Wednesday, March 17, 2010


[Mini UFO & 圆圆동생] .............................. 2010.03.17 AM 00:00

Please prepare your heart for what you are going to see later~

It was started all because of these 5 boys~

It has been 7 months since I start blogging from 2 August 2009, I had an enjoyable time interacting with all of you. Through this blog, I get to know a lot of my friends who has the same passion as me who love SS501.

I would like to thank everybody who have help in all ways to send me emails or leave message in the comment box with news translation, photographs, video links and any other information about SS501. Really appreciate for all the help that all of you have been giving me, making my blogging journey to be full of fun and enjoyment.

I would like to thank all who have shared your concert photographs with me and also translation for news, whether it is english or chinese translation. Without you, I couldn't have made this blog so interesting and informative.

Last but not least, I must really thank my super video supplier + partner 圆圆동생. From a complete stranger, not knowing each other, from suppling me with all the video links until agreeing to help updating my blog. I guess I won't last until today if without her help. Because of her, I can have some free time to go out while she help to update the blog. I am really thankful for her. She is like a angel send by God to me. I know how much time she had spend updating and compiling the fancams for the Persona concert list, I know she has been sleeping late just to ensure that she can update the video list fast enough, sharing naver/egloos video first and then update them into youtube link when the youtube link is available, this is really difficult jobs, I would definitely not able to do all these without her job. Many success of our blog are also contributed by her. Kumawoyo 圆圆동생.

Also, I must thank my tenshi LHL for always helping me in subbing when I request for help, emailing me photographs and help to share or upload video in her youtube channel when I told her I can't do it in office. Kumawoyo LHL!

Actually since last year, I have already thinking of stop blogging. Before that I tried to blog 'slower', I tried to pull myself away from blogging for a day. Each and everytime I fail to do so. I am sorry that I have to disappoint all of you. Though I wish I could continue to blog, but then I guess it is really very difficult to juggle time between work, personal life & blog. For now, a large portion of it goes to blog and less for work & personal time, which I think it is very unhealthy. This is why I have made the final decision to stop blogging.

2351 post, 1,356,252 hits to date, my first blog. Thank you for all of your support all the while!

Okay, that's all. PlanetHyun is waving to Mini UFO~ Mini UFO have to return to planet Hyun~

Good bye and take care, May you have good health and happiness spending everyday with SS501~

P/S: Wow! So many comments.... I didn't know so many people actually come to my blog. I see a lot of new names.... Sorry that I make so many of you sad. There's a lot of good blogs/forums/websites around, just do a search... ask around, I am sure you will find one better than mine.

Don't worry, I will definitely not terminate this blog, it will still be here. I know some of you need the Music High Widget. I am just stopped blogging. All the information here will remain as it is. I need those information also.

I will always support SS501! Wish that they have many many success now and forever!

Hop Onto Hyung's Mini UFO and Bid Farewell to Everyone too....!!!~~~~

My Interest on YoungSaeng Never Die o(∩_∩)o

Lastly, Take Care & Continue To Support SS501 Always
501Days Hwaiting

PS: The Blog Will be Kept as it is, cos we will be going through the whole blog, to catch up with those video which we miss out.
Although We Post it But We Got No Time To Watch....!!!~~


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turtle said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY?? I just found this superb blog not long before. Where am i going to find such a blog again? T.T

turtle said...

Anw, i understand how difficult managing such a blog is. and really reall really very thankful for all the effort all of you had put in. as long as the love for SS501 nvr dies. Thanks x infinite! Take care guys!

Kadd said...

you stopping................


It must have been tough to come to this final decision..................

But you know...........
I respect your decision...........

Just wanted you to know that you have been a treasure and joy to all TS across the globe with your tireless time and effort to update the latest and best news on the boys!

It's time for you to smell and enjoy the sweet goings around you.....

....and we'll wait for your COME BACK!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

there goes my daily dosage of the boys...
어떻게 ㅠ.ㅠ

thanks for all the news you have provided all these while...
I wish you all the best in your work!

stum said...

Awww, sad to see you go. Thanks a lot for being a real quick blogger!! Continue to love SS501 like us! said...

Thank you peepz for bringing so much joy to all TS. It has really been enjoying reading your blog. 1 less must go blog from tomorrow onwards. 1 less daily dosage. was yuan yuan dong saeng who brought me here and it was also her who break the news to me. Despite knowing this day may come, still feel uncomfy about it.

You guys have done a great job. It's time for you to enjoy and strike a balance in your life too.

All the best!!

c'maine said...

oh no... ur leaving... jz to let u know tat ur one of the best blog to get me updated bout the boys.. =C... i'll still wait fr ur come back.. n take care thre!!~~~ aja aja fighting~~

liezle said...

Dear Cagali,

Geez, I thought you've forgotten all about this. Sigh... anyway, like everyone else i respect your decision.

Thanks for your vast contribution to SS501 community. You've been such a great help especially to us English speaking fans.

Though you will not be blogging anymore, I still hope to see you around and will continue spreading your love to SS501 in some other ways.

Take care.


P.S. Thanks also to all Cagali's contributors.

marydewitt said...

Thank you Cagali for your wonderful blog...I really really appreciate all your effort...

Janics Chong said...

Omg whyyy? I've always been a loyal reader of yours and it is so sad for me to hear such news at midnight 2.39am !

I know that I do not have rights to ask you to continue blogging because I'm not one of the admins there. Thanks for being such sweet heart for updating the blogg everyday for SS501 fans like us.

I do respect your decision and i knew that is not easy for you to make such decision. Thanks again and I wish you all the best in anything you are doing.

Thanks once again for the hardwork that put in this blog.

With Love,


Linh said...

Hi Cagali (BTW can I call you lyk this? ^^)
Just so sad when found out that you quitted blogging, right after Supper Star Subbing Team went on hiatus now you quit! It's just so sad when seeing so many super awesome Triple S got exhausted over the EXTREMELY heavy workload just to keep us update with our boys!!!
I understand exactly how you feel. I think it's a good decision. Even I'm crying my head off now when my daily habit is checking your blog will have to change and Triple S around the world loosing one of the most awesome blog about our boys.
Just keep on with your personal life... Yeah as our Leader said "Life's one shot!" Regret to do it is better than regret not to do it.
Whenever you're free, come back and share your thoughts with us! ^^
More than happy to read your lovely comment!!!

Goodluck with whatever you're up to and yeah have a best break ever before start to kick off huge success!!!

Gonna miss your blog lyk crazy T____T

Mansae SS501 UFO!! Mansae Cagali!
All for SS501's love~

Anonymous said...

I know.. I understand.. Very understand.. Start blog for fun, but without we know somehow it can bcome a 'burden' for our life.. So the best thing is be honest to that burden..
But i know.. I respect..
Ahh i dunno what to say more.. I am UR fans cagalli, i am stalking this ufo since you started it.. So hahaha of course its normal this fans will feel sad and crying first of course.. Because i love u, yuanyuan, and this blog.. But i am happy too bcoz you feel 'happy' and 'free' now right? You and yuanyuan will have ur free time back..
I dunno, i hope u make comeback.. Haha of cuz if u want ^^
or maybe blogging occasionaly, for some topic that you want.. Blogging with free feeling.. Once a week, once a month.. Or anytime u want.. Not for updating.. Ah but its up 2 u too..
I will miss ufo.. Hix...

Hahh ode have told me earlier, but still feel gloomy ><

dunno, what to say anymore.. Thankss, thankyu, ssankyuw.. For all this time, happiness u give with ur blog.. You two are best team! Jjang!

Yuanyuan said she would stay with YS, hehehe.. I know we will see u around as TS too right? Hehe waiting and supporting always for our boys comeback..

ss501ufo jjang! Ss501ufo daebak!

PS: Do come visit planet ufo sometimes for holiday.. Say my greetings to planet hyun and ys corner ^^

ENJOY ur life in planet hyun and ys corner (yuanyuan ahh i dunno where will u go, i named it ys corner wakakaka)

Cathy said...

Ohhh no! It's a big lost to the SS501's community.
Your blog is my daily happy-hours. Wishing you the best in everything.

crazynoona said...

it's good to take charge of your life and have more personal time to yourselves, so yeap respect your decisions on this.

thanks for all your hardwork for the past few months! it was a good one-stop blog for us to follow the latest updates on our boys!


blury said...

ah..... like the rest, i'm gonna miss your blog so much! it has now become my morning coffee. damn, and it's back to real coffee again before i can find another virtual morning coffee.

your latest entry has turned me from an invisible reader to a visible reader...

thanks for all your hard work! you're always welcome to start blogging again... :p take care!

zito said...

it's so sad to hear that, miniufo is a great blog!
it provides us many updated news of our beloved SS501!
anyway, this is ur own decision and we should respect u.
finally, thanks for ur hard work all the time ;)
goodbye and fighting^^

Merlin said...

Aww , its really sad that you're deciding to stop blogging , you're one of the best blogs I have ever seen ! ): But , I will respect your decision like how other does too. Thank you , yuan yuan and miniufo to provide lots news of SS501 ! (:

Your sincerely ,

Hyunnies said...

We Honey Hyun had a great time getting news from you...
And now you're saying you will stop blogging....It's not what I wanted...
I am not ready for this farewell yet...Still I respect your decision.But even though you wanna stop blogging,do please keeps loving the boys!!!

And lastly,thank you for all the hard works and time you had put into SS501UFO,this is the best blog of SS501I ever been too.

Thank you.

Hope to see you around and keep fighting!!!

xevex said...

just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to cagali and yuanyuan for all the updates over these months. you gals have been great! it's not easy to come to this decision. maybe the ufo will return to earth one day. till then, it's goodbye and take care. all the best yah!

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

What am i going to do first thing in the morning then???

Waarrr... well, I respect your decision and just want to express my sincere gratefulness for your time and effort in blogging. I really enjoy reading your post and enjoy talking to you. You've been so kind in helping me all along with about anything. I know blogging does really take our time just like managing website and yes I totally agree with you that taking a break will really get us back to having more time with our works and personal errands.

Will really miss reading your blog though.
Since you'll be flying back to planethyun with your UFO, please take good care of yourselve, k?

Thank you , thank you again ^^



VeeVee said...

Cagali and 圆圆동생
I salute you girls who have been working so hard to compile info and stuff about the boys every single day in this blog..I've been a silent reader in this blog all along..Really thousands of thanks for providing us this daily dose of SS501..I'm sad to know that ur gonna stop blogging,but i do understand the strain blogging has on ur daily life..So for now, have a good rest and enjoy ur life to the fullest^^ All the best, and thanks so much! We heart you! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to both of you ^^ Blogging should be out of leisure not something that takes over your we totally understand.

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Your blog made me love SS501 (esp Saengie) even more. It's the site I go to first when I get on the computer every day...for my daily dose of those dorky, adorable boys.

Take care and God Bless


Anonymous said...

huhuhu T_T no more miniUFO and yuan yuan duo. will miss you guys. esp since this blog is my daily dosage for SS501 info.

seriously, im extremely grateful to both of you guys for all the time and effort in maintaining this blog. i know it's not easy and i respect your decision. nomu nomu kamsahamnida, really (:

hope to see your comeback one day. (haha majiam you're a star, keke. but ya a star in my heart in SS501 fandom. you know how proud i tell a fren that we SS501 fans has an eng blog which updates their news, activites, etc.)

take good care and have a great year ahead (:

- YH

Anonymous said...

herm.....dun know wat 2 say...
shockingly 2 me....but..
i respect ur decision.....
i'll miss so so so much of ur blog for 501 times a day....
for me, ur blog is like a vitamin dat i need 2 take in my daily sad.........
i'll be sick may b after this...hehehe....

lastly.....million of tq 4 u by doing this work very nice.....

from nora, malaysia

trippi said...

aww this is sad news for me.

i have to admit, this blog is one of the reasons why I became triple s in the first place. if i didnt find this blog, i would never have been updated with all the SS501 news and trivias.

Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort in this blog. as much as i am sad to see this end, i know that there will be more fans who will soon be making their own blogs because of you.

SS501 UFO was a really great project. i envy you because you were able to help out the boys in such a big way.

good luck with everything! :)

Harley said...

Dear cagali and yuanyuan,

although i do respect your decision which i know is a difficult one to make, honestly i'm really sad upon hearing you're leaving.

you've poured much effort and sacrificed a lot running the blog and we truly appreciate that. you've done so much for us and the boys, thus i understand that i can't ask for more from you. as much as i want you to stay, begging you to do so will be really selfish. having been followed your blog for quite some time, enjoying your cute, fun and comprehensive way of blogging, your heartfelt love for the boys, I can't help growing a liking towards you and this blog. I will surely miss both a lot and i think i can't immediately get rid of the habit of typing into the address bar everytime i'm online.

it's also heartbreaking getting to know that running this blog for fellow fans has affected your life that much, taken away your precious spare time after being so busy at work. so i think that the most important thing is your happiness, we will also be happy if you can have more time and freedom to enjoy life out there.

although you've decided to stop updating the blog, i think you still love and support the boys as always. thus, i really hope that i can still see you around in the fandom. if not a full comeback, can it be just writing something from time to time, sharing with us what inspires and triggers you about the boys, what you feel interested, or at least leave comments here and there *surely i will miss you and still want to see you around, so do not disappear into thin air please*

Thank you very much for all you've done for us.

Take care

Enjoy life and love the boys more and more

i will not say goodbye but "see you, cagali and yuanyuan"

Moleqre/Lovetop7 said...

I will miss this blog T_T
Cagali, thanks for everthing ^_^

sweetiecutieys said...

please dont stop this blog!!!!!!!
i will miss this blog...ahhhh i alr miss this blogT_T

BTW....thanks for all ur contributions~~~~
i really love this blog
the first thing when i start online i will find this blog first~~~

yova2212 said...

Hello friend

I like much your blog, I love ss501 and you always had new and updated information from them, ... every day came to your blog ... I'm really sad:) ... very sad ... I could not comment because I do not speak English I'm from Peru ...
Although no longer have this blog I hope you continue supporting SS501 are the best ...
Forgive me for being selfish ... but I'll miss you ... : (.

e-mail from Peru - Lima

ss501hwaiting said...

OMG! really? i'm very sad to hear this news, but i understand your decision^^....Thank you so MUCH for giving us information about our boys, SS501!! This is the best blog EVER!!! I will never forget this blog! unfortunately it's time to search for a new blog to hang out to..hmm...i hope i can find a new one, as great as yours!!

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!
but dont worry sweety, this is not goodbye! Stay in love with our boys, always support and love them!^^

my youtube account is: ss501hwaiting

hmm..just wanna let you know..hehehe:P

bb said...

hi hi dongseung,
you know your unnie cannot write a short and concise reply, ya? haha, i've just posted something in your name that's over 1000 words, haha O.o

(do go read THIS when you've the time, ya?)

but but but... i still want to say THANK YOU for all the things that you've done for us fans. (but i still won't say goodbye ^.~)

Umeko said...

Thank you for all your hard work, I really enjoyed reading your blog!

Chara said...

Oh so sad that you will be gone... I really enjoyed your work and all the fast updates... Your Blog was one of my always open tabs...

I will miss this, but thank you so much for all your hard work you put inside this blog since August. Hope you can have some good time for your privat life now.^^


Anonymous said...

i been a reading your blog since you started bec. i'm looking for a news about the boys it's so happened i saw blog. i know its been very tiring. i hope i see you online again. but it does not mean you will quit liking them.... you'll
just take a break.
thank you for all pic, videos, and tidbits about leader thank you...
thank you....

wen0607 said...


What I wanted to say, I already mentioned in the email previously

All the BEST to you!

Let's keep in touch even you are not blogging~

Its my great pleasure to know you~

Reading your blog is also my daily life~

Take care my dear friend!


Newyorkcitygirl said...

yes, my initial reaction was Noooo! because my day is not complete, without visiting your blog. Thank you so much,I eally enjoyed all your writings, all that you share about SS501. Love all the effort,time you shared. God bless you more!

Yen said...

When Unnie BB mentioned of ur plans sometime ago, I was a bit sad but then I do understand how time consuming it is to maintain such a blog as yours. It is very comprehensive and up to date and you've only got four hands and two minds.

When I learned that you were doing it finally tonight, I've kept on refreshing the page 'coz I really want to see it with my own eyes. I know I have to get to bed early, but I simply can't stay away from the computer without knowing. Anyways you were very prompt . Kekeke

Thank you for all the love you have shown to the boys and to TripleS. I'm pretty sure we haven't heard the last from you. We will all patiently await for the days you will hover back for a visit from Planet Hyun.

Our heartfelt thanks and hope to meet you in any SS501 event.

Anonymous said...

Your blog has truly led me deep into the world of SS501. It is a hard job keeping up with these five ever-active boys. I will miss checking this blog as one of the first things I do when I get on my computer everyday. Thank you and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

sad to know your stopping cause your one of my main source of SS501 updates but I understand what you mean about being unable to pull away from it cause they're just so addicting! haha! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! THANK YOU x1000!

Anonymous said...

so sad about reading this, i visited your blog everyday to get news about the boys,im going to miss this!!!
thank you very for all your pictures, videos,translations,infos and everything about these 5 boys(err, 5 men), esp. Young Saeng,my prince.
Thank you,圆圆동생, Young Saeng FOREVER!!!

wingwing said...

Hi both of you ^^,

This is wingwing... another blogger of SS501.
I think I started blogging a little bit eariler or maybe later then you.. can't remember..hehe
I never left a comment before.
Sorry for that, but beside blogging, I really don't have extra time for that.
But hearing that you are going to quit, really make me kind of sad... even though I really really understand about how hard to maintain a blog.
I also think of quitting almost everyday... but you know, it is really hard to make the decision.. seems like we are addicted
I think mostly is because of our love of SS501 and all the TS friends who support us.
I just want to let you know at the end I will support your decision even I will miss your blog
I did go to your blog sometimes for more information of our boys.
Since you live in a closer time zone with our boys than me... I will find some live update from your blog ..hehe
I also reposted some of your translation which you put great effort doing that... I really appreciate it.
Actually, I appreciate all the effort of SS501 blogger who use their precious time to help our boys.
I will keep trying my best to maintain my blog for now.
I am not sure how long I can keep it ...
Thank you so much for your longtime effort
Please enjoy your life ^_^

Hope to be friend with you too
my yahoo and email:

You can add me if you are willing to

take care

Anonymous said...

the moment i saw your comment about not flooding us with hjl pictures anymore starting today, i already felt that there was something more to that statement....

sure enough, when i saw your blog at around 12:10am, i knew i was right... and, before i even got to finish reading, tears were already flowing... i don't know... it just felt kind of like i am losing a friend all of a sudden...

ever since i stumbled upon this blog around sept, i was really grateful that i did not have to search for news of the boys anymore... all i had to do was go to miniufo and i'll get more than enough info and updates...

i really appreciate all you have done, esp for posting their english-subbed videos...

just like some of the others who have already commented, i was just a silent reader/stalker here... but, i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your blog... this was not just a daily morning dose for me but was a part of my daily life... i will surely miss it...

good luck to both of you and thanks again for all your hard work... mansae!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your blogging and sharing of SS501 news!! Is sad that you decided to stop blogging cos you are one of my 'must-go-everyday' sites for SS501 news, but in any case all the best!! :) Hope you would have a great balance between work and personal life :)

All for 규 ♥ said...

Hey Cagali~
grrr..I slept early last night and missed your 'farewell party'. ^^;;
But better late than never right?
I wanna say thank you for maintaining this great blog for the past 7 months. I can't remember since when we've got to know each other through translating of news and articles, it seems so long yet so short. But I am really glad I found you. Translating had been hard especially when there are too many articles floating around and too few (good) translators. Finding you is no doubt a great joy. Being a blogger is far more work than just being a moddie in a forum (i.e me). Because you had to update all from photos to vids to news..I always admire how you can manage to blog all those stuffs! Because I know I wont be able to do that.
Now that you've 'retired', have a good break and enjoy your life~
Remember that if u get bored, translate and share articles with me ok? ^^

Charity said...

Hi Cagali!
Thank you so much for everything that you have shared with us. I feel kinda sad cause you've been a part of my day. Anyway enjoy life to the fullest!

phtriples said...

I'm really sad to hear that you're quitting... i visit your site everyday and i want to thank you for all the effort you've put and all the hard work you've done especially in translating ss501 news. I know how hard it is to maintain a blog, it's your time away from work and personal life. And I know that it's a tough decision. I hope you realize that you've made a lot of people (including me) happy. Any news from the boys always makes our day complete.

WE respect your decision. Hope that sometimes you can still provide translations, if and only if your schedule permits you of course. Good luck in your endeavors in life. I know this is NOT the last we're going to see of you. After all, once a Triple S, always a Triple S, right? Thank you! And Good Luck!

- Kate

fifa said...

hi cagali and yuanyuan...

first and foremost,thanks for all the updates that you have given to us.i start liking and being so addict to this group earlier this year and that was also the time i stumbled upon your blog.

honestly i think this is one of the most updated blog (he3..actually i only read 2 blogs only). i think everytime i click into your blog i'll find new news about the boys (everytime i mean at least 10 times a day) and sometimes i wonder how much difficulties you have to face in order to keep this blog alive.

there goes one of my daily dosage...but hey,life must go on for you, for me and for all of us(i think i'm going to miss you and your ufo).

lastly...thank kyu so much for all you works...have a wonderful life ahead ;)muaaaah


Summer A. said...

thankss for everything:DD
i guess the news had to be out eventually:(
K.I.T. through mail alright:D
maybe you might decide to comeback from planet hyun one day^^

234changle said...

What I want to say is THANK YOU!!!!
Support any decision you made.
Have a happy each day!
Please come back to this blog (I'll still check it regularly, haha) and please drop some notes. Just share your thought, just meet your friends, just have fun. Hope to see you again. Miss you much!

Goonao said...

ohhh T-T i´m so sad !! thanks for your work ! we miss you

kelemama said...

Dear Cagali & 圆圆동생,

Thanks for bringing so much love, smiles, laughter, tears and lots more to us Triple S.

Although I was prepared since yesterday, but after reading this, I still couldn't help feeling teary-eyed now.

I will still be back to read through all your posts. :D

Hope you two can spend time for yourselves and live life the way you want it. Stay happy!!! :D

miyo said...

Thank you for spending your time and efforts providing information for all of us out here.
Wishing you on all the best and finally, you can have a good rest and spend more quality time for yourself! ^^

rin said...

Hi! I was so suprised about your today's entry...
Because it's my daily delight time to see you blog!!!
But I can understand what you said...
Your daily life and work is needs to be first.
Get your priorities straight!!

Just thank you from bottom of my heart!!!
Thank you for all your great efforts to share our lovely boys information!!!
As I'm Japanese who cannot understand Korean well,
your English translation helps me a lot!!!!
I'm looking forward I can see you soon somewhere...!
Take care of your health too^ ^
Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just started to read your blog a month ago and I really love it ^^ We all know that how difficult it is to manage a blog.. Hope that you two will be back one day even just a short post ^^

Joongbo4ever said...

Dear Cagali,

Thank you, thank you so much!
*me teary eyes now!*
so so sad, but yet know that must not be selfish and let you go ..
(harbouring hope of your return .)

you are not blogging, but not closing this blog right? still accessible to us right? intend to come often to feast on joongie and the rest.

I respect your decision and only wish you the best that your life will bring. I believe each and everyone of us need to find our balance in life. Life is one shot! Live with no regret!

Wish you success in all your future endeavours and happiness and joy in doing the things that you treasure.

And a BIG THANK YOU to you!
you are truly a gem in my fangirly trip with HyunJoong!

Saranghaeyo .. Bless You!

Anonymous said...

hello cagali! i'm zoelle from Quainte :D

i've been viewing this blog often for the live updates on SS501's Persona and also for SS501's pictures kekeke XD

thanks for all your hard works in translating & posting pictures! will miss this place very much! (:

good luck in your work and take care; Hwaiting!! :D

Anonymous said...

I just can't help it but cry. I was sudden upon reading the recent post. It was just this year ( January ) I found this blog. Everyday that then ... i always open this blog to view updates and other news about SS501. This blog has been already part of my daily life. I'm really sad. But I do understand. Thanks a lot guys for all the wonderful things you've shared to all SS501 fans/TripleS. Really appreciate it. Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

carollalala said...

hi cagali, this blog of yours is the first blog that i read about info of SS501.. it's the top result on the google search engine..
before this, i'm living on a mountain and never knew that there's such thing called a fan blog..
but your blog is more than just a fan blog.. your generous sharing had drawn and kept many SS501 fans together..
i believe that it is a harder decision to make to stop blogging than to start it initially..
though sad, i still feel happy for you that you will be able to strike a balance to your personal blog..
i believe that your love for the boys will not fade with time as long as you are still living on Planet Hyun..
Thank you and take care always.. ^.^

Hi Yuan Yuan,
i really enjoyed all the cute conversations / interactions that you had with Cagali all these while..
your strong love for YS is also greatly felt..

To Cagali & Yuan Yuan,
though it's such a waste that this blog had stopped but maybe it's time for all the fans to take one step back and take a break..

Looking forward to your comeback ya! ^.^

christine said...

Thank you for your time, love and effort you put into this blog so that we can enjoy the latest news about SS501. Coming here have become a norm and I will feel the vacuum. However, agreed that if it affects your work and family life, you have our support in your decision. Wish you happiness and live well. Continue to be with us in loving SS501.
Thank you Cagali and Yuan Yuan.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I feel like someone puched me in my heart when I read that u r stopping. I understand this blog is taking up too much of your time and I really appreciate all that you've done!

My suggestions - instead of blogging extensively why not blog selectively. Of course all of us would like to literally living with the boys but we know it's impossible.

I'm not saying goodbye to u cause i'm waiting for your return and we still waiting for news on ss501 contract renewal , no? :)

Shuting._. said...

hey..its sad that you are going to stop blogging about the boys le..
but nonetheless,thank you for bringing so much news and updates on the boys(:

hyungjunbaby said...

Oh no! We just found your blog last month and it has been a must read everyday!! What will we do now??

We will miss you guys immensely and would like to say thanks for bringing us news about the boys all this while and hoping you will be back soon.

Kikilala and Leoda13

marge0256 said...

Hi to the both of you,

I know I sent an email already. (I hope you would still check your email for the blog, since its there that I emailed you) But I still can't express how sad to see your decision. Things happen for a reason, and I know that retiring from blogging wont stop you to love the boys. Thank you for everything.

I hope to still hear from the both of you, that's why I emailed you. Hope to see you around. Take care. Good luck to the both of you! All hardwork is very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

It's sad that you are going to stop blogging anymore. I understand you.

Everyday I always find time to read your blog to know what new with our boys especially Leader.

Thank you for everything.

We will surely miss you.

Good Luck and God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know how to convey my message well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you and thank you and thank you.

I wish you happiness and all the best..

myoce said...

Oh ! I feel like a wonderful planet has shut down. I am lost like others here. Your blog is the first one I click on everyday.

But I understand very well.

Cagali, thank you so much for bringing us Triple S lots of Joy and happiness through your blog. I really appreciate all that you've done. Also my thanks to Yuanyuan.

Wishing you won't disappear completely...and wishing you well in everything you do.

Love, myoce

Anonymous said...

thanks for blogging me daily!!
ur news are really prompt and u have giving so much love to those boys!
and i understand life must go on!!!
keep going and everyone gives u supoort as well~
we will waiting for ur back!

take care!

Anonymous said...

i will miss u, oh where can i find news about lovely boys except u..?
i hope the best for u.

thx for all the joy and fun that u give to us. thx for all hardwork u have done to serve us.

thx for everything.
my heart is crying but i support ur decision. goodluck, dear..

lavender said...

So sorry to hear that you are stopping blogging, your site has been my (my friend's too) daily stops (embarrassed to say how many times a day) for SS501 vitamine dose in the last 7 months. I was so overjoyed when found your blog then. But I respect and support your decision, it for sure takes a lot of time and energy to keep up with the boys, so many news, photos, video, we are so grateful to you for putting everything here for us English-speaking oversea fan. We will miss you, stay health, and be happy.

Anonymous said...

For last 5 months your blog has been my homw page. Every time I access in the Internet, your blog is the first place I surf. I can get everything - all news, vids, pics of SS and eps, Hyun Joong oppa from your blog.
What to do now?

I'm so sorry for being silent all the time, dare not to leave comment before even just to say how grateful I'm.

Before it's too late, wanna say this:

666X501 tons of thank you for all of your hard working and sharing for last 7 months.

Surely your love for SS501 oppa does not stop here. Having you somewhere still following SS501 is enough for me.

Thank you thank you thank you................

Please enjoy your time not being a blogger.
Wish you best things in everything you do!


Anonymous said...

I respect your decision. Thank you for all the wonderful posting and updates that you do!! =D
Thank you very much!! And all the best in whatever you do next!

pandora501 said...

Hi Cagali & 圆圆동생,

I've been stalking your blog daily(sometimes more than once a day) for my dose of SS501 updates, and just wanted to bid you bye for now. Thanks for all the updates on the boys, & best of luck for the future!

leehuien said...

Miniufo, thanks for all the updates! We all know it had been hard for you! Thank you x 501 times! For always being the faster uploader in the whole world! haha. :D

Rest well, and we'll be waiting for your COMEBACK!

P.S> selfish request of mine: Please keep this blog!! heehee, i want the Music High widget! Omg, i sound so selfish! ): Mianhae and Kumawo! XD

Thanks again for being sucha great blogger! :D

trina said...

Hi Cagali & Yuan Yuan,

Thanks so much for all your great efforts & time in sharing updated info about SS501 in your blog. Visiting your blog for the latest news on the boys has already become part of my daily routine for the past few months. I will definitely miss your blogging.

Though it's so sad to know that you've decided to stop blogging, I do understand your difficulties and respect & support your decision. You've done a marvellous job in your blog & it's greatly appreciated by all of us.

Wish you happiness, good health & success. Thank You & take care ♥

~Carrot~ said...

Whole day was depressed. Felt further away from SS501 already..
I don't know you and you don't know me but because of SS501 I've grown to love you.
This is the one blog that I'd check more than 3 times a day. Thank you soo sooo much! I'm really grateful. You brought SS501 closer to me and made me feel that they're not a whole world away.
If this is what you wanna do then it's ok. Lastly: take care always and remember the 501days together!

Ms. Y-mini said...

Thank you for your wonderful work! This is a great achievement you have devoted to SS501 fans international wide.
Thank You (Mahalo in Hawaiian)
Good luck, long life, and happy forever. Hope one day UFO will return to earth!

Fellyz said...

Hi Mini UFO & 圆圆동생,

It's really sad to know u're going to stop blogging.
Visiting ur blog has become my daily routines.
Because of ur blog, I can keep following SS501 new updates n photos. I really love ur blog. Suddenly read this info, I was totally shocked n sad.
But however, I respect ur decision. Everyone has right to seek their freedom.
Thanks for bringing so much joy and happiness in this short 7 months period. And also thanks for ur effort to sacrifice sooo much time to gather all the news, photos, videos of our lovely SS501.
Million thanks ^^
Hope both of u can enjoy ur time, live happily, and stay healthy.

God blesses u all and take care~~~

bulsiri said...

Hi.. It's time to say good bye and a big thank you from my heart. Because of your blog, I know SS501 better and really fall in love with them.. Take care : )

Q said...

This blog is one of my MUST GO site every day.
Sad to hear that UFO and Yuen Yuen ssi will stop blogging here. However, I will fully respect and support your decision and you guys already contributed soooo much to us!!! Thanks again for everything.

As long as our passion on the same person (or group), I believe we will see you two again somewhere and sometime.

Best wished and take care :)

p.s. my word verification for this comment started with "sad" :(

min said...

I've found your blog just a few weeks ago.I've been amazed that here are so many information about SS501.Since then I came to here everyday to update SS501.The translation is really the nice one,cuz many vids didn't have sub...
I know blogging is really a tiring event,especially you update so much information.It's so sad that you stop blogging in the future.But health is more important.Take good use of your personal time,and keep supporting SS501 in your mind:).

dydy said...

Hi mini ufo! I have always been reading your blog since last year when you started it. I must say that your blog is really great! there is just so much info abt ss501 and always so updated. I understand that you have been doing your best keeping this blog up and balancing it with ur personal life and work, it must not have been easy. even though its a pity that you are closing, but the joy and memories you have brought to us with ur blog is immeasurable and i thank you sincerely for that. hope that all your followers and you will continue to support ss501 no matter what, and jiayou for you too! fighting!

Anonymous said...

Although I wanna say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,
I still agree your decision.......
Hope you could have your healthy life and sometimes you could come back to update this web site.
THANK YOU SO MUCH that we could have so much fast information from SS501 in English and let me practice Engligh, haha.
Anyway, THANK YOU AND TAKE CARE!!! I'll miss you~~~

Honeyeee said...

Hello Mini UFO & 圆圆동생~
It feels so empty without my daily dosages from SS501UFO :(
But oh wells, i respect your decision and am thankful for all the hard work you've put in this blog so that TS around the world is closely updated on the boys. You know you've been awesome and we all love you as much as we love the boys right? :)
Meanwhile, do take care of yourself and perhaps... a comeback some time in the future? ^^

Keep safe & healthy and enjoy your stay in PlanetHyun ^-^v

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk..
You guys choose the hiatus period of the boys to stop, afraid that i when May comes, then the 501 flood's back, won't be able to land off?? ==

Ok, take care then~~ *wave*

Actually, watching you Cagali drive ufo away is sad ;(
You provided us with so much valuable translations from Chinese,, also like the way how no video escape your post..
I’ve enjoyed the thought that Yuanyuan also loves youngsaengie, always have smiles on when Yuanyuan mentioning him -_-

But what should be done should be done.(!)
You’ve been thinking about stopping since last year.. yet still try get us updated about the boys;) (it've been at least four months, wasn't it?)
In fact, during the latest personas, you guys work even more effective, really appreciate your effort, and really feel gratitude
Did you guys trudged through a lot?? Sorry and thank yu ;)

Not because you stop blogging that you love them no more, right?? When you have free time, don’t forget to drop by places of them, have conversation with other fans, everybody will surely miss you guys a lot ;>

Sugaranne said...

I admire you - Cagali and Yuan Yuan,you have united us fans of SS501 and we truly appreciate you two being selfless - devoting time and lots of efforts just to keep us updated on our dear boys and making a lot of us happy. We will definitely miss you.

Take care and hopeful you will come back :)

Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

it's really sad that u going to stop blogging, coz u are my main station for ss501's news..
i will definately miss it..thanks for all the time that u had devoted, i believe we will respect your decision..

all the best! :D

Anonymous said...

huu it's really sad..but can u give me another link tht post any bout ss501??but make sure tht it is always up to date like yours!!plizzz.. -malaysia-

*~*eizra said...

thank you,
terima kasih..

gud luck.

Jericho said...

Well done Mini UFO & 圆圆동생!

~Carrot~ said...

Even though already found lots of otehr blogs but still can't remove this one from 2nd place on my favs bar...

Libra Dolce said...

I'll be missing you.. Thanks for putting all your efforts just to make other TripleS happy by reading your blog.. Only god can repay your kindness.. ;-)

Hope you'll be enjoying your life and wishing you all the best!! =D

Thanks again!! SS501 fighting!!~~ Triple S fighting!!~~

chaez said...

Cagali and Yuan Yuan dongsaeng..

thanKYU a lot for your hardworks..
the time when you started this blog, is also around the time me (and my sis) become triple s. your blog is our 1st source info about SS501. and since that day, we constantly visiting this blog.. we sure will miss this blog a lot. but i respect your decision.. i'm happy for you too that you get your free time back.. sometimes i do wonder 'wow, it's updated everytime! isn't that tiring?' i glad that you decide to resting from blogging.. and i know even if you stop, your love towards SS501 will remain the same.
i'm waiting for your comeback! i hope at that time you can juggle time well between blogging and life&works.. take care and i wish you good luck! see you anywhere!

Triple S Love,

PS: this is my mail, if wanna befriend with me (=^o^=) (applies for twitter too^^)

Anonymous said...

the first thing that i do when i on my computer is checking your blog.... plsssssssss dont stop.......

Anonymous said...

hi.. everyday I check your blog for updates.. and I'm really sad about this news. It's just bec. I notice that a lot of you (hurmutube, shirbogirl, itsaurus) are all exhausted. anyway, you're right anything that affects your personal activity daily living should be swept away or something like that. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE EFFORTS and GOOD LUCK TO YOUR PERSONAL CAREER. TRIPLE S will always love you.. <3

kittyabby said...

thank you cagali for all the things and time you had devoted in your blog, cos it's the place for us to share ss501 info. and it's really sad to know you're going to stop blogging, will definately miss it.But anyway will respect your decision..

Anonymous said...

i've been a follower of your blog since last year..and it is really so sad to know that you are going to stop it,.but then i respect your decision.,i'll be missing your blog, it has become my hobby to browse your blog every morning and before i go to sleep,.your blog is really the best for me,.you have given so much effort just to updates all triple s every where.,thank you for all the updates and hard work.,

..if you have time please visit and post something again on your blog..honestly i am nit really a reader until the time i've found your site.,i have become a good reader now because of all the news you have provided..THANK YOU AGAIN..

Please comeback soon..and god bless...

Anonymous said...

oh no... T T
this is my fave blog.. T T
but yeah, i respect your desicion..
this is an awesome blog, cagali..
and you are an awesome blogger..
thanks for your hardwork..
thanks for everything...
*wave from dsplove world*

thank you.. ^^

♥Carrot♥ said...

Already missing you...
Add me on MSN plz
wanna be your friend. :)

Anonymous said...

hey. i've been following your blog for SS501 updates for a year now. and i am sad that you've been too occupied by it that it has taken over your personal life. however, i am sad that i wouldnt be able to get some good updates on ss501 anymore. thanks for all your hardwork. really do appreciate it. thanks a lot. hope you will continue blogging one day.

aNnA said...

I want to thank you for always updating TS around the world about SS501. I hope time will come that you continue blogging about them. Thanks a lot and enjoy life :)

Anonymous said...

from the bottom of my heart i really want to thank you for all your efforts..honestly speaking the first site that i would go to as soon as the computer starts is going to miss you..but i know how hard it is for you to balance your time..

thank you very much for everything..:)

JUSTINA said...

Thank you for your effort.
I appreciate how you update us with news about SS501.
I am happy that I have found this blog which provides me so much good information and videos.
I'm sure it will be hard to find another website which will provide so much like yours.
Thanks you all lot for your hard work all this time.

naddhea said...

cagali unnie & 圆圆동생 unnie :)

i feel a lil bit sad after hearing that this blog going to be stopped .
but after i read your reason , finally i can understand .
it must be hard for maintaining such a great blog like this and doing your work as usual :)

i really want to say gamsahamnida for you unnie *bows*
thank you for your hard work until now :D
really appreciate it .
you put others aside so you can share any SS news for other triple S .
you have done really great unnie :')

once again . thanks for your awesome blog .
and thanks for your hard work :)
hope someday you'll blogging again^^
guess i have to find another blog that as great as this is . keke

once more , SaengKyu unnie :')

Luvit08 said...

Gonna miss're my ss501 dose everyday...I respect ur decision, well be such crazy obsess over ss501 esp saengie will never end.I knew what do u feels somehow, when it comes to personal life and works, it's hard to deal with all this...Just hope u will comeback to blog when you got leisure times and continues to spread your love and passion to our boys...well, thanks for everything, I had such a happy moments with ur blog for almost 7 months^^
Wish u the best in your life and I know we greenpeas are always keep support our boys^___~

Anonymous said...

I know it is very difficult for you to blog such great contents. thank you very much for your effort. i also want to stop blogging my bolg for ss501. because it let me can not have private life.
so. take care and thank you very much again.

sugaresh said...

Aigoo... :( I'm gonna miss this blog a lot. huhu~ Anyway, thank you for all the precious things you've shared on our boys. Thank you for all the hard work!

SS501UFO fighting! SS501 Aja! ^_^


helen said...

though i can't be the 100th visitor to leave the message in here...but still want to ask:

could i get any prize????!!!! as i'm the 107th visitors to leave comment.. how about leader's pic? or leader's video?
...hhahhaaahhaa...just kidding!!!!

Visited this valuable blog is my habit from mid-Aug 2009 till
today......visited while i took breakfast every morning, visited after
lunch and visited before went to sleep.....Mini UFO, yuan yuan, cagali and
圆圆동생 to compensate my "lost" sin???!!!!! hahahaaahahaaa..just

though there are so many "hahhahahahhahhaa"...i really want to cry, just
don't want to let my tears show in front of my "crazy" boss!!!!

honest speaking...really learnt a lot from both of to balance my
mind to judge/face some critical point of to get
more information about leader/SS501 from other website...both of you are my
good mentors...that i can't learn from HK....really deeply thanks from
bottom of my heart...

okay.. okey....i assume mini ufo need to make some maintenance and enlarge
it's size in order to pick up all of us to meet leader / SS501 in one
day...i'm sure this fantastic blog will be re-opened very soon!!!! as i
have a will come true..i'm sure!!! i'm sure!!!

take good care both of excuse to sleep late la.....

With all best wishes!!!!

helen from HK

P.S. do hope the other TWO Helens from Vancouver and Taiwan will leave
message at the same time...very funny screen!!!!

ivy said...


Anonymous said...

Awww MiniUFO T_T I love this blog! I want to thank YOU and everyone who has helped on everything. All the hard work that you all have done for us fans. I wish you the best, take great care of yourself and get much sleep ^_^ Thank you again MiniUFO!

Nower501 said...

Thanks for updating us, TripleS , all these while. I think you all have did a marvellous job. Take care of yourself and all the best to you. you blog rocks!

SS501 and SS501UFO fighting!!:DDD
Thank you.

ivy said...









19frantze said...

waaaahhh... *shocked..shocked*..
don't know what to say...just
thanks so much for the updates...
i really like this of the best..i'll really really really miss it..!!!
wish u all the best in life..

jazryn said...

it's sad to know that you are going to stop blogging.. have been reading your blog since last year.. you really provide GREAT information to SS501 fans!! really very grateful to you! without this blog, I might not know of alot of information on SS501! you will be dearly missed! all the best to you for whatever you will be doing in the future! neomu kamsahamnida! gomawoyo!~

Anonymous said...

it is my fav blog!! i got lots of updates from here!!starting from now on i ll be missing MINI UFO
thanks for everything
gud luck

Anonymous said...

DON'T LEAVE T__________________T

Dang said...

Hi Caliga and Yuan Yuan,
It's sad to know that you stopped blogging. But, i do support your decision.
I've been your fan since last year, "clicking on" has become my daily habit. I will miss you. Whenever i read about, you know who, i will think of you, who did the translation of my most fav. article. Really appreciate!!!
Thank you very much for all your time and hard work in updating. I love your blog, i will definately come back here to view all the wonderful vids, photos, articles... again. Hope to see you sometimes here/around.
All the best to both of you.
Thank you and take care

Hui En said...

Oh no..i have been following this blog for months, and its my main source of info about SS501. I know that you have put in alot of time and effort into maintaining this blog, and its really hard. Thankyou! I hope you will update this blog again in the future =)

I just feel sad that my favourite blog will not have updates anymore =(

Anonymous said...


why dont all the blogs combine? can share the load? i'm just a recent fan not long. so i've no idea where to get all the info from. sorry, i cant be of much help.

please dont go? T^T

jupjuppy said...

ottoke!!!??? I'm so saddddd that this is happening, hao ke xi ah. HOWEVER, I also recognise the importance for you to get your life back on track! and I, just like the others, respect that.

miniufo, I just want to thank you and I appreciate the time and effort you have taken to keep this blog alive! I wished I have told you much much earlier, how much I've enjoyed your blog and not here, where you're at your last post.

it really is so, hao ke xi ah.

anyways! I wish you all the best! enjoy life enjoy the moments which you have missed out and continue to bask in the time with your loved ones!

by the way, I hope you'd make a comeback one day and maybe, just maybe another post would come forth, whenever you're ready, packed with fresh ideas of putting news together and have found ways to keep your balance in reality.

Never say never aye?


Kim Tu said...

although I dont ever want you to stop this blog cause it has been my daily webpage, I cant live without coming here once a day :P
I understand that you had to put a lot of time and effort to this posting and translating and many stuffs just for our information-need of ss501. Just want u to know that u did a fabulous job, really really thankful to you
Go back to your normal life with the passion of ss501~~ we still support them until the end~~
Thank you again~
Mini Ufo hwaiting~~

Lynette said...

Hi i just wanna say, im really sad to know you won't be blogging anymore. Just as with the newspapers, I've also recently become accustomed to visiting your blog regularly. Nonetheless, i can never thank you enough for all the effort put into maintaining this blog. Your posts are awesome and always updated with the latest news. i always marvel at how you manage to get all the sources of rare pictures and videos. I respect your wish to free up more time for your personal life, all the best in your endeavours. Enjoy yourself as you run through all your posts again-Im sure these fruits of your labour will taste extremely sweet.

Jennifer said...

Dear Cagali,

Just wanna to say thankyou to you. You are the one who answer my doubts for the photobook signing in Bkk.

And thankyou for all the wonderful translations, pictures and videos. I've saved your blog in my favourites already. So I'll come here and read your blogs. :D

Do take care and come back to blog again. :D

uber_ellen said...

That's sad to hear .... this is my first time blogging ...... anyway, I have read most of your works ... and because of you we learn more about these boys ........ I understand the time consumed in keeping a blog, much more to do translations and stuffs too ... all these are done out of love ... and it's really very gracious of you to do all these ...... we are very thankful for everything you have shared with us ........ I wish you the best in your career, in your life ...and yes ...... we will continue to support the boys ....... rest assured of that .......


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your hardwork, you were my everyday update to the boys!I'm sure you were busy with all SS501 activities coming up lately. I understand you and will always support your blog! It was the best ever and the fastest update of all!
I hope we will see you again sometimes, thanks for keeping the blog open to everyone still,
Will miss your updates, love SS501,
Take care,

arty said... is very hard to accept this.I am the one who read read read and never posted any comment. At the time you are leaving I would like to express my thanks to you for all news, pictures, VDO,etc.. about our belove 5 boys you have been updated and shared to us. I repect your decision and wish your life full of healthy & happiness as much as the hapiness you have given to all of us...
Thanks again and take care..
My tear is coming out..really...

Anonymous said...

would you consider coming back if there're 501 comments?


Anonymous said...

Hi there,i am a silent reader too. Went for a camp a few days back and didn't manage to get the chance to visit this blog.Really sad to hear it as the very first post that i had seen since last 1 week ago.You have been the best blogger ever,i always relies on you for videos and our handsome 5 princes pictures and information.Just want to say a BIG Thank You for your hard work. 감사합니다!Will still visit this blog everyday and hope you might come back to blog again.
Will miss your post,
SS501 and SS501UFO Hwiating!

yiijiia said...

ii wan UFO~ =(

there reall alot silent reader..
im also 1 too.. hahaz.. we all reall hope u will come back & post again..

we all miizz u lots..
bye~ T.T

LBG25 said...

Love you always. Thanks so muchh for your hard work and dedication all these while.

Thank you! Kamsahamnida! Xiexie! Terima Kasih!

Muackzz. ^_^

Oh, send us 'postcards' once in a while from PlanetHyun ok? :P

peppermint501 said...

It's so sad to hear that you won't be blogging anymore...wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

Big thank you for all your hard work, I know it's not easy, a lot of blood, sweat & tears were shed for this blog. But everything you've done were very much appreciated by all SS501 lovers...

I hope you consider blogging from time to time (if you have spare time of course!) *wishful thinking* =P

You've been such an instrument in promoting our Double S Prince's to the world & help unite Green Pea Princesses all over the globe through your updates!

SS501 Fighting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work and effort during the past months...

Hope to see you around other SS501 related blogs even though you have to stop here..

All the best!

gee_0808 said...

Mini UFO..your blog had been a constant source of happiness for me in terms of my SS501 quest for updates. Ever since, you never fail to amaze me with your dedication to spread TripleS love.

I am sad that you had to let this blog go..but then, I still wish you well and maybe in the near future, when everything in your life is balanced will continue this blog post..

Kansahamnida.. and see you soon (I hope!)

carletMa said...

As much as I respect and support your decision , this truly saddens me. My love for the boys would not have been as much as it is if I have not stumbled upon this site. I sincerely thank you both for your hardwork and generosity.
I wish you good health and success in your future endeavors.

yas said...

I'm very sad you off..,
it's a big losing for tripleS
but thanks a lot for ur hard working..,
if you have time, visit me @ my youtube channel:

from Indonesia

ZiLeTea said...

thanks for all the hard work.....i support ur decision. But can anyone recommend any other blog or website that provide infomation of SS501 like miniUFO??????

raHmie vaN pErsiE's bLog said...

huaaaaaaa its so saaadd T_T
when i have no time checking ur blog, i feel something missing >.<
n now u'll not blogging again hiks..

hope u will back again..
triple S always missing u..!!!
thanks a lot for ur very hard working... ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work...
it's kinda sad...but let's keep on supporting the guys ^^ i know you will !!
Thank you..

rachelleo said...

As much as I would selfishly want you to continue. I could not deny the fact that your life is practically wasted here on the internet. Do meet ups with people who love SS501 more often rather then meeting them on the net. This is a blog which I will not miss daily. Gonna be uneasy without this blog. Your decision to stop is a pain for you as much as it's a pain for us all reading. Wish you all the best with SS501 as part of you not all of you. May you have a more fulfilled life spending quality time with the people around you.

marydewitt said...

Goodbye mini ufo SS501, CNN..,,Hope u will have a good rest.

Belle said...

Dear Cagali,
I will truely miss this mini UFO as I've been seeing this UFO zipping around for quite a while. A piece will be missing from my heart, but I do undestand and respect your decision. Thank you for sharing and spreading your love for SS501. I still hope to spot your MiniUFO zipping by sometime, somewhere.

Am happy you will keeping this blog as is as I will be coming back often to revisit as there are so much treasure here to discover and enjoy.

Take care and have loads of fun in the real world, dear. Thanks to all those who helped update this blog one way or another.

^^ Belle

Anonymous said...

oh no
so sad to know that u quit blogging
i really2 love your blog with so many information about ss501 until i make ur blog as my homepage..
seems like i have to change my homepage starting from now on..
anyway, thanks for the sharing info that you have been given all this while.
thanx a lot! ^^,


shirbogurl said...

Y_Y cagali and 圆圆언니 (not 동생) hehe...we all quit already =(
圆圆언니...thanks for all the help. sorry i thought i replied ur yt message but didnt...sorry hehe

cagali...thanks for all the hard work. u've united a lot of ts here on ur blog. take the rest u deserve. if wanna come bak one day, then tell me then i might comeback too!! haha slim chance though~~ hehe now u r one closer to treating 圆圆언니 to something!! hehe

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...



Mini UFO had already told me abt it, but but u didnt reply me 2times already o('∩')o

Hyung's heart is piercing with the 140 Comment.. as a dongsaeng, i noe i noe...
*My Bad to support Hyung to encore*
*Take tissue to HYUNG*

Shirley dongsaeng, ur supporter will stress on My Hyung becos of ur words.

Hyung Owe me alot of CURRY TREAT, wait so long already._.

Mini UFO said...

Mini UFO peek frm PlanetHyun.... *too far can't hear what dongsaeng-duel say*

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...

i have to use this method to make u fly back to earth?

-youngsaeng ^^ said...

A bit late?
But hope you two can catch up on all the videos you two uploaded but never watched. ^^
Goodbye, and thanks for all the updates which are really lightning speed fast ^^

shirbogurl said...

haha miniufo can hear us totally!!! planethyun is not that far from planetkyu so u can hear me haha

awww i dont get a curry treat?!?! i want chicken rice treat!! haha yes i love sg chicken rice!! hehe

no pressure hyungs!! u got more supporters than i do...don't worry. now we all go encore together hehe time to laugh our heads off w all those old videos hehe

Mini UFO said...

I din even watch before their debut video. And also Leader's Star Secret, champagne, Chocolate, 6 sense, Star King, Maknae's MBC Game, Jung Minnie Life Theatre & What women want, Kyu's Golden Cookery, Persona Concert fancams, all I never watch before....

*take tissue wipe tears T______________T*

I think by then I watched finish is already next yr

Mini UFO said...


U come Singapore lar. I treat u as many chicken rice u wan.... ^^

Or u wan me send u recipe + ingredients? ^^

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...

u come SG, i treat u SG chicken rice :D

nowadays wan to find old video oso hard, so many YT user got ban... T_________T i need to go Youku/tudou ahhhhhhhhhhhh

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...


Take tissue cry tgt.. but i better than u abit, i watch chocolate & 6sense + atleast 1st 5sec of the persona fancam.

arrah501 said...

oh . . . this blog is awesome ... Iam sad you won't blog anymore . .i even put this blog's link on my facebook . . so that i can have easy access on it, and help share this blog with my friends . . .

Wish you goodluck . . I hope you can come back again in blogging . . .


shirbogurl said...

haha Hyungs...i'm a lil better cuz i watched chocolate!! haha

圆圆hyung...the first 5 sec TOTALLY KNOW WHAT U MEAN!! hahaha the ones u told me to go grab...not even 5 sec!! haha
yeupp we post and never watch hehe i've only REALLY watch the ones i sub

shirbogurl said...

oooo 153 now...leave the 154th one and 圆圆hyung is closer to curry!! haha

yeah i wanna go to sg again...if i go please take me to eat chicken rice. i love love love love it!!! hehe also ice cream wrap in sweet bread...ahhh i'm making myself hungry here...ahh ::flying bak to planetkyu::

Mini UFO said...

hmm.... I tot I am the only one with a MiniUFO... how come u can fly hur? u fly using wat hur??

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...


*take curry pour on Shirley head*
actually not watch 1st 5sec, but listen to 1st 5sec just to copy the embedded code T________T

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your blogs brought a lot of happiness to me and I check it every day at least once. I will still come to your blog every day and will always remember your hard work that has united Triple S together! Really thank you so much :D

shirbogurl said...

miniufo....u fly w ufo i fly w "wings of the world"!! haha =.=|||

圆圆hyung...wahh curry poured on my head!! yummy~~ haha i watch first 2 sec then jump to 30 sec mark to watch for 1 sec. have to look at video quality too!! haha

圆圆동생 o(∩_∩)o said...

u remind me of seoul encore live update... totally shame of myself cos i dunno the song "confession"
make me wanted to immed press the stop button and encore on the spot

*but hor... there is some1 who thou "again" = "never again"

the fancam i train till i listen 3sec i know the song name ><"

Anonymous said...

hi cagali n yuan yuan,
first of all, i would like to thank both of ur time, efforts on updating me on ss501 esp leader.i found this wonderful blog last sept and has been my NO.1 site to visit i still have the habit of clicking the blog now,glad that the blog will still be around. Just my wish that maybe after awhile, i will see both of u around again.From the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank both of u again.

Anonymous said...

hi cagali n yuan yuan,
first of all, i would like to thank both of ur time, efforts on updating me on ss501 esp leader.i found this wonderful blog last sept and has been my NO.1 site to visit i still have the habit of clicking the blog now,glad that the blog will still be around. Just my wish that maybe after awhile, i will see both of u around again.From the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank both of u again.

meiko said...

Whyyyyyyy Whyyy???

Recently!!I just meet u ..u get away me

T^T~ saddd sadddd
I like your blog so much
u update so fast
and as NEWS so high Quality

all News about SS501

T^T~ ohhhhh so saddddd
I try to comment all this Text I focuz

Becos my Eng not good ... I afraid u read ma comment don't understand

T^T ~~ I will miss me T^T~
If Free time ,cound U visit or my website that once time ..i will hpy

^^ ~ byebye

hwangtaekyung said...

thank you :] and goodbye :[ huhu sad >.<

tsunami said...

even though i found out you quit since today, i've come back to "check" for new updates more than 5 times today! it's too much of a habit :) i'll continue checking your blog everyday, rest assured i won't forget you! hopefully you can make a comeback sometime in the near future! :)
thank you for all your updates, miniufo. i really appreciate the time and effort you've put in for the blog. ss501 hwaiting!

heizelle said...

im really sad :( im gonna miss u and ur blog... but maybe u need to rest too.. take care always... im here to support... i really love ur blog :( take care...

emz said...

Cagali, 165 comments later, i still wanna give you a big hug and thank you for all you have done. to satisfy our appetite for the boys. its your endless giving and sharing that enables so many of us including me to know whats happening to the boys. and so many hrs spend bringing the news through this wonderful space you have created. i have experienced your love for them here and the many comments you have made. its sad to know u r stopping one of the things i believe you love doing most. but i believe with many others here as well that you will return back here. some day. to carry on your legacy. :) take care. hope to get to know you more.

Anonymous said...

hi cagali!

thank YOU and your partners for doing up this blog and sharing so many wonderful stuffs on the boys! this blog is actually my "one-stop shop" for information..

nonetheless, respect your decision.. rest is needed and health is impt.. :)

so, i'll see you when i see you.. :p

le gra,

HYS♥ said...

Thank you for the blog anyway.
I'm sad that you are stopping :(
How am I going to watch the other videos of SS501 :(
I'm soooo lazy to find other blog like this.
Hais, I don't know I can survive with SgTripleS forum alone..
But, never mind.
Thanks for everything :)

snoopy said...


Though knowing tis blog has stopped since I learn the sad news finger still taking the least hope to click again..its a habit..I think...Really going to miss the blogging here...

No matter how late I come back home from a tiring work day, outing, I will definitely come to miniufo block for my "vitamin"...

Looking at the latest news, reading the exchange messages...

Nevertheless, wanna say a big thank you to all...this have been a great site...will still continue to come by to catch up wif the many precious stories n memories...

Take good care...

완링 said...

Ur blog is my daily diary...I have the urge to cry when i saw this post =(((
I only find entertainment every night here..=((
너무 감사합니다..

Jaezel said...

MiniUFO has been my favorite site when it comes to ss501. I can easily read updates here. Because of MiniUFO, I've known ss501 more.. Now that you'll stop blogging, no more eng subs for jung min's human theatre and videos of Hyung jun's MBC game.. Hope i could find another blogsite like MiniUFO. I'm so sad. This site has been part of my life,. I see to it that I always visit this site everyday though I have to do so many things.... I hope just like me, always find time to read the blogs. but if that's your decision. Fine,, I'm gonna accept it.. It's just so sad... By the way, I would like to thank you, a big thank you, because you're like a bridge to me that connects me to ss501 world, without this blogsite, I cannot know ss501 more. job well done!. really thanks for everything.. I'll just get updates in quainte501...Again, thank you and goodbye! we will miss your numbers of blogs everyday. I really admire you for having the power toknow almost everything about ss501... ahh, I feel like crying, don't wanna end this blogsite

myoce said...

err, just leaving a few boxes of tissue for cagali and yuanyuan... here..cry all you want while you watch those videos

Myrna said...

Hi Cagali.
Like many, I am saddened by ur decision. I am sure u would have deliberated on it before finally deciding.

I'd like to thank u and yuanyuan for bringing so much joy to all of us who read ur blog. U will me missed by many especially me. Ur blogsite is a permanent fixture on my iPhone. I don't I'll have the heart to delete it so it will stay where it is. I m hoping u will come back.. however long it takes. We will all be here where u left us.

Take care always. Hope u can drop us a line or 2 at the LKHJ forum.

Thanks again and please keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

I've been following MiniUFO ever since i fell in love with SS501, i never knew such a blog exist where we can know what our boys did just a few days ago.
Also all their variety shows, I would have never found out about it until you posted it here.

And to all the other people who still hopes MiniUFO will go on; I've found another blog which is almost exactly the same as MiniUFO! I've also been following this blog for quite long now (:

So here's the link if you're interested:

P.S: Thanks for everything you've done Cagali and YuanYuan! :D

tira_blurb said...


It's sad that you're leaving. always be a silent reader to your blog...

But anyhoo, have to respect your decisions. Thank you very much for everything!!!!!!! Appreciate you and your contributors effort to spread the SS501 love to all of us here!

Thanks again and take care! :)

Anonymous said...

omg.... reading this made me so sad. this blog has always been my place to go to for ss501 updates and news.... and now i have to find a new source... :(

thanks for everything! i really appreciate what you did.

Anonymous said...

I am also one of those silent who must check on our boys via your blog the minute the eyes open in the morning and last thing before closing the eyes each night and not to mention peeking a few times in between work during the day!

Huge applause to you two amazing ladies! You gals have done an absolutely fantastic job! Thank you for your blood, sweat and tears over the last few months! The boys and all TS should be so darn proud of you!

Take good care of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Double S Princes, Yuan Yuan & Mini UFO rock!

umbriel said...

Thank you for all your time and effort in keeping us fellow TS informed of the boys' latest news! We enjoyed reading your blog and we will definitely miss you! all the best to you and thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear it T_T
please don't stop to blogging..

NAMI said...

Thank you for all your info and news..its really sad that you want to stop..We will miss u..
Thanks a lot and wishing u GOOD LUCK!!

Rosalyn said...

Unnie & Dongsaeng, the comments posted reaches to 181 already plus my comment now, the total sums up to 182, any plans of coming back on 501 ???? kekekeke
dongsaeng ah, you've been busy ??? no more emails coming from you ???? my inbox is not flooded anymore

stacey said...

ah. it's been a few days since i read the news that you're not gonna blog anymore.
guess i just could't accept it?
i couldn't bear myself to close this tab that's always open and there!
and i know i'm late with this message but but but
your blog is one of the first few places that brought me closer to the boys and i would visit this wonderful place everyday without fail to be updated.
i'll definitely miss your updates.

even so, i know how hard it is to do all this for us, the constant updates would mean a lack of sleep, less time spent with friends and family etc
so i just wanna say a big big THANK YOU to the both of you!!
thank you for all the hard work, the news, the videos, the everything!!

and finally you have time to watch all the videos you posted!!
so i shouldn't be disturbing you now?!?! hahaha
have fun watching the videos and laughing along with it!

do take care and hopefully one day if you feel like it, just pop an update about anything?

once again. thank you for everything!!
have a good rest ya =]


Anonymous said...

its almost 3 days since u post this 'goodbye'..i still think its just a dream..but now i need to wake up n try to accept da fate tat u ur stop blogging:(
i knw liezle blog n fallen for a star trgh u..thnx 2 u..thse blogs r really great...
thanx for every single things dat u post about da boys..really apprciate it..altgh i being their fan 4 almost a yr..but i just found tis great blog last sept..hope someday u chnge ur mind..just a wish..but really lookng 4ward it.
hope we'll be a TS 4ever.

we will miss u
TS M'sia

Anonymous said...

i rspct ur decision...:)
althgh it really sad..
hope u can bring back ur life..
enjoy ur life..ok..
thanx 4 evrytng..
thanx 4 da updates, news, pictres n evrytng bout da boys...
tq..tq..n tq..
gud luck...
ur u plan 4 a comeback along with da boys dis may...:p
nway, hve a great tym n tke care..

Anonymous said...

nooooo.. i know it is a hard decision to stop blogging as i know you love the boys very much too.. i hope that you will continue blogging please? .. can i add you in msn? what is your msn address? :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything ^^

violettacal said...

I know I'm late. I guess many readers have alrdy said what I wanted to say...

Read this entry umpteenth times already but held back on commenting cuz it's kinda.. idk.

Same thing, I guess the love for SS501 made u guys pretty worn out, didn't we? And like Leader, u guys never complained once...

Well, glad that u've decided to take a rest to balance ur personal life and work etc! It's absolutely alrite to rest, I'm truly happy you all get to rest! ^^

Hugs and kisses x 501!

Psst, thou I still secretly hope to see u all blog again. Mianhae! Love this place too much. xD

noy said...

Ommmoooo... I'm just read this...
aiigoo~~~ottokee.. Honestly I'm lil bit depend on ur blog 2 find all new news n info from our beloved SS501... but yeaahh.. agreed with most of u all.. I'm also totally understand ur decision although I'll not lie that I truly really sad to read ur last post here.. coz like others.. I LOVE ur blog too much..
well,, hope u always happy..
SaengKyu so MinHyun Baby (thank you so much honey bunny)*it's pea greeting kekeke*

tnx 4 everything,, ^_^
guess I'll really miss ur blog a LOT..

*kisses n hugs*

violettacal said...

Eh sorry, I came in again. Just thought I dedicate this song to u all...

It's "Graduation" by vitamin C!

¨§«Gaby»§¨ said...

I understand you because when I find time to see the news and updates about them I see your blog so I think is more difficult to keep a blog.

열심히 일해 주셔서 감사합니다.

Anonymous said...

i miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cagali,

This is to say my long overdue sincerest appreciation for your tireless efforts, selfless sharing and all those fastest/wonderful update on our boys in the past 7 months! I've been a long time lurker here, but regretfully, being unable to express my heartfelt gratitude for you in time! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful blog about our SS501 boys, there're so many memorable and precious moments and memories that people will not, can not forget!

It's sad to know your stopping but I do understand and respect your decision, even though it's a great loss to all the green beans from around the world. I sincerely wish you all the very best in life! We'll be missing you, forever!

Please do take care and come back soon!!

your follower from the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling soo lost now that I'm not able to read any more updates abt the boys from you..

I understand that it's not easy maintaining it but I do hope you'll come back soon.. Cos I'm sure your love for the boys would still be strong and never die..

Pls do come back soon...


Prissy from SG

Helen from Vancouver said...

I am not going to say goodbye to you folks. I still have faith in you and I am sure that you are just taking a break. When our SS501realease their new albums or show on TV programs, I am sure you will not want to miss any of them and you will then keep this blog running on. Before that, I would also like to thank Mini UFO & 圆圆동생 and all the others who have shared with us all their efforts & contributions. This is an excellent blog that connects our love of SS501 together from all over the world. We shall not give up this blog yet. I will still check out this website every day and I am sure when the right day comes, this blog will reboot, be reborn. Let us wait for the REBIRTH!!!!! CHEERS!!!! Mini UFO and SS501 FIGHTING!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear that this blog will be stopped. Whenever i want to surf for SS501, I would click for your blog as my 1st site to read about what the boys are doing. I have grown customised to your blog. It has brought me great joy and happiness reading it.

Nevertheless I wish you greater happiness and joy on the next journey you wish to embark on. Hopefully this new journey still have the 5 boys included in it.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the updates about ss501.
i really appreciate the effort you put in and the time you spent to keep this blog going.
you really make me like ss501 more when i can get information about what they are doing^^
all the best in what you do in future.

234changle said...

Hi Mini UFO & 圆圆동생~
How are you?
I come again to find old stuff for reference. *^^* BIG Thank you once again!

Sishi_kawaii said...

hy cagali...
or maybe YS wife? kekekekekeke...

it's hard to say goodbye but i respect everything that you choose to stop blooging...

even thought i'd love to be silent reader but this time i want to say thank you to everything that you did to us, triple S that live in all around the world ^^

wish U all d best ^^

cagali jjang \(^o^)/

shirbogurl said...

YEAH!!! reach the magic number!! now the two hyungs get to enjoy curry treat!!! hehe

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