Monday, March 15, 2010

[Video][Eng Sub] Hyung Jun @ MBC Game Ep 6

Thanks LHL for the tip! Team liquid has completed the sub for MBC Game Ep 6. Enjoy watching. The English sub version is available for download at

Please note that if you are embedding the youtube, Team Liquid has requested that you link back to their forum. They have requested you not to share the download link but instead, link back to their forum to download. This is their forum link:

Be a good TS, comply with rules and others will always willing to share with you.


Credit: Team Liquid Subtitle Team + nevake
Please repost with FULL CREDIT

[Subs] Hyung Joon Becomes A Progamer Ep6


Anonymous said...

【KNTV Premium 2010~ christmas party in Spring~】 - Young Saeng's participation decided!

Lotus said...

Hyun Jong took a place in the top 20 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Have a look:

However, the news is in a blog related to SJ NOT SS501..sorry in advance for any inconvenience