Monday, March 15, 2010

[News] HyunJoong has usually been a fan of 4MEN

Thanks Rosalyn for the news. Hyun Joong like 4MEN's songs.... hmm..... Want to listen to more? Try I Can't, Confession, Baby Baby & Knock, Knock, Knock, must say I like their songs, so far these few songs which I listen suit my taste. I am imagining Hyun Joong singing songs like this.... Hmm..... I will definitely like it.... Kekeke.... as if I will don't like any Hyun Joong's songs ^_^


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Popular idol group SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, without prior notice, went to 4MEN's concert venue.

On March 13, 14 at the SH Theater, 4MEN (Young-jae, Shin Yong-jae, Kim Won-ju)'s first individual concert [The 3rd generation] was carried out, and ended amidst much talks.

Having usually been a fan of 4MEN's, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong had revealed that he wanted to go watch the concert just 30 minutes before the 2nd part of concert on the 13th night at 7pm, through his manager.

Just after releasing ticket sales in a week, all tickets for the 3 concert stands had been sold out, despite not having any invitations for a good spot (to view concert), Kim Hyun Joong expressed his acceptance even if he wasn't sitting beside sound amplification systems (to get good audio), and just enjoyed the concert happily.


marydewitt said...
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Anonymous said...

Woahh.. only thirty minutes before the concert? Leader, you really live up to your 4D-prince nickname.