Sunday, March 14, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Basic House Unicef CF

Thanks Rosalyn for sending me these photographs. These screen caps were taken from Hyun Joong's latest Basic House CF - Never Again. Thanks KHJ0606 for sharing these photographs.


Credit: KHJ0606
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Anonymous said...

Leader looks adorable, and handsome as usual.

Anonymous said...

I want that red tshirt.
Look like HJL is gaining some weight. He looks so pretty

Joongbo4ever said...

haha HyunJoong looked gorgeous,
omg .. izzit his hair or something, he looked so deliciously young.
want to run my fingers thru this hair la .. so inviting! and love love a bit of chubbiness on his face.
red do looked good on him! wahahaha
anything also looked good when it on him la!

Anonymous said...

anything looks good on him becs he's hyunjoong, haha!

Anonymous said...

Leader looks soo cuteee. I like his hair ^_^ Beautifullll! Thanks for sharing.