Monday, March 15, 2010

[Info] Young Saeng making appearance in 'KNTV Premium 2010 ~ Spring Christmas Party~'

Thanks Rosalyn for sending me this news. Wow, would he sing the OST live? Seems like they are starting to promote the boys in Japan again..... Sigh, Japan, which means there will be lesser fancams then usual, but I do hope someone will record and share with everybody.


Credits to DSP Japan + (English translation) miyo @
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Young Saeng will be appearing on「KNTV Premium 2010~Spring Christmas Party~」!!

●Date: 29th April (Thursday)
●Venue: Shinjuku Bunka Center Big Hall
●Entrance Time: 15:00 /Starting Time: 16:00
●Introducing Program 『Will it snow on Christmas?』
On 20th March, KN Television will start a new drama 『Will it snow on Christmas?』 and Young Saeng who has participate in the Original Soundtrack will be joining the Spring Christmas Party~☆

Details can be found below.

For this time, the Fanclub will be inviting 30 fans for this event.
Please wait a while more for details.


Anonymous said...

waht do you mean by fanclub?
which fanclub?

Mini UFO said...

I think is the Japan DSP Fanclub. For Japan resident only.

Chara said...

Well, I read about that already... But what is not clearly stated: WILL HE REALLY PARTICIPATE IN IT ALONE??? Without his members? That would be his first Solo activity (like that) in nearly six years then... right? First time since debut. And I keep wondering about that. It makes me nervous somehow...

sweetiecutieys said...

oh my....i didnt on9 for 3days..but now when i get on9..i saw this great news...make me happy~~~~~

haaaa~~~~miss saengie soooo much!!!!

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...

YS AH... eat more sleep more play more...!!~~~

Mini UFO said...

he already yuan yuan u still ask him to eat more...

btw, i don think I can finish my task tonight... I haven't even started

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...

draft 1st lor
let me edit

Luvit08 said...

at last...saengie gets the chance to expose himself more, Just soo happy for him...As always I believe in him, he will give the best for his fans. somehow i don't like when there's some fans who doubts about his a human we can't be perfect for others, the best way is always tried the best and honest to ourself but isn't for others perception^^