proud of once again!!! T___T
my finger's hurt from clicking non-stop!!