Sunday, March 14, 2010

[Video] Hyung Jun picked as cutest member by Jang Nara

Thanks LHL for sharing this video in her youtube channel. Jang Nara selected Hyung Jun as the cutest member. Well, all of us know how cute our Maknae can be..... kekeke..... ^^

P/S: Found one more gem in Ode-ssi blog, please fly there to read. K.... Just in case you can't find, this is the direct link.


Credit: poohhl
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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun picked as the cutest member by Jang Nara

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turtle said...

Haha. I'm so proud of Baby! Actually i thought that the host would ask her who's the cutest member in ss501. i din know it was just a general question. haha. BABY is always at the top of my cutie pie list. XD