Sunday, March 07, 2010

[Info] SS501 5th Anniversary International Project by SS501Vietnam

I have a request from Nhaisupernhi from SS501Vietnam to help post this up. It is a project of SS501Vietnam for SS501 5th Anniversary. If you are interested to participate, please contact them following the instruction listed below.


Hello TripleS out there ^^

To celebrate SS501’s 5th Anniversary, SS501Vietnam has planned to have an

International Project for International TripleS to show our love for the boys.

EXPLANATION of the 5th Anniversary International Project

_ This will show the boys that there are hundreds of fans who love and support them from all over the world!

_ Each individual will record 1 short message (maximum is 30s), you can talk about anything you want but it has to be related to SS501. But please notice that it is only 30 seconds long ^^

_ Messages will be recorded in your OWN language or ENGLISH. When sending your message to our email address, remember to enclose the English translation of your message.

_ Send your records to this email : before the deadline, because we have to gather everyone’s messages and make sure everything is ok.

_ Please follow the guidelines to know what you can and CANNOT say in the recording.

_ PLEASE : if you want your message to be received and nothing wrong to happen, please read everything thoroughly before asking any question or submitting your recordings!

_ THE DEADLINE IS 05/01/2010 (May 1st)


_ Because the record is only 30s long, so your message needs to be clear and expresses your feelings well.

_ Even a simple “Happy 5th Anniversary SS501! Fighting! I love SS501” is good enough to be submitted.

_ Remember to add the sentence “I love SS501” at the beginning or at the ending of your message.

_ Because this is for the 5th Anniversary of SS501, it must only be about SS501. Any personal recording for SS501’s individual members is not accepted.

_ Do not include any type of personal information in the recording. For example : your address, your telephone number…

_ It MUST be a MP3 file.

_ Technical problem: How to record?

_ You can use any type of recording programs such as your mobile phone, but please make sure to keep the audio file at the best quality.

_ Remember: when recording, it should only contain your own voice, try to avoid the noises around. DO NOT add your own background music.

_ You can upload your recording on one of these hosts or then send us the link through your email.


How to write and submit your Message!

_The subject line of your email must be [PJ5Y_SS501]_the name you want to be called_The forum you’re a member of

_ Content :

· The recording’s download link.

· 2 blank lines.


_ Use Arial font. Everything must be simplified, you CAN NOT use color/ bold/ italic/ highlight word, neither you can change the font…

For example : An approvable email should be like this..

Something more we want to say:

_ Any recording that doesn’t meet the requirements will not be listed under the participants list.

_ If your name still doesn’t appear in the list even though you have sent the email for a week, post your concern here and we’ll check it for you.

_ Thanks for your participation ^^


The list will be updated at least once a week. Please DO NOT PM any of the staffs to ask about why your name has not appeared in the list, and please be patient! We might not be able to consistently update on time, but rest assured that we will do it as soon as the time let us.


Anonymous said...

want to join..
TS Vietnam Hwaiting..

Jessie said...

Hello, Im Jessie from, thank you so much for posting our project at here. If there's any question about the project, please dont hesitate to contact us via email:

Thanks for your participation